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    Hopefully you'll start feeling better soon.


      YES, get well soon, great work hangin' in there!


        Thursday, February 27

        No gym class today, in favor of taking care of my virus. This is getting old, but I know it’ll be a 7-10 day affair😒

        Boo walk: <1 mile

        Boo walk: 1 mile

        WOD: Porter—level 1 high burn/streamline, done at level 3, which is 7 sets of 20 march steps, 10 calf raises, 20 march steps, 20 standing shoulder taps, 20 step jacks, 20 standing shoulder taps, 1 min rest (EC)

        Then-X video: 8 min lower body workout—8 exercises x 45 sec each with 15 sec rest— butt kicks, side to side jump squats, single leg Romanian dead lift, curtsy lunges, switching lunges (I had to modify this to slow down a little), single leg glute bridges, side lunges, tiptoe wall sit, all x 1 set only, but she recommended 4 sets😱

        Daily Dare: 50 (plank) thigh taps— done with EC

        UpperBody Light Challenge, Day 27: 80 shoulder taps & 80 bicep extensions x 3 sets, 30 sec rest

        30 Days of Cardio Blast, Day 27: at level 2, which is 8 sets of 40 half jacks, 10 jumping Ts, 40 jumping jacks, 10 seal jumps, 1 min rest—this was actually a nice way to do 8 sets of 100 jacks!🥳😂

        Bar work: 3 HALF rep neg pull ups x 1 set, 2 FULL rep neg pull ups x 2 sets, 25 sec (active) dead hang x 1 set

        Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for the Feet


          Illnesses always last longer than you want them to.


            Friday, February 28


            Virus continues, so no gym class again today, boo hiss!! My legs ache for lack of spin and weights😒

            Boo walk: 1 mile

            Boo walk: 1 mile


            WOD: Anywhere Abs, level 1 Abs/Core workout— good for a warm up🥳

            Daily Dare: 40 reverse crunches— done with EC

            UpperBody Light Challenge, Day 28: 320 raised arm circles in one go

            30 Days of Cardio Blast, Day 28: 300 side leg raises throughout the day— done in 6 sets of 50 reps (25 per leg), 30 sec rest

            30 Days of Cardio Blast, Day 29: at level 2, which is 8 sets of 20 half jacks, 20 side to side chops, 20 half jacks, 20 raised arm circles, 20 half jacks, 20 punches, 20 half jacks, 30 secs rest

            Banded lateral pull downs: 10 reps x 3 sets, 20 sec rest

            Bar work: Scap pulls (aka mini pull ups, I read on Redefining Strength)—10 reps x 3 sets, 30 sec rest

            ROMWOD 20 minute static passive stretching

            Yoga with Adriene: Yoga to Calm Your Nerves


              Finish getting over that pesky virus, vibes


                Doing magic get well dance over here...



                  Saturday, February 29

                  AM- (normally planned) Rest Day for AM; but, I think I am on the mend, here with the virus. Thanks for the vibes, all of you!🥰

                  Boo walk: 1 mile in the icky cold wind😜

                  Eliptical: 15 mins for 1.5 miles on random crossramp and med high resistance— sort of a maint Cardio to get back into it😎

                  UpperBody Light Challenge, Day 29: 80 shoulder taps & 80 bicep extensions x 3 sets, 30 sec rest

                  PM-work on plan for March:

                  GYM Class M-F, in AM. For PM, Carry on with algorithm plan for afternoon; continue kicks/punches, but include Core Strength program, PLUS Wall Push ups Challenge, along with Yoga/ Romwod. Continue 1 bar work exercise or push ups/tricep dips each day. This would allow def time for prep (L-sit, Pistol Squat, Pull-up)workouts every week. Continue the alternative videos/plan for weekends

                  WOD: Love Handles, a level 2 difficulty lower body high burn/streamline workout—done at level 2 which is 5 sets of 30 jumping jacks, 10 twists, 30 standing side leg raises, 30 side bridges, 30 sec side plank hold, 30 lying side leg raises, 1 min rest

                  Daily Dare: 2 min knee strikes— done with EC

                  UpperBody Light Challenge, Day 30: 340 raised arm circles in one go—- DONE WITH THIS CHALLENGE🥳😎

                  30 Days of Cardio Blast, Day 30: at level 2, which is 8 sets x 5 rounds x 40 high knees & 1 squat— I did march steps with 30 secs rest...DONE WITH THIS PROGRAM!!!🥳😎

                  ROMWOD 20 min static stretching

                  Yoga with Adriene: 7 minute Bedtime Yoga


                    Congrats on UpperBody Light Challenge and 30 Days of Cardio Blast


                      Well done with Upper Body Light ("light", yeah, right!!) and Cardio Blast!


                        Happy Badge and Challenge Day ​​​​​​


                          Congratulations on completing Cardio Blast and the Upper Body Light Challenge!


                            Congrats on Cardio Blast


                              Happy Badge Day and congratulations!


                                Ah yeah