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    Today is day 845.

    Daily Floss day 25 this morning.

    Classic warm up
    Five pushups
    RL interruption so there goes my timer
    25 nonstop pushups
    20 nonstop pushups for a total of 50 for the day so that's Daily Pushups day 26
    Epic Arms workout using the Gaiam band, 10 curls per set done with both hands at the same time, and 20 punches per arm per set


      June 3 was day 846.

      While I did Daily Floss day 26 and Daily Pushups day 27, the middle of my day was occupied by a drive to Rhode Island for a medical appointment that wound up not happening because the company that supposedly arranged it on behalf of the World Trade Center Health Registry failed to send the appropriate paperwork through, then either never answered their phones or put me on hold for 20+ minutes at a time before I finally got too angry to stick around and hung up. If you ever have to interact with Logistics Health Inc., of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, be aware that they're apparently too huge to actually give a damn about speaking to you if anything goes even the slightest bit wrong.

      But enough about that. Like I said, day 846 of the streak, if only because of Daily Pushups. I was in no mood and no physical condition to do much else exercise-wise after getting home.


        Today is day 847 of the streak.

        Daily Floss day 27 this morning.

        Classic warm up
        Daily Pushups day 28, in groups of 5 pushups, 10 punches per arm, 5, 20 per arm, etc. all the way up to 5 pushups, 100 punches per arm, for a total of 50 pushups and 21 minutes 15 seconds sweating/hard breathing time


          Today is day 848.

          Daily Floss day 28 this morning.

          Daily pushups day 29.

          Got interrupted. Might do more later if temperature allows.


            Today is day 849. Outside it is 93 F/34 C. The air conditioner in the kitchen is running and I have most of the curtains to the room where I exercise blocking the sunlight for temperature control purposes.

            Daily Floss day 29 this morning.
            Classic warm up

            Daily Pushups day 30, in groups of 5 pushups, 10 punches per arm, 5, 20 per arm, etc. all the way up to 5 pushups, 100 punches per arm, for a total of 50 pushups; however, since I came up at around 19 minutes at the end of this, I may have lost count and missed an early set, so I added 10 more consecutive pushups and no punches at the end for 20:02 workout time

            this challenge is done


              Congrats on Daily Pushups challenge


                ​​​​​​Way to go on the Push Up Challenge!


                  Good job on the Daily Push-Ups challenge!


                    Congrats on the push ups!!


                      Thank you all!

                      The past two days have been sweltering here, even with the AC on, and I've had to travel into Boston for work and a dental visit. It hasn't been great for my exercise stuff, but I did do at least some basic token stuff to keep the streak going.

                      June 7 was day 850. Daily Floss day 30, 100 punches (lead foot changed at 50). Fun incident: upon seeing the store where I intended to buy Flonase had closed down sometime in the past year, I changed my route and walked through Post Office Square Park, which is a patch of Boston's financial district maybe half a block in size. And encountered a full-grown wild turkey.
                      June 8 was day 851. Restarted Daily Floss, also went to the dentist for teeth cleaning and X-ray. Wall pushups, 3 sets 15, 15 seconds pause between sets.


                        Wild turkey in the city?! Weird.
                        My phone wanted to auto correct wild turkey to the whiskey label!


                          Originally posted by DorothyMH View Post
                          Wild turkey in the city
                          Wild turkey in the city
                          Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty...

                          (Why I heard that song when I read this, I have no idea )


                            A wild turkey in front of green foliage on trimmed grass, because it is in Post Office Square Park in the middle of Boston
                            I'm assuming it's full grown. I'm not that familiar with turkeys. It was practically the size of a Labrador retriever.

                            June 9th I did Daily Floss and 150 punches. Day 852.
                            June 10th I did Daily Floss day 3. Three sets of 16 pushups each. Day 853.

                            (I'm not really feeling it this week, for various reasons, but I am at least trying to keep up with the streak of exercising in some fashion (however small) once a day every day. I will be doing more later today so there will be another entry for today.)


                              Today is day 854.

                              Daily Floss day 4 this morning.
                              Peach workout, with 3 sets of 30 reps on everything except the V leg extensions (that was 3 sets of 15 of those), and I skipped the glute flexes but did 3 sets of 30 lying-down side leg lifts instead


                                Yesterday was day 855.

                                Daily Floss day 5 in the morning.
                                Took my bike out to get it into the city for repairs and tuneup. Rode it 4.22 miles to the last T station on this side of the harbor, then another 1.66 miles on a Blue Bikes sharebike after dropping my bike off, then... I'm not sure how many miles back on a different Bluebike, but I did more than 20 minutes yesterday of hard-breathing exercise.

                                Unfortunately the repair shop got back to me with notes that the bike would cost about 2/3 the price of a new bike to repair and that they did not have all the parts in stock. I think I may just buy a new bike outright as an investment.