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    Congratulations on your new job! A note on dreams...I started drinking tea with valarian root and now I am remembering my dreams more....not to the detail of yours though!


      Originally posted by CODawn View Post
      Congratulations on your new job! A note on dreams...I started drinking tea with valarian root and now I am remembering my dreams more....not to the detail of yours though!
      I've had interesting results with chamomile and melatonin also increasing vividness of dreams. Celestial Seasonings makes Sleepy Time tea with and without valerian now (both versions have chamomile) and I believe the effects on dreaming are distinctly more than placebo (I also like their Tension Tamer tea which includes chamomile as well).


        I have been using the Sleepy Time with valarian. I also drink Tension Tamer in the evenings sometimes. Melatonin gives me headaches.


          Interesting dream notes, particularly with regards to chamomile and its effects...I drink it several nights a week in any one of several Celestial Seasonings teas. Had not associated increased dreaming with it, but I shall take note now, because I HAVE been dreaming more....
          Glad to see you’re running and congrats on your job


            Tue April 20th, 2021

            Thanks everyone for the congrats on the new job! Got a few more runs in since my last post.

            Also did 3 sets of 6 pull-ups tonight (4/20/2021). Trying to get back into regular accountability here because I think it's better than occasional accountability plus I miss everyone.

            As usual all runs are followed by Post Run Stretching and times include my cool down walk (or other walking).
            Sport Date Title Time Distance Elevation
            Run Tue, 4/20/2021 2K recovery run 22:49:00 3.19 km 13 m
            Run Sun, 4/18/2021 Run/walk 49:23:00 6.55 km 24 m
            Walk Sat, 4/17/2021 3K morning walk 30:17:00 3.08 km 8 m
            Learned that walking in my oldest pair of running shoes (instead of clunky boots) decreased my time per kilometer by almost 2 minutes which seems crazy.

            Can't seem to get enough of this song which feels like a reminder to have self compassion:

            Dreams (most recent to older):
            4/20: Had a crazy vivid make-out dream where I could taste sweat.

            4/19: My college built a large sculpture which included a large grid. It turned out that the grid was only supposed to be for an alignment test and not part of the design. An old boss was there.

            My Dad was making really rude jokes and my sister punched me at the dinner table.

            4/18: Webcam resolution stuff (stuff I was working on before I went to bed).

            Editing markup language/code in my brain to reduce my own fear.

            4/17: Two friends and I were exploring underwater in like scuba gear and we knew it was a game but it was also real. We found this underwater mansion below the sea floor and it was insane. There was a piano that was controlled by computers and I was like "it's like the piano in your house" to my friend. I had scouted ahead so I was taking them to the mansion. I was also like "the whole environment is destructable" and I would occasionally break like lamps and windows. The mansion was past a long staircase that was all windows on one side and aside from the piano thing my friends were excited about a christmas tree. Then i was dressed in all black with what looked like an xmas tree or wreath on my back all decorated; we were going to take a picture (screenshot) together. Before we even ended up underground there was a little game play that was the fidelity of doom 2 but then it became hyper realistic. One friend was mostly a bystander but we were all chillin in the mansion.


              Wed April 21, 2021

              - 2.4K run plus a few short sprints during cool down
              - Post Run Stretching

              My brain protested running two nights in a row but I literally have to if I want to achieve my goal (running 4x a week). Once I got out on the road it felt great tonight. Still breaking in my new Hoka One One Clifton 7's and they're more cushioned than my other shoes by a large margin (love them so far).

              I listened to my Freight Train Vibes playlist which reminds me of Colin and sleep_twitch who both contributed songs. The music was so good I resumed running during my cool-down and stayed outside a bit longer than planned which was awesome.

              Dreams last night:
              The following nightmare shook me up so badly I got out of bed for a bit to decompress. My maternal grandmother who's passed was haunting my parents' house and we were trying to find the right crucifix to appease her from my parents' closet. I got attacked by a ghost from behind and couldn't scream. Turned out the ghost was my mother and I had attacked her accidentally; She was wearing a sheet over her head and shoes on her hands. The dream ended with my sister and I checking if my mom was okay and she was acting like she had dementia and it looked like I hurt her eye but she was oblivious with a 1000 yard stare. I woke up feeling like there was a ghost in my room and worried about my mother who I called later in the morning.



                  Why is it in dreams you can never scream when you need to? I also have problems calling 9-1-1 in my dreams.


                    Scary dream!

                    CODawn me too, in my dreams I have blurry vision and can't see the numbers on my phone or I'm so tired/half asleep that I have no strength to call.

                    Weird that those themes in dreams are so universal.


                      NancyTree Yes! I keep misdialing!


                        Sat April 24, 2021

                        - Unbound dynamic stretching
                        - 2.4K run + walking and more running to 5.4K
                        - Post Run Stretching

                        Wee. Another run with music tonight and I didn't want to stop. One does not simply stop running and do a cool down walk when Rage Against the Machine comes on; KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

                        Playlist tonight was: 32 Minute Run which I made last year in January when I was still able to hit the treadmill.

                        Dreams last night:
                        Skateboarding with a jerk from middle school. When I looked down my grip tape was mostly torn off and there were pentagrams carved into my skateboard. I kept skating and when I looked down again the grip tape was back to normal and I couldn't figure out what was going on.

                        Sleeping in a bed on top of two women. I asked if I was crushing them and they were like "yah, please move." I moved and became the little spoon and it was nice. The larger context was some kind of raging party.

                        Trying to sneak into a pool at my old college without paying.

                        Getting my meal plan cards setup for college cafeteria. I got a bunch of free rolling papers I didn't plan to use and there was a vending machine full of large weed flowers. A coworker from a former job was hanging out with me.

                        Dream morning of 23rd:
                        There was a running event at my (now passed) neighbor's farm and my Dad was participating. I couldn't find my shoes and shorts in time for the run and was really bummed I missed the race. People were watching the rerun videos before I found my gear and I was saying I was going to run the course late anyway. Never found my gear before the dream ended.

                        Dream morning of the 22nd:
                        Talking to Joe Rogan and women about sobriety and life in California. There was a huge Philadelphia cream cheese banner for a marching band.


                          Sun April 25, 2021

                          - 2.6K run + walking and more running for 6.58K total
                          - Post Run Stretching

                          Woke up with very mild pain in my knee this morning and worried that my manic music-fueled running derailed my plans to hit 4 runs this week. Luckily by this evening everything felt fine and I got out for the longest run of the week.

                          I keep getting numb feet on this longer route and I'm not sure what's causing it. I'm fairly certain it's not from my shoes being too tight but not entirely sure since both times it's happened I've been wearing my Hokas (which are my new long-run shoes). Still think I just need more kilometers on my legs this season maybe.

                          Anyway, I ran four times this week! Woo!

                          Dreams last night:
                          Hide and seek game. Regurgitating rope and fabric.

                          Called cops on guest that used homemade security system [???].

                          Defending self against bully kid and threatening him.

                          Trying to entertain girl's parents on a date. I had timberland boots with laces that were literally worms. The parents commented on my laces but didn't think they were strange. I remember how tying the worms felt. The girl had pet newts.

                          An old acquaintance made psychedelic fruity pebbles. He made a large sculpture with a neon sign that said "I love tripping here." We tried the fruity pebbles and began watching a video he made. The fruity pebbles were very potent =P

                          Telling Michael from Vsauce about my neighbor growing up that introduced me to Commodore 64 (I remember feeling like he was unimpressed). My mother had a wifi adapter for her sewing machine that she was trying to install. My parents needed to clean the basement before letting the dog out. They planned to clean 6 feet then let the dog run.


                            Pretty trippy stuff!😂
                            Great running progress!!🥳


                              Tue April 27, 2021

                              - 3K Run + walk/run to 6K
                              - Post Run Stretching

                              Running with music is so much better. I avoided it until recently due to a mix of stoicism (thanks Goggins) and concern that it would reduce my situational awareness. So far I haven't felt any more aloof even with ear buds that block out a lot of sound so hopefully the good experiences keep coming.

                              This song has a nice vibe for hitting a light stride just bouncing along with the beat:
                              Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

                              Dreams last night:
                              I was in an underground arcade in a cave and a wind storm above the surface somehow was channeled into the cave. There were very strong winds in the arcade and everything was blown around. I nearly lost my false tooth but found it in between gusts. Race game (in the arcade). I was trying to leave.

                              Night before last (April 26):
                              My parents found me smoking weed and were mad and disappointed. A former boss was gifting me a tiny mushroom labelled "hell" and an enormous cactus-like cannabis flower that had succulent leaves at the base.

                              At my friend's parents' house at a party. A cat that I lived with elsewhere was there and seemingly overwhelmed. There was wine and food and my friend's mother was hosting (as is typical in real life).


                                Aaah, someone else followed Goggins' advice not to run with music
                                Guess Goggins is right and it works
                                a) if you are Goggins
                                b) if you have come far (like Goggins)
                                I have periods when I do not run with music and then all of a sudden I want to run with music only. I read in a book on running once that running with music is asking for trouble and I can see the point especially with the prevalence of E-bikes nowadays where people tend to ride the bike as if they were riding a normal bike at a speed of let's say 10 kilometres an hour but now they are riding at twice as much.
                                However running with music is a great way for me to cheat myself into running on days when I do not feel like it. I say to myself 'Ah, I simply want to listen to good music for half an hour' and out I am.
                                Good training!