The Foundation of a new Journey

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    The Foundation of a new Journey

    This is it. The start of my first program. And I will be using this Thread to keep a log and (hopefully) keep myself accountable.I will be trying to post at least once a week and hopefully more.

    Current Program:
    Today was Day One of the Foundation Plan. Done and Dusted. I'm excited to see where I can go and how this will help me to know my own fitness level. And on that note I have a few personal goals I would like to one day achieve.

    Personal Goals:
    Down to target Weight: 61lbs to Go
    Complete a Full Pull Up from Dead Hang: (Never Have been able to do one)
    Run a 20-25min 5k.(right now I can't sustain more than 2min at 10kph at a push)

    These goals will probably change/get updated as I go through this and new ones will probably also get added.

    Now question for you all. Challenges! There are a lot of Challenges to dig through and I am wondering if any of you have some recommended challenges for me to start on, whether it is something relating to my goals, a good general overall challenge, or a good challenge to really, really push myself. There are however some Challenges that I am already planning on starting tomorrow.

    First thing water
    30 days of fitness
    Get to bed on time
    8 glasses of water
    No Sugar

    You goals sound good and pretty doable, but cutting sugar overnight can be tough... If you want to build up to a Pull Up you could start with the Dead Hang challenge.

    Good luck, you´ve got this!


      If you haven't already been low sugar/white carbs, I recommend going slowly. It's a tough nut to crack. Some of the best advice I have received regarding sugar (over)consumption: before you start taking it out of your diet, start making a healthier choice to replace it. Example: when ceasing to drink soda, replace it with fruit in mineral water, transitioning slowly to plain water. When refusing desserts, try to have an acceptable alternative available, especially when eating with others. A piece of the darkest chocolate you can stomach (I like anywhere between 72% and around 80% currently) or a small piece of fruit or handful of berries would be a nice example. Always carry emergency snacks in your bag/purse/pocket/hammerspace, so that you aren't tempted by the vending machines/coffee shop pastries/break room donuts. Little 100-calorie packets of nuts or something like a Larabar would be could options - until it gets really hot, Larabars are good to go anytime, and unflavored nuts keep for months in your pantry. Also, definitely carry a water bottle everywhere! When I'm tempted by something, I try to make myself drink water instead, at least first. Even if it doesn't work 100% of the time, I end up eating less of the treat because I already have water in my stomach! Don't let your food get plain and boring - spices and herbs are practically calorie-free and can make meals and snacks more interesting - and healthier, most of the time. A little cinnamon and vanilla, even just the scent, can help quell sweets cravings, and no one in my family ever said no to rosemary-garlic chicken.

      I use an app called Plant Nanny to help me keep track of how much water I drink during the day. It lets you customize the amounts you want to drink, lets you pre-make multiple glass sizes (I have one for my standard cup size at home, plus the average cup sizes when we go out to eat - I always get water with almost no exceptions). You input the drink size, and grow plants over days. If you drink too little, the plant gets thirsty and can die if you don't get enough to drink (or forget to log in) but this process takes three days (thirsty from a day with not enough, dying from two days, dead after three). You could also simply print out a sheet with little cups you can check off, or make a chart in a bullet journal or something. If plain water isn't doing it for you, try making "spa water." Infuse fruit (lemon, strawberries, I had a really good one once that was strawberry-watermelon-mint) for a few hours in the fridge. I drink a lot of tea during the day to help meet my liquid requirements, but I have access to hot water - so you may not be as lucky. You can get a couple of those stainless steel travel mugs and fill them with tea before you leave in the morning, if you think that will help - my mother-in-law does that before work every morning herself (she's a fitness instructor, and takes about four of those 24-oz bottles with her daily in a gym bag).

      As for the get to bed on time, set yourself up for success! Set alarms on your phone/microwave or get an alarm clock specifically set to go off half an hour to an hour before bed. When the alarm goes off, stop what you're doing, go through your bedtime routine (brush teeth, set up your lunch/breakfast for tomorrow, shower, whatever) and get in bed. If you can't get off the TV, computer or phone, set it up to turn itself off an hour before bed and make that your routine.

      Good luck on your new path and remember to take it slow and steady - fitness is a marathon, not a sprint!