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      Take care of your knees though! I'm not entirely sure if running on hill was the reason or not, but I haven't had knee pain during running ever since I'm back to my super flat hometown.


        Fri Aug 16:

        - Classic warmup
        - 1.2 mile jog on dirt path with light walk warmup
        - 2 uphill sprints at the end

        Made some leads past couple days on apartment hunting for Sept 1st; deadline coming up fast.

        When running today I imagined different plants on the dirt path giving certain healing properties as I passed them. Japanese knotweed is prevalent (invasive) and I imagined it giving agility restoration to joints. Later on I passed hibiscus-looking flowers and imagined those as full-heal points. This imagination play is easier on dirt/grass/wooded paths for me but really made the whole mile pass very quickly. I decided eye contact with the plant and some kind of identification was enough to absorb its benefits.

        The two sprints at the end felt great again; once again felt like flying *almost* felt too fast. While jogging I imagine my sprint meter building up for the last 2 hills. I think I may adjust my jogging/running/sprinting goals to be fewer days a week. Also have been skipping days of fitness as I apartment search =| Not getting discouraged by it because it's objectively stressful but also don't want a new habit of slacking to show up during my transition.

        Mianevem interestingly the uphill stuff feels much easier on my knees than downhill. My jogging path is flat with a few small hills and tree roots to dodge. Definitely playing it cautiously because I can't let my knees zonk out before moving.

        Song of the day is Museum by Alana Henderson:


          Good luck with the hunt.


            Originally posted by oneironaut View Post
            interestingly the uphill stuff feels much easier on my knees than downhill.
            Hm, yes, it could be that it was always the way back from the top of the hill that was too hard on my knees.

            Good luck with the move!


              Sun Aug 18:

              - Classic warmup to wakeup
              - nap (oops)

              - Classic warmup
              - 5 min walk warmup
              - 1.2 mile jog (~20 min)
              - 2 uphill sprints full speed

              I've realized my calorie and protein intake are at crisis levels (way too low). Anxiety has my appetite on vacation.

              Today I tracked some meals and started a spreadsheet for when and how much to eat.


              - Chili with corn bread + a little cheese (~20 grams protein, 500 cal?)
              - Ramen with two eggs (~20 grams protein, ~500 cal)
              - 1 cup milk (7g protein, 130 cal)
              - added: Smoothie with 1.5 frozen bananas, blueberries, yogurt, peanut butter, milk

              Hopefully will pack some more calories in tonight. Oddly enough eating more felt like it helped me feel "the burn" while jogging tonight more in my calves. Not sure what that means but eating more makes me feel better.

              My shoulder has been hurting with slight tingly in my pinky finger on the right side. Been about a week probably need to see the doc but keep hoping it just heals up (not sure what i did to it).


                Mon Aug 19:

                - Smoothie with 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp greek yogurt, and some milk (est 20g protein)
                - Applied to new job that is extremely exciting
                - Ramen + frozen broccoli cooked in the noodle juice (14g protein ?)

                Shoulder still weird, but knees are both great.

                - Picked up key to new apartment.
                - Super burrito w/ pork & cheese (950 cal, 54g protein) woo