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    Classic warm-up.

    Ten thousand punches day 23: 540 punches. 180, 180, 180 (did not want to do pushups today so I kept it to three sets)
    ironborn day 23: leg day. working from home in the AM means I only have 15 lb and 10 lb barbells so it was 15 lb for squats. and for forward lunges. reverse lunge step ups got 10 lbs though. kneecaps protested those anyway. then back to 15 lbs for my good friends the calf raises. That went well.
    Wall sit day 30: made it to 2:30, started sliding down the wall due to sweat, will attempt this later.
    Will attempt gladiator day 29 (2 min. one-armed plank) later.


      Waiting for the taxi home from the vet. Found a patch of wall and successfully finished day 30 of the Wall Sit challenge- a full four minutes.

      thank the little grey gods of Asgard that's over.


        thank the little grey gods of Asgard that's over

        Congratulations on 30 days


          Originally posted by Amirsh View Post

          Congratulations on 30 days
          Thank you!

          i attempted the one arm plank for gladiator challenge but only made it to 1 minute. Since tomorrow's Ironborn is planks galore I will just add it in then.


            Classic warm-up today.

            i have chosen to replace Wall Sit with the 50 Pushups challenge. Day 1 was 4, 2, 2. Easy enough.

            ten thousand punches day 24 was 100 punches. Cleared that, too.

            ironborn day 24, planks. Not fun on the kitchen floor. At all. My elbows are not going to forgive me for this (no mat available).

            gladiator day 29: 2 minutes 1 armed plank. Ha. Got as far as 1 minute. I am going to let my upper body have some down time today before going further on that.

            however, gladiator day 30 is 4 sets of 22 lunges, so... I did those. Now I just have to manage that one arm plank and I'm done with the gladiator challenge, too.


              Classic warmup today.

              50 pushups challenge day 2- 6, 2, 2.

              Ten thousand punches day 25- 560 punches. 180, 190, 190. Sweating like mad.

              ironborn day 25. Shoulders, chest, and triceps. 15 lb weights for shoulder press. Hit failure at around rep 6 of set 4, paused a few seconds, managed 3 more, had to pause longer, just barely managed the last rep. Full 2 min rest after that (I tend to do only 1 min rest between exercises). 15 lbs for the chest presses tho. Ten pounds for the lateral raises. Had a problem doing those with proper form. Should do them at 9 lb but I am at home so that is not an option. 10 lbs on the forward raises, too.

              will attempt two minute one arm plank to close out Gladiator when I have access to a mat.


                ... yeah, that's not going to happen. I have no clue how I managed a 2 minute 1 arm plank before this, but I don't seem to be able to get past 1:30. I've been trying. It isn't happening.


                  Don't give up man! Keep going at it and you'll find your rhythm before you know it.


                    Judgment call today: nothing except warm-up gets done until I can manage two minutes of one arm plank and close out Gladiator. Even if I have to do it elbow plank style.

                    so far I have done classic warmup, about 45 seconds on my left arm, a full minute on my right (I touched the screen by mistake, lost my place, restarted the song by mistake and had to restart the plank) and about 40 more seconds on my right. Will update again once I make this happen.


                      Did about 50 seconds on the left arm.

                      contemplated turning around to use the other end of the mat but my feet had been compressing that.

                      somehow managed to do 2 minutes on my right arm, elbow plank style, despite hitting 1:20 and thinking 'yep, this is it, arm wants out from under me'- a thought that lasted 40 seconds.

                      I'm going to go climb the building now that Gladiator is over. Thank you, Safaxyz.


                        Climbed stairs. C2 to 34 in Pacific Rim + Battlestar Galactica main theme (old series) + 4:33 of Stronger Faster Braver by Two Steps From Hell.

                        came back to server room. Did fifty pushups challenge day 3: ten seconds of push-up plank, two sets. Surprisingly burny.

                        I will do punches and Ironborn later. Or at least one of the two, and resume the other tomorrow. Depends on what I need grocery wise tonight.


                          Okay, so, I didn't do either punches or Ironborn yesterday. Doing them today instead. I will also be replacing the concluded Gladiator Challenge with Upper Body Plus.

                          but first, warm-up and punches. Today is 580 punches, day 26. 100, 100, 100, 100, 180.

                          Fifty Pushups day 4. 8, 4, 2.

                          ironborn day 26: back and biceps. 19.5 lbs per barbell to start with. No problem on alt bicep curls, yay. Did not change weight for deadlifts or shrugs. Mostly that was to save time. Should've done 5 lbs more each. Oh well. Upright rows okay at that weight, but 9 lbs for the flys. I know my limits.

                          went down to 14.5 lbs for the bicep curls for Upper Body Plus Day 1. Based on the feel of my lower back, when I finish Ironborn it'll be time to start a serious core program instead.


                            Did day 2 of Upper Body Plus- 40 chest expanders- at one go when I got to the office this AM.

                            Next exercise: lunchtime. Went down to level C2 and climbed to floor 34. Did this in Pacific Rim + The Wings of Icarus + 2:53 of Stronger Faster Braver.

                            walked down to 33 where there is nasty indoor outdoor carpet in front of the rooftop access door. Did day 5 of fifty pushups: 10, 4, 4. Hands were gross but it could be worse so I did not complain.

                            walked back down to 28 and the server room. Ten thousand punches day 27: 600 punches. Okay. 150, 150, 150, 150.

                            ironborn day 27: leg day. 24.5 lb for the goblet squats. (It just says 'squats'but the image is of a guy doing goblet squats, so...) 17.5 lbs per barbell for the lunges. 20.5 for the single leg deadlifts. 20.5 each for the calf raises.


                              C2 to 34 in Pacific Rim + Being Alive (Audiomachine) + 1:11 of Stronger Faster Braver.
                              down to 33 for day 6 of Fifty Pushups (10, 6, 4). Turns out the don't touch the floor kind are more feasible if I use a wider hand position, as opposed to both hands no farther apart than the width of my exercise mat.
                              Day 3 upper body plus: 20.5 lbs for 6 bicep curls, 6 pushups, 4 sets. Wore gloves, was able to put hands on either side of mat to do the pushups. Definitely felt it in the upper chest.
                              Ironborn day 8: ab work. Used 3 lb weight for seated twists. Leg raises surprisingly hard esp. after I started holding onto 10 lb barbells to prevent me sliding or the mat moving.

                              the server room has motion sensor lights. They went out during my last set of side jackknives. There are a lot of LEDs in here. Esp. Blue ones.

                              the punchening can wait until later.


                                And day 28 of Ten Thousand Punches has been accomplished. I can go home now.