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    Thur April 29, 2021

    Botenlauben I still love Goggins but have to sometimes remind myself I am not Goggins. My runs have been so much longer and more enjoyable lately. Luckily I rarely encounter others on my night runs and I try to pick weird times so I don't have to run in the road to pass anyone.

    - 3.2 km run, 0.4 km walk, 1.8 km run, 1 km cool down walk
    - Post Run Stretching

    Super rainy run tonight made me feel like a total beast. Tonight is a bit of a milestone as I cumulatively ran 5 km with only a 0.4 km break in the middle. Slowly closing in on a non-stop 5K again.

    Nujabes - Feather (Feat Cise Starr & Akin from Cyne)
    "Light As A Feather
    When I'm Floatin Through"
    Dreams last night:
    Old woman asking if we were still addicted to alcohol and I said we don't do that anymore (for breakfast?). She said "work?". [IDK this is vague memory at this point]

    I was talking to Joe Rogan in a shopping mall after I ran into Kanye West and met him briefly. Penis disposal after trying to find food buzzer. [I think I had a food buzzer that went off when I was talking to Joe which led me to search the mall and find whatever a penis disposal is lol]

    "Wilhelm nuke accident." I was protesting with other people in some sort of nuclear plant. There were fuel rods on the ground and they suddenly started to heat up and glow red. When we realized some sort of chain reaction was starting everyone panicked and started exiting the building. The rods began giving off a faint violet light and we all realized we were probably in big trouble.

    Dreams April 28th:
    I was at my new job hanging with my new bosses and we were in a crazy mansion exploring around. We passed through a restaurant and maybe sat at a table for a bit. At some point I was on a giant inflatable cushion that was supposed to be a seating area I think and someone tried to launch me by jumping on the other side but I didn't even notice. I was told I just beat some sort of wizard and I told them I couldn't even tell that anything was going on.

    Rain sound, already raining [???]. A former coworker was sleeping after a bonfire at my friend's parents' house. We were worried that he was freezing so we were searching for blankets to keep him warm. [Ok this is weird as hell because I told him about the dream and the day before he was reminiscing with his son about an ill-prepared camping trip where they were freezing their butts off. Very strange and interesting coincidence].


      Such weirdness! 😝.
      Good running progress!!🥳😎


        Sun May 2, 2021

        - 8.77K run/walk combo
        - Post Run Stretching

        Running tonight felt awesome. I start a new job tomorrow so I think I was burning off some extra energy due to a bit of anxiety.

        The following dreams were all a bit vague and sound pretty odd. In the one with a false awakening, I dreamt that I woke up and wrote the dream down; When I woke up for real I didn't want to have to write it down again lol.

        Dreams last night:
        Found a gun on the ocean floor while scuba diving. I think I turned it into authorities but asked if I could keep it after it was investigated.

        Custom made building for exhibits. Trying to help company selling Christmas trees?

        Dreams May 1:
        Cali old growth town. Telsa[?] laser projector in bathroom. Amethyst bridge (enormous amethyst crystal). Skulls in desert.

        Assigned color pencils for church?

        Fake tooth condor. With my friend getting clothes and condor pinned me by tooth. It was peeled and was kinda broken? We both needed clothes and plants. False awakening where I wrote the dream down.

        Riding bike mexican restaurant & orange car. My friend's mom and I had to jump over a chasm. I drove home while seeing through two sets of eyes (I was in my friend's mom's car and also driving my own car through some kind of out of body experience and it was extremely difficult).

        Met Kanye West in a mall (again) with Joe Rogan (again) [ok, can I stop dreaming about these guys lol] and was telling them about my dream. Got paired up with wine but Kanye and Joe were gone. With [???] in gypsy toilet paper section. Dressed like a sweater?

        Dreams April 30
        Rolled 3 joints in a car with my friend. My dad was driving and drove to a school
        [illegible] shooting kids in past, we yell
        . I finish rolling the joints and put them in a tobacco tin.


          Good luck with the new job!


            Funny and weird dreams. Mine have been super weird of late. Included recently one of my dead brothers...


              I had a weird college dream last night. Something about my dorm room. I was a loner, of course.


                Mon May 3, 2021

                DorothyMH Hopefully dreams like that aren't too upsetting. I can't imagine what that might be like but also probably depends on the dream itself.

                CODawn I'm amazed that I still dream about college and living at my parents' house over 15 years later.

                - Rainy 6.53K run/walk combo (only had 0.4 km walk in the middle, then a cool-down walk)
                - Post Run Stretching

                Still working back up to a continuous 5K. I LOVE rainy runs. Tonight I worried a little bit that I was under dressed (53F; shorts and t-shirt) but my internal furnace kicked on at around the 8 minute mark.

                Groove run playlist tonight: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2P...TLaJ4JX-gm-3Zw

                I'd rate this playlist 7/10. Nice long intro song with driving beat followed by some high energy Rage Against the Machine. A smooth rap leads into a somewhat emotional angry song then the rest of the run is driving techno, a chill hip hop tune, and ends with a long driving psy trance tune. I really liked the last song on this one.

                Dreams last night:

                Hiking with two random kids from high school. I was too high to function. Was trying to find my headlamp and avoid people.

                Making out with the queen of England and felt weird about it.

                Big event [???]


                  Originally posted by oneironaut View Post
                  Tonight I worried a little bit that I was under dressed (53F; shorts and t-shirt) but my internal furnace kicked on at around the 8 minute mark.
                  I run in short/short from 10C upwards, which is 50F. I might bring a thin long sleeve layer for the beginning of my run if it's windy. I often see people who are crazy over dressed - last time I ran in 10C temperatures, there was a guy running with a jacket and a wool hat (!).


                    I have no idea how you find those gifs!

                    I know how I'd feel about making out with The Queen: honored. Maybe.


                      Originally posted by GentleOx View Post
                      I have no idea how you find those gifs!

                      I know how I'd feel about making out with The Queen: honored. Maybe.
                      This is a serious constitutional question and not one to be taken lightly!


                        oneironaut I still dream about my childhood dog and we lost him when I was 16...and I am 50 now!


                          Good luck on your new job! How were your first days?


                            Wed May 5, 2021

                            - Misty 6.63K run/walk combo
                            - Post Run Stretching

                            Calves felt tight and sore tonight and I did more walking than usual. Hard not to be a little sad at my performance tonight as I just had a rest day but something definitely felt off so I'm trying to just be grateful I got out and ran. I'm trying to work my way up to half marathon training again and want to get some uninterrupted 5Ks back into my regular week first.

                            NancyTree thank you! First days have been great so far; there are a lot of projects but I work with a highly creative and capable team. Pretty exciting.

                            Dreams last night:
                            In college with assignments but I was homeless with my friend.

                            Scary party. Iron filings attracted to owl thing. With a former friend and [illegible] or puzzles cursed. Name of another friend.

                            Dreams May 4th:
                            Trying to bring custom shoe to market with a former student from years ago.


                              Good to hear!


                                Thur May 6, 2021

                                - 6.62K run/walk combo
                                - Post Run Stretching

                                Run tonight went better than last night. I did 5.8K with a 0.4K walk in the middle (at 3.8K). Inching closer to a nonstop 5K again slowly but surely.

                                Dreams last night:
                                Friend and native american musket? I had a mixture of tobacco and charcoal in my mouth covering all my teeth in grit. "Never fixed it." [the musket maybe?]

                                Former housemate was partly naked and sitting on me. They described another former housemate and how to deal with them. "Is it ok" to talk. [??]

                                A project I programmed in my last job was a database of flowers instead of people. Kid wanted help graduating.