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    Today is day 686.

    Classic warm up
    20 pushups, then 20 more, then I realized I was not feeling motivated to do Hundred Pushups workout today
    epic Arms workout, 15 lbs per hand, but instead of ten alternating bicep curls each time, I did ten curls with both hands at once


      Today is day 687.

      Classic warm up with 20 side leg lifts per side instead of hops
      opted to do an exhaustion test to see about repeating week 5 but using the appropriate column this time, so:
      60 pushups
      ... theoretically I could now do week 6, column 2. Hrm.
      also did Hip Dips workout


        Today is day 688.

        It has been a while since I did proper dumbbell work. I am going to do a lightweight version of one of the days of my old twelve week routine, because a, I am not sure where I stand today, and b, I don't feel like adding weight to my current dumbbell settings. Consider it a condition assessment day for a lazy person.

        Classic warm up
        10 side leg lifts per side
        24 lbs per hand, bent over dumbbell rows (both arms at once), 4 sets 8
        24 lbs per hand, bench presses, 4 sets 12
        10 lbs per hand, lateral raises, 3 sets 8
        15 lbs, dumbbell pullover from the bench, 3 sets 12
        15 lbs per hand, standing simultaneous bicep curls, 2 sets 12
        15 lbs, seated dumbbell tricep extensions, 2 sets 12
        24 lbs per hand, standing dumbbell shrugs, 2 sets 12

        Up the weight on the bench presses, pullovers, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shrugs next time, but lower the # of reps


          Today is day 689.

          Classic warm up
          tried to restart week 5 at level 3, did 36 pushups, then 40, then got interrupted by RL, will do week 5 level 3 day 1 next time


            Today is day 690.

            Once again, doing the no-adjustments-to-dumbbells-because-I'm-feeling-too-lazy-to-fuss-with-plates weight routine.

            Classic warm up
            10 side leg lifts each side
            24 lbs, goblet squats, 4 sets 10
            24 lbs per hand, stiff legged deadlifts, 4 sets 8
            24 lbs, dumbbell plie squats, 3 sets 8
            24 lbs, weighted hamstring curls, 3 sets 8
            24 lbs, standing calf raises, 3 sets 8 per leg
            3 elbow planks, 20 seconds each

            Ok to increase all weight used, but small amounts of knee pain present; approach squats very carefully


              Happy New Year


                Today is day 691 of continuous days of deliberate exercise. I am going to do pushups, but my rest times may be irregular as I have an instacart order going and I may need to answer shopper questions.

                Classic warm up, some shoulder rolling, side leg lifts
                Push-ups: 36, 40, 30, 24, 46. that's week 5, day 1, column 3. I can do day 2 next time.

                So much sweating.


                  Happy New Year!


                    Happy new year to everyone!

                    Today is day 692. I have a bit of a sinus headache and will be moving carefully today.

                    Classic warm up
                    24 lbs, one arm dumbbell rows using the bench, 4 sets 10 per arm
                    10 lbs per hand, kneeling Arnold presses, 4 sets 8
                    24 lbs per hand, standing dumbbell hammer curl, 2 sets 8
                    24 lbs per hand, dumbbell floor press, 2 sets 12
                    24 lbs per hand, standing shrugs, 2 sets 15


                      Today is day 693.

                      classicwarm up
                      19, 19, 22, 22, 18, 18, 22, 50: pushups, separated by rests of 45 to 60 seconds each

                      Shower time after that many pushups kthx


                        Today is day 694. I had trouble getting to sleep last night for various reasons.

                        classic warm up
                        epic glutes workput with EC
                        64 side leg lifts per side


                          January 4th was day 695.

                          128 punches
                          64 side leg lifts per side


                            January 5 was day 696

                            I managed 128 punches, that's something, at least


                              Today is day 697

                              Classic warm up
                              Shoulder rolls
                              Side leg lifts

                              Pushups: 20, 20, 24, 24, 20, 20, 22, 51

                              Next puships day is an exhaustion test day since I have finishdd week 5 column3 day 3


                                Yesterday, January 7th, was day 698. God knows I was exhausted on multiple levels yesterday, considering.
                                I managed 128 punches, total, and I was lucky for being able to do that much.