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    that makes this day 60.



      day 61. I have spent the past ten minutes actively talking myself into exercising today (uncomfortable bed, sleep interrupted by outdoor noises around dawn).

      calves of steel day 13: 120 calf raises.
      classic warm up.
      Attempted 50 pushups day 28 but cannot keep my feet from sliding around on this floor for more than 10-12. (Managed 12, had to pause and rearrange my feet, tried again, kept sliding.) This challenge can wait a day or two.
      upper body plus day 25:14/14, 3 sets. Due to an error on my part on a prior trip to the sporting goods store, one weight here is 15 lb, one 20. Swapped the two around as needed to ensure each arm got the heavier weight for half the curls. Showed the fools.
      back and core day 15. My balance is... not great. Which is odd given that I'm decent at ice skating and good at bike riding. I appear to have something to work on.


        Happy 60


          Thank you!

          Day 61. I am traveling today and do not think pushups are a great idea this morning, but at least I have done day 26 of upper body plus (80 chest expanders, at one go this time!), day 14 of calves of steel (50 seconds raise and hold, done twice), and day 16 of back and core.


            Crampy and not thrilled about it. Most of lunch taken up w pet errands so all I was able to do was:

            2 miles on a bike
            day 15 calves of steel
            day 28, fifty push-ups. I think that was my longest maintenance of good pushup form yet- I started losing good form around 20 or so, which is still more than I had ever been able to manage.

            so that's streak day 62.


              Day 63.

              2.4 miles on a bike.
              50 pushups day 29: 30 sec pushup planks, 6 sets. Still cramping. Not a fun add-on. Thanks so much, human reproductive system.
              calves of steel day 16: two 50-second holds.
              upper body plus day 27: 14/14, 4 sets, 17.5 lb per arm.
              tried to do day 17 back and core. Could not maintain alt raised arm and leg more than 5-7 seconds. Will try day again tomorrow.


                Day 64.

                did upper body plus day 28 (84 chest expanders) before leaving the house.
                did calves of steel day 17, 140 calf raises, before getting into the office.

                classic warm-up.

                fifty pushups challenge day 30: 50 push-ups at one go. Did not have great form and briefly changed hand position for a few of them but I never paused for more than about a second and maintained a steady pace the whole time. So. Fifty pushups in a row, at one go.

                FOOLS. I WILL SHOW THEM ALL.


                back and core day 17. Still had trouble w alt raised planks but just barely managed.

                I am in no mood right now for cardio punch. Don't get me wrong, I love punching and the jacks other than seal jacks aren't bad, but I'm crampy and tired and hungry and breakfast was 2/3 cup oats + 1 tbsp flax and chia mix + a teaspoon and a half of sugar + some pie spice, and I could really use something that actually has a discernible flavor now.

                I may try doing Epic Arms for a while intil I find another challenge/program to try.


                  I may try doing Epic Arms for a while intil I find another challenge/program to try.
                  Take your time, no rush. Goodluck


                    Day 65.

                    classic warm up.
                    upper body plus day 29. 15 lbs, I had half a day and went home to exercise.
                    calves of steel day 18.
                    Wpic Arms, 15 lb weights.
                    day 18, back and core.


                      Calves of Steel day 19: 150 calf raises.
                      Upper Body Plus day 30: 88 chest expanders. This challenge is finished.
                      Upper Body Tendon Strength workout. Lowered my arms for one second between each exercise; also found that I had to briefly drop my arms about 15-20 seconds into the last sixty second hold. Will keep this in mind in future.
                      Three or four ball-of-foot stretches with a medium strength Harbinger resistance band as part of working on plantar fasciitis in the right foot.
                      Graceling. Five sets. Had to do half step jacks rather than regular half jacks due to the people in the apartment below me being home. Opted for EC to partly compensate- 30 sec rest between sets.
                      Started day 19 of Back and Core, but only got halfway through. W/o access to a mat my elbows were rubbing raw on the kitchen floor and I could only do the first two rotation plank things. Will remedy mat situation and do this tomorrow.


                        Day 67.

                        Calves of steel day 20: 60 sec raise and hold w/30 seconds rest.
                        Classic warm-up.
                        30 climbers as a test to see if I want to do the Everest Challenge. Maybe.
                        Chest and Back workout. 15 lb weights. Had to adjust the renegade rows; i cannot put my weight in a 15 lb barbell on this floor. It slides. So, one hand on the floor, the other lifting the weight. Other exercises were not a problem.
                        Upper body tendon strength plus. 2 lb weights.

                        In no mood to do back and core today. Will resume at work tomorrow.


                          Day 68.

                          Caalves of steel day 21: 160 calf raises.
                          Upper body tendon strength, the regular version.
                          Back and core day 19. Mat makes a big difference.
                          4 miles on a bike at lunch.


                            Day 69.

                            Calves of steel day 22: 1 min 10 sec raise-and-holds.
                            Upper body tendon strength plus, using three pound weights.
                            I am getting ready for the Wediko Climb for Kids, so I went to the C2 level and climbed to floor 28 in 7:56. Realized on floor 24 that I had my shorts on backwards; finished anyway, fixed later.
                            back and core day 20. Do not stand in front of a floor mounted ups when you do this.
                            started Total Abs today. Day 1, level 2. Stood up between sets to prevent lights from going out. 60 sec rest btwn sets.

                            will probably start doing the gladiator workout plan again soon- weights, cardio, upper body weights, lower body weights, cardio, weights, cardio. the stairs are strenuous and so are lower ab exercises but it doesn't feel like a proper exercise day without having to lift something heavy, or possibly do pushups.


                              Add the regular upper body tendon strength workout just now. I'll be honest, it hurts more than the one with the weights. Possibly I am not using suitable weights yet. I shall have to see.


                                Day 70.

                                Calves of steel day 23: 170 calf raises.
                                Epic Arms workout, 17.5 lbs. per arm. Hey, that's EC. Cool.
                                total abs day 2: the plankening. Level 2, sort of... 4 sets of 8 reps each. I work out in the server room on my lunch hour, but we had a time sensitive thing crop up today during that period and I had to stop early.

                                Will do back and core and upper body tendon later.