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    The night shift for the night shelter felt very long after the last two weeks of work - so my body is a bit tired. I've just had news that it looks like for the next 15 weeks or so I will be based on the other side of the country 3x a week which means the plan I had for chin ups will change slightly. Up until I move into a hotel for 3 days a week I will be focusing on my 'grip' by doing the flex and dead hang challenge. When I end up in hotel land I should have access to a gym where I will start to focus on rows using barbell or the machine (I find the machine is helpful for me to get the right form.)

    Having access to a gym does give me the opportunity to do some rowing again though which would be good.

    Flex - 3 x 5 secs
    Dead Hang - 3 x 10 secs

    Started each exercise with an empty bar weighing 7.5kg. This session was to understand where my current strength lies and to understand what base weight I should be starting at. For Squat, Bench and Deadlift it will be the second set of each exercise and for Press it will be the first set. In future these sessions will either be squat/bench or deadlift/press with the aim to be 5 sets of 8 reps.

    Squat - 8@17.5kg, 8@20kg, 5@27.5kg
    Bench - 8@17.5kg, 8@17.5kg, 5@20kg
    Deadlift - 8@20kg, 8@22.5kg, 5@30kg
    Press - 8@10kg, 8@11kg, 5@17.5kg

    I really struggled with these two - I plan on not moving on from these expected times till I can complete it in one go.

    Flex - 7 secs (should have been 10secs)
    Dead Hang - 15 secs (should have been 20secs)


      Slowly starting to catch up on sleep. Yesterday was a pretty long day at work but got straight into my workout gear and completed the sets. I have decided to not continue doing the Flex challenge - I'm not convinced I am doing the exercise properly or safely so going to focus on Dead Hang first.

      Flex - 2x5 secs
      Dead Hang - 3 x10 secs

      Squat - 8 @ 20kg - 5 sets
      Bench - 8 @ 17.5kg - 5 sets

      Run - 2.27 miles (3.67km) - 28:07 minutes

      Dead Hang - 2 x 10 secs


        Back at the Parents for a few nights as dentist and chiropractor are tomorrow. Got a workout in before I left today and have (weather dependant) a 5 mile trail run on Sunday.

        Press - 8 @ 10kg - 5 sets
        Deadlift - 8 @ 20kg - 5 sets (forgot to add the extra 2.5kg I originally said I would do)

        Dead Hang - 2 x 10 secs


          So when at parents I basically do no exercise. Need to get out of that habit. Thankfully it is only once every month. Unfortunately due to the storm my 5 mile event was cancelled - so only managed one run this week. Going to try for my most mileage week next week....

          Only completed 3 sets for my workout on Saturday as my parents were round and had limited time between our plans.

          Squat - 8@ 20kg - 3 sets
          Bench - 8 @ 17.5kg - 3 sets


            This week has felt like a drag. My body hasn't wanted to do anything. So I've tried to take it easy and not push myself - although even going for a walk yesterday (in place of a run I had planned) didn't really agree with my body.

            Run - 2.21 miles (3.57km) - 25:16 minutes

            Press - 8 @ 10kg - 3 sets
            Deadlift - 8 @ 20kg - 3 sets