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    Long term transformation

    Hi everyone!

    Here I will be logging my fitness journey. I am 25 years old male, 177 cm in height. I start with the weight of 58 kg, being at average fitness level. According to my scales, I have 7.5% of fat and 49.5% of muscles. My BMI is 18.5 - which is the lowest border of “healthy” weight for my height.

    What I want to achieve:

    1) 70 kg of weight with low (below 12%) fat percentage. How did I come up with this number? Having thin bones, not every formula of weight calculation applies well to me. I use the Monnerot-Dumaine's formula as it considers the wrist size, i.e. bone mass to some extent of approximation. According to it, the ideal weight = (height - 100 + (4 * wrist ) ) / 2. For me it results in 70.5 kg.

    2) Great fitness performance measured by several key calisthenics exercises, incorporating concentric and eccentric movements as well as isometric holds. These are:
    - Push-ups
    - Pull-ups
    - Elbow plank
    - Wall-sit
    - L-sit on parallettes

    3) Keep them over long (limitless) period of time. So weight gain for me here is not a goal, but first phase that have a logical end. After this, no weight gain or loss is needed, just maintenance.

    In order to achieve it, I take control over three main components: nutrition, exercise and rest, i.e. meal plans, training programs and sleep.


    Having a desk job, but being quite active during free time, my daily calorie need is around 2200 Kcal. During weight gain phase I increase the calorie intake by 500 to 1000 Kcal a day over this number. As a base meal plan for my nutrition I use the Mass Effect diet (https://darebee.com/mealplans/mass-effect.html). It has strong focus on proteins, but lacks carbs (for me), therefore I extend it a little by introducing additional carbs intake during meal 2 (usually I use crisp bread, high in fibers).
    From my everyday life I exclude the sources of sugars except for natural ones (fruits and berries, dairy products, etc). Having rather intense nutrition plan, I do not need many snacks and desserts to overcome the sudden hunger, but if any, then - nuts, fruits, sometimes bitter chocolate.


    I follow the recommendation given in Mass Effect meal plan and train 4-5 times a week, spending minimum of 45 minutes per training. In order to achieve it, I use strength-oriented programs from DAREBEE, time each day and if at the end of routine I do not have 45 minutes (which is almost always the case), then I use strength oriented workouts from DAREBEE collection of the same level (from 1 to 5, not levels within the workout), as the program itself (e.g. level 3 while I am on 30 Days of Gravity, level 4 for Strength Protocol, etc.). During the training I try to exhaust the muscles and incorporate something like “to failure” exercise to use the hypertrophy.


    Everything is simple here, I try to keep it around 7-8 hours a day, monitoring the quality of sleep.

    Measuring the success.

    In order to understand whether I have achieved something or not, I do several actions, that help me monitor the success. Every day I measure the weight and fat, muscle, water percentages as the first thing after waking up and morning bathroom. Once a week I check my performance in strength-oriented exercises - push-ups and pull-ups. Once every two weeks I check my performance in isometric exercises - elbow plank, wall-sit and L-sit.

    Monitoring the causes.

    For additional discipline and later understanding of causes of results, I monitor the quality of my commitment to the rules. So everyday I measure the amount of calories and their sources with MyFitnessPal app (if I eat food that was cooked not by me, I try my best to estimate the size of portion). I log my trainings (programs and workouts name, level, time in minutes) as well as daily activity (steps per day). I track my sleep with MiBand 2 wristband and MiFit app.

    Previous experience.

    I have already gone through weight gain period in my life before and it was quite successful. In 2015 I started with 55 kg and brought it to 63 kg in 4 months with only bodyweight training. That time DAREBEE helped me a lot. I used 30 Days of Strength and Gravity (that time level 3 in these programs was harder than now ) and Avatar programs. Later I hit a plateau and even though I put the same effort, there were no additional results. After some period, motivation was gone and I started to skip some meals and trainings (before it was 4 month of consecutive exercises, no matter what). Since then, I have done 1 year of gym training, but without proper nutrition; and 1 year of boxing, which helped me keep some muscles. However the last three months were almost without any trainings.

    What is different now.

    When I started three and a half years ago I had almost no musculature at all, so the visible and statistical effects in terms of weight and muscles were easily noticeable. Now, even though I have only 3 kg difference in starting weight, the general body silhouette is much different. After I stopped doing trainings and lost weight, shapes remained the same, but have just reduced in volume.

    During my previous weight gain phase, I used gainer shakes in addition to already complete and rich in proteins and carbs meal plan. Each time the package was empty I have bought another one of different brand and I didn’t notice any difference in results from one brand to another. Many of them (low to medium price gainers) had a lot of sugars in them as carb source, so now I decided to go without them. If I will need additional carbs from sugars, I can use much simpler, cheaper and tastier products

    If I will hit plateau once again I know what to do - diversity if the key here.


    To keep myself motivated and achieve some specific visible results during my journey, I set a list of milestones towards my performance goals (this section will be updated accordingly).
    - Push-ups. Current result: 32. Milestones: 50, 75, 100.
    - Pull-ups. Current result: 13. Milestones: 15, 20, 25.
    - Elbow plank. Current result: 2:11. Milestones: 3 min, 5 min, 10 min.
    - Wall-sit. Current result: 1:33. Milestones: 2 min, 3 min, 5 min.
    - L-sit. Current result: 0:15. Milestones: 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min.
    - Additional exercises that I am not able to do at all right now: one-arm push-up, free hand stand, free hand stand push up, muscle up.

    Here I will report my progress weekly and any of your suggestions are most welcome. I hope I will be able to help someone in their fitness journey!

    Hi Stille

    It's an impressive background you have !
    As you said yourself, your BMI is barely in the denutrition category, which isn't great for your health, and as you're still not that old, for the developement of your body
    I hope that your weight gain will go smooth and that you can achieve some of your goals as soon as possible !


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      Welcome to the hive Stille Love the thread so far can't wait to see the rest of your journey


        Welcome! Your plan is very detailed! You will be successful!


          best wishes


            Hi everyone!

            As promised, here is the report for week 1 (actually 10 days, but I will fit it to weekly reports). Activity is written as short forms of programs, e.g. 30DOG3-01 means 30 Days of Gravity, 3rd level, 01 day. Sometimes I had short morning sessions, which were not counted as workout for weight gain, but still logged (the same here 30DOHIITA - 30 Days of HIIT Advanced). Additional workouts are just written in names with level (if any). Last day there was an endurance training and I have just repeated it 3 times in order to make it 45+ minutes.

            Before workouts, I do 2 minute warm up (https://darebee.com/workouts/2-minut...p-workout.html). After some of them, I've done a little of stretching using one of the app on my smartphone.

            During day 6 of 30 Days of Gravity I have done push-ups to failure and came up with 39 reps, but later I noticed, that form was not so good (elbows were flared out). I will try with a good form the next upper body focused day (which is today). Some other day I had to perform first 3:00 and then 3:30 minutes of plank (not elbow plank), which I have completed. It is easier for me to get myself together and hold "another 20/30/40 seconds" if you have some stopping time, than just hold it to failure.

            Weight goes up, but so does fat percentage. We will see after couple of additional weeks, if muscle mass increases or not

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              Hi everyone!

              I am checking in with further progress. Last week I had a trip, so did not have chance to make analysis (weight is averaged between last day before trip and first day after, that is why the curve is flat). Also I needed to travel at night, so no sleep data available for two days (but of course, I have slept). During the trip it was much harder to control amount of food and especially nutrients and it is noticeable

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