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    Oh, yes, you made a Hive discord a while ago! I suppose I should join if I had to make a discord account anyway... I'd probably feel a bit less lonely while studying for my exams all alone.

    It's great to see regular updates from you again by the way, keep rocking during your new program as well!


      Friday May 8th

      Thanks Mianevem! You are super welcome to check out the unofficial Hive discord; we have a decently sized crew in there now. It feels amazing to be regularly updating and reconnecting with everyone's stories again.

      - Good Morning, World! Challenge: Day 2 (60 seconds jumping jacks)

      - Classic warmup
      - 20x5 Running Program: Day 2 (~1.8 miles, ~20 min. Rainy run in boots and 44F)
      - Daily Gratitude Challenge: Day 2 (see below)

      Tonight was day 32 of running a bit each day which is the peak of this streak (tomorrow is abs only according to 20x5 program unless I can't help myself and run a bit anyway). Tonight was (as noted) pretty rainy and I used my boots best suited for running. I walked about 100 yards near the end then jogged the rest of the way to the finish. The extra gear had me out of breath a bit more quickly and I had some wheezing along the way.

      Cooked a huge amount of veggies today which should feed me for a couple weeks (possibly longer). I've got a system down finally where I freeze some and have gotten much better about not wasting any food. Tomorrow I will cook more brown rice and a pork roast to go along with it.

      Gratitude check:
      - I'm very grateful it's Friday today and that I can take my mind off of work a bit to recharge
      - I'm grateful that I have gotten over my fear(s) of running in the rain/cold and have a plan for almost any weather
      - I'm grateful that I ran 32 days straight with no injuries



          I personally like to break streaks every now and then, purely for mental reasons. I don't want to get too attached to them and then feel bad once I have no choice but to skip a day.


            Saturday May 9th

            Thanks NancyTree!

            - Good Morning, World! Challenge: Day 3 (60 seconds jumping jacks * 3 times throughout the day)

            - 20x5 Running Program: Day 3 Ab workout Target: Abs (11 minutes)
            - Daily Gratitude Challenge: Day 3 (see below)

            Target: Abs workout felt rough lol. I really need to get my core in shape and I've never really done planks before my few recent attempts.

            Cooked a pork roast & more brown rice today. Now I'm stocked with bean & veggie mix (frozen and fridge), more pork (freezer), and brown rice (fridge).

            Today I'm grateful for:
            - The lilac tree that I always smell on my runs recently (hoping it still smells tomorrow after seeing a short bout of snow this morning)
            - Finding my SD Card reader for my camera
            - Completing a bunch of cleaning and a bit more unpacking


              Ooooh. Lilacs may be my favorite flower smell.


                Lol, my eyes jumped as I was reading your post, so I first read it as "Target: Abs...cooked a pork roast" perfect idea.


                  Originally posted by Kanary View Post
                  Ooooh. Lilacs may be my favorite flower smell.
                  Mine too! We have 3 bushes in out yard!


                    Sunday May 10

                    - Good Morning, World! Challenge: Day 4 (60 seconds jumping jacks)

                    - Classic warmup
                    - 20x5 Running Program: Day 4 (1.8 miles in 16'43", kept running until I hit 20 minutes ~2.1 miles)
                    - Daily Gratitude Challenge: Day 4 (see below)

                    First of all:

                    Happy Mother's Day!!!

                    Happy belated Mother's Day to those in Hungary (learned it's celebrated the first Sunday in May there).

                    My run tonight went awesomely. The day away from running might have helped but it was also nice weather tonight. Feels really good to time my runs rather than just estimate. I am running at about 6.4 mph and that felt pretty casual tonight.

                    DOMS in my abs from Target: Abs last night (only 11 minutes!). Feels good to know I'm finally working my core.

                    After all the lilac comments I made sure I got a good whiff tonight (I technically stopped mid-run just long enough to get two good breaths in).

                    - Found a watch I can use to time my runs
                    - Run felt amazing today
                    - Lilac bush still had flowers and nice smell today (despite brief spell of snow 2 days ago)


                      Damn! You're blowing my 5.8 mph out of the water!


                        Monday May 11

                        - Good Morning, World! Challenge: Day 5 (60 seconds jumping jacks)

                        - Classic warmup
                        - 20x5 Running Program: Day 5 (2.3 miles in 20'14"; 6.8mph pace!)
                        - Daily Gratitude Challenge: Day 5 (see below)

                        Today was difficult mental health day mostly around work. Tomorrow is a software demo with a client so should feel better. I sorta waited out the rain tonight and it worked (for the first time so far). Not exactly channeling my Goggins but it was really nice to run w/o extra gear (boots or rain layers).

                        I'm really excited that tonight I managed 6.8mph average on a 2.3 mile run. I planned a longer route ahead of time so I wasn't running in circles after getting back too early again and it worked out almost perfectly for 20 minutes. If I can keep that pace up for a full 3.1 miles (5K), I'll be roughly back where I left off before letting things slide for a few months. Going to be tough not running tomorrow after seeing my new numbers but I'm trusting in the 20x5 program (and my core NEEDS attention so it's good).

                        - 6.8 mph pace tonight!
                        - Continuing to see improvements in my runs
                        - I am still stocked up on food I cooked already for a bit


                          You're doing so well, oneironaut! I'm sure your demo will be great. Fantastic running work!


                            Congratulations on completing 30 Days of Running! You certainly powered through some challenging conditions to get that done!


                              Tue May 12

                              - Good Morning, World! Challenge: Day 6 (60 seconds jumping jacks)

                              - Classic warmup
                              - 20x5 Running Program: Day 6 (core builder * 2 (10 min) + master plank (3 min))
                              - Daily Gratitude Challenge: Day 6 (see below)

                              Not running tonight is making me feel a bit batty. I think I will walk after I post this; seems like a good idea and I'll still benefit from recovery without higher impact jogging.

                              I can't stop looking at Half Marathon Training and I might start it before 20x5 even ends for me. The HMT is technically 5x a week but longer distances. The next milestone I want to see is 10K run for myself and Half Marathon is twice that... will it be a setup for failure? Will I crush it? Will I be satisfied when I hit 10K and stop? Will I even start it? Should I do something more targeted to 10K distance as the end goal?

                              The core work is still really difficult. After two passes of core builder (you're only supposed to do one "set" if it doesn't mention sets, right?) I was sweating through my clothes then I did master plank and was dripping sweat (all in less than 15 minutes). bekbee: listened to Ratatat for my ab stuff tonight and it was perfect (let spotify play the 10 most popular tracks (including wildcat) which worked well).

                              - My mother and being able to talk with her regularly
                              - I can see birds from my apartment window all day
                              - The feeling that I now CRAVE more exercise most days

                              Ok, off to walk even if for a little bit. <3!

                              EDIT: walked 30 minutes as the sun set and it was nice.
                              Last edited by oneironaut; May 13, 2020, 12:44 AM.


                                It looks like you've found your "thing" with running, oneironaut, it must feel great!