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    Tue May 11, 2021

    - 3K run then mostly walking to 5K
    - Post Run Stretching

    Run tonight was kinda rough but I skipped Sunday and Monday so I had to just get outside and get moving.

    Dreams have been a bit vague lately and I need to get more disciplined about what I write down as my usual short notes aren't evoking the full memory.

    Dreams last night:
    Soundgarden performed

    10th: Hardware accessibility shield after I had to sit? Line discovering treasure still running.

    9th: Bernie password or something, cut off.

    8th: Trying to drive semi truck across the U.S. and couldn't get started.

    7th: Listening to blind melon w/ my Dad in the car on the way to a mall.

    Barely survived police ambush. 30100 [??] Crying over comrades and buying CDs. Explained why body was replaced by other body. Burned alive.


      Blind melon and body burning... I hope you'll get really fun dreams from now.


        Wed May 19, 2021

        - 3K + 2.3K run (chart below includes break + cool down walking)
        Sport Date Title Time Distance Elevation
        Run Wed, 5/19/2021 Evening run 43:48:00 6.58 km 24 m
        Walk Sat, 5/15/2021 Morning walk 35:26:00 3.02 km 8 m
        Run Fri, 5/14/2021 Evening run 42:31:00 6.11 km 26 m
        Had a nice run tonight with less calf soreness and foot numbness than usual. I did a little bit of foam rolling + calf stretching on a step outside before I ran and that seemed to help.

        Recent dreams (a bit vague so just some highlights that I can read):
        Not sure which day: "Eat bugs on motorcycle instead of egg that Todd was eating." "Man put fork in spaghetti and didn't take it."

        May 15: In a giant stadium with lots of people including a girl from high school. Birds shaped like two skiers, then one that nobody else saw.

        May 14: Accepted two jobs and forgot to negotiate salaries. Both jobs started on the same day. Tried calling new boss but my phone wouldn't hang up from a call with my friend.

        May 13th: Cat was mimicking flowers (pink and white) somehow. At a friend's house but he was starting a cult. Someone's cat saved the day. My friend tried to give me something to water plants with but told me I wouldn't use it.


          Great gif!!


            Thur May 20

            - 7.6 km walk
            - Some calf stretching with the help of a step

            Working to get in the habit of walking on days I don't run. Tonight was really nice and walking for an hour and a half broke the spell technology normally has on me all day.

            I've been using to track my calories the last two days and I'm absolutely loving it. The interface for the website and phone app feel cleaner than myfitnesspal, there's way more data (charts for vitamins and micronutrients), and it imports my walks and runs from strava automatically to adjust my calorie budget. It also has some simple metrics for tracking sleep and mood (you can add your own also). It's only been two days but I'm obsessed.

            Can't actually remember any dreams from last night but my sleep lately has been sparse so hopefully that evens out soon.



              Originally posted by oneironaut View Post
              May 13th: Cat was mimicking flowers (pink and white) somehow. At a friend's house but he was starting a cult. Someone's cat saved the day.
              I love this! Was it a cat cult?


                Originally posted by NancyTree View Post
                I love this! Was it a cat cult?
                I wish I could remember more about the cat saving the day. Interestingly my brain was so confused by a cat mimicking flowers that I initially wrote down caterpillar which seemed more likely but as the memory came back it was definitely a cat. So, to answer your question, I think it was a cat cult


                  Hihi, a cat mimicking flowers is confusing, but maybe that's exactly what was the purpose of it. I'd love to participate in the cat cult!


                    Fri May 21, 2021

                    Had my first continuous 5K of the year tonight 🎉

                    - 5.8K + 0.6K
                    - Post Run Stretching

                    Finally slowed down enough to get through 5K without almost dying. Was reading about tempo runs today and when I set out I just decided to force myself to stay slow. My very long walk yesterday also re-framed my mindset. I just though "I'm out here to enjoy the music and nice weather" and kept a nice chill pace.

                    Already posted this playlist I think but I really like it; I call it "feather run:"

                    "Either move on or move on it"
                    Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - As We Enter

                    Dreams last night:
                    Was at a doctor who was asking about my new job and another job. I was explaining that the stress of my new job is a lot but not too bad and it's way better than my old very toxic job. I had a backpack that had holes in it and my belongings were falling out. [Weirdly I saw a random backpack on the ground with everything spilling out on my run tonight and I hope whoever it belongs to was okay.]


                      When work gets into your dreams...


                        Congrats on your 5k!


                          Congratulations on your 5k!


                            Congrats on 1 year of 5k run great work


                              Congrats, tempo is the key. You are only really running against yourself after all


                                Well done running 5K