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    Yeah, and after a rest maybe try it with no shoes on, if you can. For a more natural movement.


      Finished day 1 of Calves of Steel yesterday before going home from work.

      Day 2 was done this morning before coffee.

      My lunch time is going to be taken up significantly, if not entirely, by a quarterly employee meeting. I took the opportunity to sneak into the server room and do day 17 of the Fifty Pushups Challenge: 22, 10, 5. I do not think I will be able to get the next day of Upper Body Plus in before the meeting but I plan on doing that and maybe the back/core stuff before leaving work.

      Either way, this is day 50.


        Man if someone finds you in there it's going to look pretty odd


          Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
          Man if someone finds you in there it's going to look pretty odd
          Oh, there's a card reader lock on the door. The only people whose cards open that lock are me, my direct supervisor and the Chief Compliance Officer. The other door to the server room uses a physical key, but to my knowledge the only people with the physical key are the building's engineers. I got the okay from my supervisor and let the CCO know that I kept some weights and an exercise mat in there, and neither one has a problem with that as long as I don't interfere with the actual servers or other equipment, but even so I make a point of staying well back and not using music for anything other than wall sits, so that I can hear the door unlocking if someone actually needs to come in.

          that being said, I've done my 70 calf raises for day 3 of Calves of Steel. 35 of them while on the T on the way into work, the rest while on line at CVS or while waiting to cross the street. Actual server room exercises will come later as I do not have a lunch meeting today.


            Day 51.

            already cleared today's Calves of Steel.
            abbreviated classic warm-up.

            Upper body plus day 15. 10/10, 4 sets 17.5 lbs. 30-45 sec rest btwn sets.
            50 pushups day 18: 24, 12, 8. Form was kind of awful after the first ten, but I kep going and tried to make it less bad. Think it was due to upper body plus coming first. 60 sec rest btwn sets.

            Cardio Punch. Promised myself I'd do level 1 for starters today. So that's three sets today. 5 sets next time. 1 minute rest btwn sets. Side note, I hate seal jacks. Did them anyway.

            back and core day 9, core control. Have done up and down planks before. Do them on a mat if at all possible. When I did them on the kitchen floor w/o mat I rubbed a patch raw on each forearm, near the elbow.

            so much sweat. Not as bad as w March Step based cardio, but then again I did 5 sets for those rather than 3. Will have to see how feet feel tomorrow.

            off to go stretch them calves, then wash up.


              Had to do stuff @ lunch today and knew I was going out right after work, so I did a portion of my usual today, but enough to make it qualify as Day 52.

              Upper body plus day 16. Sixty chest expanders, holding a 2 lb weight in each hand.
              Back and core, day 10.
              Calves of Steel, day 4: two twenty-second calf raise-and-hold sessions.

              Also 2+ miles on a bike.


                Day 53.

                calves of steel day 5.
                fifty pushups day 23.
                upper body plus day 17. 15 lbs on the weights as I am at home. 30 sec rest btwn sets.
                back and core day 11. May have done knee to elbow crunches wrong. Did 30 leg lifts and had to stop to deal w household stuff. Will do day 11 tomorrow all the way through.


                  Day 54.

                  walked 1 mile.
                  did day 6 calves of steel.
                  did upper body plus day 18, holding 2 lb weights in each hand.

                  did not do other exercises as I spent 2.1 hours flying a Robinson R22 helicopter from Lawrence, MA to Orange, MA to Fitchburg, MA and back to Lawrence, and that is a surprisingly draining 105 nautical miles even with the mechanical trim assist on.


                    Day 55.

                    fifty pushups day 24: 28, 15, 10.
                    calves of steel day 7: 90 calf raises.
                    upper body plus day 19: 12/12, 17.5 lbs per arm, 3 sets. 60 sec between sets.
                    Cardio punch. Level 1 only, so far
                    back and core day 11. Did not have room for straight legs on windshield wipers so I bent my kees and did ling down side to side twists that way.

                    it is stupid humid in here even with the ac and the servers and network hardware. God bless the Marathoners.


                      Day 56.
                      Calves of steel day 8: 30 second calf raise-holds, 2 sets.
                      Upper body plus day 20: 68 chest expansions before leaving the house.
                      Back and core day 12. Hollow hold, side planks, uneven planks.
                      Bicycled two miles at lunch.

                      Did not have time for other elements of usual workout due to getting ready for travel plans but at least I did get that much in.


                        Day 57.

                        calves of steel day 9 done over the space of half an hour this AM.
                        Classic warm-up.
                        Fifty pushups day 25. Weirdly hard to maintain good form but might as well persist.
                        could not face upper body plus immediately so I went to cardio punch next instead. Level 2- five times through.
                        Upper body plus day 21. 17.5 lbs per hand. Discovered on set 1 that keeping the phrase "fools! I'll show them all!" in mind is remarkably motivational.

                        I do not know who the fools are, but hell, I'll show them all anyway. Then again I have long been a big believer in the power of spite to keep one moving when more positive sources of motivation fail. (This is best summed up in a saying I have seen online... get up, you have a lot of #%#^$&%#ers to prove wrong.)

                        However, spite cannot make twenty seconds times nine poses times two sides move faster and I am almost out of lunch, so Back and Core will have to wait until later.


                          Then again I have long been a big believer in the power of spite to keep one moving when more positive sources of motivation fail.


                            Day 58.

                            I have the day off but there is a veterinary appt in half an hour; I will have to do the pushups and whatnot later. I did, however, do my day 10 of Calves of Steel, and then my 72 chest expanders, this lot while holding 2 lb weights (it meant breaking it into sets of 24, 24, 12, 12).
                            more later, I hope.


                              Day 59.

                              classic warm up.

                              fifty pushups day 26: 35, 15, 5.
                              upper body plus day 23.13/12, 15 lb per hand. Sweating like a racehorse by set 3. Still concentrating on the fools, and showing them all.
                              calves of steel day 11: 110 calf raises. Sets of 20 separated by about 20 sec rest, as I will be traveling today and will not have much time to stand up for these.
                              back and core day 13. Still can't get anywhere near all the way down for the reclining hero pose. Oh well. Getting as close as I can.


                                Visiting my parents this weekend. Probably not going to do cardio plus until I get home due to the amount of jumping noise involved.

                                Classic warm-up.
                                Calves of steel day 12: 40 second raise-holds. Upper body plus day 24: 76 chest expanders.
                                fifty pushups day 27: 5 sec pushup planks, 6 times.
                                Back and core day 14: weird planks. Kept falling over during the side stars. I think even my scalp is sweating.

                                that makes this day 60.