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    So we're already at least four people from Frankfurt and close(r) neighbourhood. It's only around a Marathon length for me too.
    Of course, I would not run that!


      I'm a bit late *cough cough* but at least I didn't skip my tiny workouts
      monday, 15.04 tuesday, 16.04 wednesday, 17.04 thursday, 18.04 friday, 19.04 saturday, 20.04 sunday, 21.04
      Foundation day 11,
      LV III
      day 12,
      LV III
      - day 13,
      LV III
      day 14,
      LV III
      day 15,
      LV III
      day 16,
      LV III
      Wall-Sit day 11 day 12 day 13 day 14 day 15 day 16 day 17
      Daily Dare 50 Sitting Twists
      + EC
      40 Prone Reverse
      Fly Extensions
      100 Palm Strikes
      + EC
      Passionate Mind dbViper I'd love to do a meet-up (... you're welcome to hijack my log anytime, I just have the tendency to do the 'I'll answer that later' thing.. well, it's later, right?) If I can help in any way let me know. I promise 'work' related I'm better behaved so you wont have to wait a week for an answer


        I'm a bit late *cough cough* but at least I didn't skip my tiny workouts
        Hey, that looks good, though. Keep it up!

        Originally posted by Hiiina View Post
        I just have the tendency to do the 'I'll answer that later' thing.. well, it's later, right?
        Yeah, it's later... Are we lost sisters or something? I have that tendency sometimes too.

        That was me.
        Click image for larger version

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        I joined the Hive one day before Christmas and said "Hello" here and then never wrote anything here again until February *lol ...even though I was every day around here for the workouts and Daily Dares, etc... ...and I'm still very "busy" with procrastinating when it comes down to start a log. Though I plan to do it, to start one, basically every day... *whistles*


          Passionate Mind I feel you
          Click image for larger version

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          it took me ages to sign up on the hive. I didn't want another platform I don't use. But I think it helps that it's more of a support thing. Whatever you do, someone will always say 'you're doing great'.
          I'm doing great so far. And you as well, with or without log
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            Yeah, Darebee makes it really easy to keep exercising! Even without log, just because everything is such a fun challenge here and makes you (well, me for sure ) want to do more. I mean... I do have a log, where I track what I've done. It's just not public... I kinda wanna brag with what I've done because I'm actually proud of myself for once, but then again, I'm even too lazy to brag *loool* especially since the results (even though they're there) aren't as visible as I wish for... yet.



              Mon, 22.04 Tue, 23.04 Wed, 24.04 Thu, 25.04 Fri, 26.04 Sat, 27.04 Sun, 28.04
              Foundation day 17, Lv. III day 18, Lv. II day 19, Lv. III day 20, Lv. III * day 21, Lv. III day 22, Lv. III
              Wall-Sit day 18 - day 19 day 20 day 21 day 22
              Daily Dare 40 W-extensions
              Other Yoga, 17 min Yoga, 23 min
              * went out for dinner with my co-workers and fell into food-coma right afterwards

              Yeah, Darebee is awesome. It has something for everyone and it's just so much to choose from. And then, of course, having the first badge, it's like ... my precious and then you want more


                Mon, 29.04 Tue, 30.04 Wed, 01.05 Thu, 02.05 Fri, 03.05 Sat, 04.05 Sun, 05.05
                Foundation day 23, Lv. III day 24, Lv. III day 25, Lv. III day 26, Lv. II
                Wall-Sit day 23 day 24 day 25 day 26 day 27
                Core Control // // day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5
                Daily Dare 60 Seconds raised
                arm circles
                60 Seconds
                High Knees
                Other Daybreak Wind down Yoga, 25 min
                * Not feeling well for the last few days. My lungs are on fire every time I have to cough and my blood circulation is acting up making me feel faint. Not really sick, though, so it should go away in a day or two. It's so annoying, only having a few days of my current program left. But working out wouldn't be the best idea at the moment.


                  That sucks hope you get better soon and hope to see that badge
                  Click image for larger version

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                    Get well soon I feel bad for you
                    it sounds serious


                      I'm still here. I'm still alive. And I'm still doing my workouts ... most of the time ... well, okay, I'm having a bit trouble going back into my routine but I'm not stopping so there's that.
                      Thank you BlackButler and Animated pictures for all the healing vibes. The coughing is a stress thing and my blood pressure is a fussy thing ever since I was six. So most of the time it's just annoying.

                      - F day 27 Lv I
                      - WS day 28
                      - CC day 6

                      aaand I'm really sick (stomach bug )


                      - CC day 7,8,9

                      - CC day 10

                      - WS day 29
                      - CC day 11

                      - WS day 30 WHOHOOOO
                      - CC day 12

                      - F day 28 Lv. I
                      - CC day 13
                      - DD 60 Seconds Back Arch Balance Hold + EC

                      no time

                      no time

                      - F day 29 Lv. II
                      - CC day 14, 15

                      - F day 30 Lv. II - it's done ^^
                      - CC day 16, 17

                      18.05 - new Program: Hero's Journey (HJ)
                      - HJ day 1 Lv. II

                      we had guests aka. cleaning / cooking / eating

                      * It's late and I'm too tired to make it pretty ​​​​​​​


                        Gad your fine
                        great job completing foundation program and the wall sit challenge
                        And good luck on hero's journey


                          I'm glad you're fine too Also massive congrats on your foundation badge

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Foundation.gif
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                            Mon, 20.05
                            - CC day 18, 19

                            Tue, 21.05
                            - HJ day 2 B, Lv I
                            - CC day 20, 21
                            - DD 60 Balance Back Kicks + EC

                            Wed, 22.05
                            my legs are so sore

                            Thu, 23.05
                            - CC day 22, 23

                            Fri, 24.06 ~ going away over the weekend
                            - 70 side leg rises *sigh*

                            Sat, 25.05 ~ running after two children (or away from them) ((...Do I really want kids myself? ... well it's only 18 years till I can kick them out again))

                            Sun, 26.05 ~ coming home in the afternoon, baking cake for work. I feel guilty about skipping HJ all the time, I keep telling myself that I'm not giving up ('cause I'm not, I want this finished) and that's okay because life happens and it's important to take a day off when your body tells you so. Still, I started last week and I'm only two days in. But life goes back to normal next week and I hope I find the strength and motivation to work out more again. Then again, I think I'm getting a cold. This is ridiculous. The force is not with me this month.

                            Mon, 27.05
                            - CC day 24, 25
                            - YWA Dedicate day 1

                            Tue, 28.05
                            - HJ day 3, Red Ribbon
                            - CC day 26, 27

                            Wed, 29.05
                            - YWA Dedicate day 2

                            Thu, 30.05
                            Nope, everything hurts

                            Fri, 31.05 ~ I'm feeling better!!!
                            - HJ day 4
                            - CC day 28, 29 (ooops...)
                            - DD 2 Minute Arm Scissors + EC

                            Sat, 01.06 - New Challenge: Punch-Out! (PO)
                            - CC day 30 yay only one day late, I didn't like this challenge very much
                            - PO day 1

                            Sun, 02.06
                            - YWA Dedicate day 3
                            - PO day 2

                            working out is going to be so much fun the next few days. 30°C / 86°F all around. And I'm not going to do it before work, 'cause IT STARTS AT 6 AM! Trying to make it earlier in this weather, so I can leave earlier as well


                              congratulations for finishing core control
                              good luck on punch out


                                Happy Birthday fellow Hessian.