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A challenge of commitment

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    A challenge of commitment

    Hi everyone!
    Since I am really bad at commitment I decided to log in my workouts from now on.
    Recap: I started training 2 months ago with the Nike app, then I discovered Darebee and I completed "Athena's playbook" program.
    I haven't worked out every day in these 2 months, but I haven't lost my motivation either, so I'm satisfied.

    I'm 48kg and 158cm and I want to lose some fat.
    ​​​​​​I would like to add some other measures but I am not sure which.

    I recently started the "30 days of HIIT" program.

    1th of May
    Day 1 of HIIT

    2nd of May
    Day 2 of HIIT
    The first two days went well, not too difficult, not too easy.

    Red Wind Welcome to the Hive Awesome start on your commitment so far! Keep up the epic work! Also can't wait to see that badge Alway remember It's not how far you have to go, but how far you've come


      Red Wind welcome.

      Several years ago I did a weight loss challenge. Along with the scales, we used inches (milli/centimeters) lost to show gains. The measurements used, and I still use, were neck, chest, waist, hips, and thigh. Hips are measured at the hip bones, waist at navel and chest, for men, across nipples. Neck and thigh are at the largest measure.

      I hold more stock in the measurements as it is possible to gain muscle as fast as you are losing fat for no net loss, but the tape tells the real story.

      Just a thought.


        Thanks, BlackButler, that's really motivating, especially coming from someone with so many badges!

        Thank you RockNTennessee, I think I will try to measure waist and hips.


          3rd of May
          "Wake up and connect" workout.
          I wasn't feeling very well (stomachache), so I settled for yoga instead of HIIT. I am disappointed because now the days of the program aren't the same as the days of May

          4th of May
          Day 3 of HIIT
          That was harder than the first two, but I liked it.


            Turns out that the stomachache didn't came alone. I've been sick for the last 4 days, but I'm better now. I hope tomorrow I can start over "30 days of HIIT". I'm really sad because I had just started my log in and I had to interrupt for days


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              Glad you are better now look forward to the rest of your journey


                Thank you, BlackButler <3

                10th of May
                Day 1 of HIIT

                11th of May
                Day 2 of HIIT


                  12th of May
                  Day 3 of HIIT
                  Morning stretch

                  It feels good to workout again


                    13th of May
                    Day 4 of HIIT
                    Morning stretch

                    I find burpees really hard for some reason and I had to rest a bit more.


                      14th of May
                      Day 5 of HIIT

                      15th of May
                      Day 6 of HIIT
                      Morning Stretch


                        16th of May
                        Day 7 of HIIT

                        17th of May
                        Didn't have time to work out, but I walked 12500 steps

                        18th of May
                        Day 8 of HIIT
                        Day 1 of Total abs

                        I want to try adding total abs at least on lighter days.


                          19th of May
                          Day 9 of HIIT

                          20th of May
                          Day 10 of HIIT
                          Morning stretch

                          One&one is the hardest day!


                            21th of May
                            Day 11 of HIIT

                            22th of May
                            Day 12 of HIIT

                            23 of May
                            Day 13 of HIIT
                            30 raised bridges + 5 held raised bridges


                              24th of May
                              Day 14 of HIIT

                              25th of May

                              26th of May
                              Day 15 of HIIT