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A dreamer's journey to reconnect to the body

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    Taking walks is a great start!
    How do you track your walk? Maybe it's gps inaccuracy?


      Welcome back to the Hive OneIronaut!


        Welcome back!


          Great to have you back!

          Like NancyTree, I suspect it's the GPS signal's fault too... at least I see such spikes on my runs too, and I know for sure that my watch's measurements aren't 100% precise.


            Hey...I remember my dream last night, which made me think of you since you remember yours so well. My husband I were moving but we weren't ready. Nothing was packed and we still had pictures on the walls. We went to Red Rocks and took pictures of ourselves but they were really dark. People from work were sending us messages saying how much they would miss us (funny, we moved away from there in 2014).


              Sat March 6:

              - 2.6K walk during laundry

              Sun March 7:

              - ~2K run, 0.5K walk, 0.5K run, 1K walk
              - Post run stretching

              Finally got outside in my running shoes again and it felt pretty great though my lungs are protesting quite a bit. Was around 29F so pretty cold but not too bad. I've been a feeling pretty blah as my sleep schedule lately has been awful (all nighters for no good reason and anxiety). This run was a few steps in the right direction =P

              Dreams (since last update, not sure which happened on which days):

              Running with a former boss away from a bad guy with a dog. Post-covid campus(?), other runners.

              Slid into tall stack of boxes in store and trash can fell (in box). I caught. Sliding around the floor in my socks, no masks.

              Something about running beat like dance? Swim in ocean.

              CSGO (computer game), 10 kills in round 1, then had empty guns.

              Hanging out with a girl in a dorm room. We were both wearing superman shirts. I smoked then we went to a restaurant and my friend brought a sandwich with her. I was worried about getting back to the dorm where I left my backpack with my laptop.

              Martial arts gym class. I lost my towels and was searching all around and was about to dig through a pile of gross sweaty towels. Most towels were white but I was looking for a red and black towel.

              Worm farm water filter. I remember a box full of worms that was filtering water somehow.


                I had to think of you too when I remembered a very strange dream on Saturday morning: A friend of mine lived in Belgium (she doesn't in real life) and told me about a strange tradition of having blind dates on a holiday. I was in school and we had to write a summary about a random newspaper article that was picked by our teacher. The article I got was about my friend's experience with her blind date. I felt uncomfortable talking about this in class because a) I knew the person it was about and b) it was very much NSFW.


                  Bit of a different format for this update; this table was rendered from my Strava activities log. Been getting back into running slowly but surely and debating taking up Express Tone program to get my dumbbells out from under my futon.

                  Runs lately have felt pretty decent. The ~3 months of not running makes it feel like starting over but I'm getting more solid each time. These times include my cool-down walk so not really accurate but my pace is ~5:30/km - 6:00/km lately.
                  Date Title Time Distance Elevation
                  Thu, 4/1/2021 2K run 22:14 3.19 km 13 m
                  Tue, 3/30/2021 3K run 26:20 3.83 km 18 m
                  Sat, 3/27/2021 2K night run 22:04 3.24 km 14 m
                  Tue, 3/23/2021 2K run 23:03 3.08 km 14 m
                  Sun, 3/21/2021 Nice weather run/walk/hike 50:32 6.57 km 30 m
                  Sat, 3/20/2021 Morning walk 28:32 2.62 km 8 m
                  Fri, 3/19/2021 2K Run 24:18 3.20 km 14 m
                  Hoping to get back to more regular updates soon but if not I'll be sharing from my Strava like this occasionally.

                  Had a dream where I was enjoying the northern lights with two of my best friends in Alaska and having a good laugh. Another night I dreamt of an obstacle course up in tops of trees made from wood which I think was some sort of military training.

                  Need to get back to writing more details, those are just a couple highlights from recently.


                    Good to see your post😎


                      Nice to see you back. Everytime I can remember something from one of my dreams, I think of you.


                        Hello again! Likewise Dawn! I don't often remember my dreams, but I have done in this past couple of weeks or so and have had some of the odd, vivid dreams (nightmares really) that I've read have been a feature of the pandemic for a lot of people.


                          Welcome back! Glad the running is going well!


                            Wow, this is something different, I haven't seen anyone else track their dreams. Great running log! (:


                              Still just trying to get into a routine with running. Times/distances in the table include my cool-down walks but my pace is usually between 5:30/km and 6:00/km. My goal is to get 3-4 runs a week then restart half marathon training which I tried last year but had to stop because I never stretched after runs.

                              Every run is followed by
                              Date Title Time Distance Elevation
                              Wed, 4/14/2021 2.4K run 21:35:00 3.24 km 14 m
                              Sun, 4/11/2021 3K run 25:34:00 3.78 km 18 m
                              Thu, 4/8/2021 2.4K run 21:53:00 3.18 km 13 m
                              Sun, 4/4/2021 3K run 26:20:00 3.82 km 18 m
                              Sat, 4/3/2021 Morning walk 31:47:00 2.79 km 8 m

                              I am starting a new job in May and really excited about it. Have been wanting to leave my current job for a long time and finally got an opportunity with a team of people I'm really excited to join.

                              Some dream highlights:
                              Was getting interviewed for a job inside a restaurant. There was not enough seating so we were seated at a neighboring restaurant but served food from the first. I was wondering why we weren't wearing masks.

                              In a school cafeteria in my underwear. I tried to steal posters and when I was caught I pulled a "I'll be right back" and left the scene.

                              Throat singing with a metal rod down my throat.

                              "Trying to clean out cup for mac and cheese for 24 minutes. Freedom squirrel escaped when trying to spit outside" I think I opened to door to spit and a squirrel ran out.

                              Had a crazy dream about being in a hammock at a carnival with a woman and we were being spun 360 so that we were held in by centripetal force. Once the ride stopped, we had to escape by climbing a steep wall with barely any handholds in a large crowd.
                              I noticed my hands were covered in other people's blood because they were clawing their way up the wall to get out and injuring their hands.
                              I eventually made it to the top and was trying to find a place to wash my hands.

                              Quit my job.

                              Wolves, giant rabbit, and bear in someone's back yard. My friend that lives in Alaska and I were surprised that they were there.


                                Ooh. Great news on your job, OIN! Good fortune for you.