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    Classic warm-up.
    Ten thousand punches day 16: 5 pushups, 100 punches.
    Day 23 of the wall sit: 3 minutes, ten seconds. Close to running out of song, will need a new one.
    ironborn day 15. Leg day. 20.5 lb weights. Back started sweating after the last set of squats. Took extra care on lunges and side lunges as kneecaps were hinting at being unhappy. Also I hate lunges. I hate side lunges more. Definite pulse raisers, though. Replaced 8 lbs of each barbell w a 10 lb plate for 22.5 lbs per barbell for the calf raises.
    Gladiator challenge day 23: 1 minute 40 seconds left arm plank. Right arm and "Under Pressure" this time. Made it to 1:12- "pressure on people /people on streets". Heel of hand primary point of failure. Shoulder secondary. 2 min rest. Added glove. 59 seconds. Shoulder was point of failure. Bit more rest this time. Told myself that if I failed this time I'd attempt it as a one armed elbow plank, if only to take my hand out of the equation. 1:04 that time. Heel of hand, mostly.

    1:32 as one armed elbow plank.

    I MAY attempt this again later. May. If I feel like it. Otherwise I repeat day 23 tomorrow. As a one armed elbow plank. The elbow plank put more burn in my abs. Must've gotten the posture closer to right...


      1:40 one-armed elbow plank using my right arm.Figured I'd better get it out of the way early as today's ironborn workout is all plank foo.


        20 seconds wall sit, easy enough day 24.

        ten thousand punches: day 17, 420 punches. 80, 200, 140.

        ironborn day 16: ab work. 40 seconds elbow plank remarkably bearable compared to 1:40 one armed elbow plank. Side planks still augh, though. At least I did them.

        also about 2 miles total of bike ride at lunch.


          Classic warm-up today.

          Gladiator challenge day 24: 20 lunges, four sets.
          Ten thousand punches day 18: 440 punches. Split into 100, 140, 200.

          Ironborn day 17. Shoulders chest and triceps. 15 lb weights for most. Shoulder presses surprisingly hard w 15 lbs. Did amyway although I hit failure and had to wait w weights at my sides a few seconds in both sets 3 and 4 of those, around rep 7 or 8. Had a ligament in my leg start screaming just behind left knee so I went to 2 lb weighrs to get lat raises done. 10 lb for one arm tricep extensions.

          wall sit can wait.


            Doing what I can before I have to leave for flight school.

            ironborn day 18, back and biceps. 15 lb weights. Still not enough weight to make farmer's walk feel legit but whatever.

            gladiator challenge day 25: 120 punches, 3 sets.

            whick makes the ten thousand punches one a bit annoying because it would be cheating to do five pushups before each gladiator set and claim them twice; today's ten thousand punch challenge is 460 punches. So those got done separately. Broken into 150, 160, 150.

            will do wall sit later.


              Managed 3:20 wall sit.

              going to bed now.


                3:30 wall sit, accomplished.

                Given that 3:30 is the moment when the last drum flourish plays in Hammer to Fall I think I may move to Under Pressure for my timing song for the last few days of this challenge. Speaking of which, I'll be using that for the Gladiator Challenge later- my first one armed elbow plank of the day lasted 40 seconds, as I forgot that I'd be sliding somewhat if I tried to do it in a long sleeved shirt. More later, though.


                  1:22 for left arm attempt. Will try again later. It was shoulder failure mostly this time. Some nerve tingling.


                    Climbed from basement floor C2 to topmost floor of stairwell, floor 34, in Pacific Rim + Halo Theme Mjollnir Mix + 1:29 of Heart of Courage. So much sweat.

                    walked from 34 down to 28, headed for server room. 5 pushups + 100 punches later, I had finished day 20 of the ten thousand punches challenge.

                    ironborn day 19. 22.5 lbs for goblet squat. 20.5 for the rest. I remembered to do the one legged deadlifts properly.

                    gladiator can wait.


                      Managed gladiator day 26: 2 minute one-armed plank today. Right arm, elbow plank.
                      Wall sit day 27: 3 min 40 sec time. Did I make it? Yes. Just barely. Only a few days left of that one, thank the gods.

                      more later but for now I at least have this.


                        Attempted day 20 of Ironborn. I have never in my life done a V-up and could not get them right. I went back to a previous day of abs and subbed in situps instead- 18, 18, 16, 12. 3 pound weight on the sitting twists. I did the leg raises but only had time to do the first two sets of ten on the knee-ups/twists. They will be added to tomorrow's workout.

                        punches later.


                          I have never in my life done a V-up and could not get them right
                          Good luck, I hate V-Ups...


                            Classic warmup.

                            Ironborn day 21. Shoulders chsst and triceps. 14.5 lb dumbbells for the Arnold presses. Did not use barbells for height during push-ups. 9 lbs on lat raises. 22.5 lbs on two handed tricep extensions. Could probably have handled more weight there.

                            wall sit day 28: 20 seconds.

                            Ten thousand punches day 21: 480 punches. 50, 50, 50, 150, 100, 80.

                            Headed to stairwell next. C2 to floor 34 in Pacific Rim + Celldweller's The Wings of Icarus + Heart of Courage + 1:02 of the original Battlestar Galactica main theme.

                            Walked back to 28 but was out of lunch time. Gladiator lunges and yesterday's ab set later.


                              Finished the gladiator lunges so that's day 27 nailed right there.


                                Classic warm-up.
                                gladiator challenge day 28: 120 punches, 4 sets. I need to move up to actually hitting something physical, I think.
                                ironborn day 22: back and biceps. 17.5 lbs for alt biceps curls and upright rows. Surprised to feel signs of failure in forearms around rep 8-9 of 1st set. 24.5 lbs for deadlifts, shrugs. Could probably stand more weight there. Ten pounds for the renegade rows, though. That's the heaviest weight I have at the office with sides flat enough to balance on, even with a mat.
                                ten thousand punches, day 22: 500 punches. Split into 150, 150 (I think- I found myself counting in early 200s and didn't remember getting that far, so I assumed I meant to say '100' instead and reset my count accordingly), 200 (I was more careful counting here).
                                wall sit day 29: 3 minutes 50 seconds. This is just past the last piano chord in "Under Pressure" and oh God it hurts even at the angle that doesn't make my kneecaps protest.

                                I have now earned my thirty day badge.