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    May 13, day 1196. Skipped 10,000 Punches but did Better Legs day 3 and 5.75 miles in 30 minutes on the bike, so that's three days for the week, and day 132 consecutive flossing.


      May 14, day 1197. Bike rides of 1 min./0.21 miles, 6 min./1.23 miles, and 16 min./3.05 miles (multi-site birding day). Better Legs day 4, 10,000 Punches day 3 (2 sets, 10 pushups off the second step from the bottom of the outside stairs). Day 1 of 20+ minutes days for the week. Will edit later for floss.
      ETA: day 133 consecutive flossing


        May 15. Day 1198. Forgot to do the challenges, alas. Bike rides of 20 minutes/3.97 miles, 5 minutes/0.85 miles, and 5 minutes/0.80 miles, though, so that's day 2 for the COVID survey for the week. Also, day 134 consecutive flossing.


          May 16. Day 1199. Due to RL stuff I was in no mood to get out my bike or my weights yesterday, but I did do Better Legs day 5 and 10,000 Punches Day 4, and day 135 consecutive flossing.

          Landlord has an inspector and an exterminator coming to check out the entire building today sometime between 11 and 2 so I don't know what my exercise is going to be like today.


            May 17. Inspector and extermi ator did not arrive until 2:20.

            Did better legs day 6 and 10,000 punches day 5, and flossed, so that's day 1200 of at least some form of exercise and day 136 consecutive flossing.


              May 18. currently exhausted. Hopefully I'll be able to get out and ride my bike this afternoon. For now?

              Better Legs day 7
              10,000 Punches day 6
              Will edit later as appropriate
              ETA 1: bike ride 1, 22 min./4.29 miles; bike ride 2, 7 min./1.25 miles. Day 3 of 20+ minutes hard breathing/sweating exercise intensity this week.
              ETA 2: day 137 consecutive flossing


                May 19. Day 1202 of exercise; will edit for flossing and any bike riding later.
                Better Legs day 8
                10,000 punches day 7 (2 sets, 10 pushups)

                ETA: no bike today. Consecutive floss day 138.


                  May 20. Day 1203 of exercise. Hoping to get some extra bike distance in later because tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be STUPID HOT and I would like to a) get sweatwork in before then and b) get some temperature-controlling curtains from the nearby Target.

                  Better Legs day 9
                  10,000 Punches day 8
                  Hephaestus workout, with weights of 15 lbs each; also I did 12 rows per arm but only 6 tricep extensions per arm because I realized 12 wasn't going to happen

                  Hephaestus took about 15:11 total. Did not have timer running during Better Legs or Ten Thousand Punches.

                  Eta: day 139 flossing


                    May 21, day 1204. Didn't do the challenges but I had bike riding. 18 min/3.18 miles and 21 min/3.31 miles, and day 140 of flossing


                      May 22, day 1205. Better Legs challenge day 10. Biking, 16 minutes/3.04 miles and 13 minutes/2.09 miles (would have been more biking but I got caught in a thunderstorm). Day 141 of consecutive flossing.


                        May 23, day 1206. Hoping to get out on the bike later.

                        Better Legs challenge day 11. May have done 4 sets instead of 3- I lost count and figured an extra set was safer than falling short
                        Ten Thousand Punches day 9, done in three sets
                        Epic Arms, but with 20 curls and 40 punches each time instead of 10 and 20; used 15 lb dumbbells

                        This totals to 15:36 exercise time. I will hopefully get more in later today so I can claim today as a 20+ plus day for the COVID survey.

                        Eta: did not get in further exercise. Did, however, floss. So that's day 142.


                          May 24, day 1207.

                          Better Legs day 12
                          Ten Thousand Punches day 10, one set

                          hoping to get out on the bike later
                          donated $10 to Darebee

                          ETA: Bike ride, 15 minutes, 2.69 miles. Then another bike ride, 15 minutes, 2.67 miles. So that's day 2 for the week, plus flossing, for day 143 of consecutive flossing.


                            May 25, day 1208. Forgot to do the challenges, but there was 21 minutes/3.9 miles and then 15 minutes/2.69 miles on the bike for day 3 for COVID study purposes, and flossing, for day 144.

                            Today is May 26, day 1209.
                            Better Legs day 13
                            Ten Thousand Punches day 11, two sets
                            Peach workout, but with 3 sets 40 reps of leg extensions, leg swings, and side leg extensions. 3 sets 10 bridges instead of the glute flexes in the workout. 3 sets 20 clamshells each, and 3 sets 10 v-leg extensions. So that's EC.
                            Started at 12:20, finished at 12:43, so that's day 3 for the COVID study for the week and if I am lucky I will have bike time later, too. Will edit for that and/or for flossing.
                            ETA: no bike yesterday, but day 145 consecutive flossing.


                              Today is May 27, day 1210.

                              10,000 Punches day 12, 1 set
                              Better Legs day 14
                              Bicycle rides: 1 minute/0.22 miles, 21 minutes/4.11 miles, 9 minutes/1.58 miles, so that's 4 days this week for the COVID survey
                              eta:day 146 consecutive flossing


                                Today is May 28, day 1211 of consecutive exercise, even if any given day is only a token hundred punches in the bathroom before bed.

                                Better Legs day 15
                                Ten Thousand Punches day 13, one set

                                Will edit later for bicycling, flossing
                                ETA: did not bike, but flossed, so that's day 147 consecutive flossing