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    Good work on the 15 day badge! And I'd like to second that your method for timing your wall sits is amazing


      Hey, if CPR instructors can use Stayin' Alive or Another One Bites The Dust to time compressions...


        Classic warm-up.

        20 seconds wall sit.

        gladiator challenge day 16: 80 punches, 4 sets. I may have done five sets as I forgot to note down which set I was on and lost track around what was either 3 or 4.

        ironborn day 9: shoulders, chest, and triceps. Started off atrempting 20.5 lbs per barbell. This proved too much around shoulder press 6 so I removed one 3 pound plate from each barbell. Did 12, 11.5 (couldn't get arms all the way straight on rep 12), 10 (just barely), 8 (even less barely). Note to self, stick with 17.5 for the shoulder presses next time, you're not ready to up the weight on those... kept weight for chest presses. Definite burn in biceps, forearms. I forgot to look at my set count and inadverently did set 3 (10 reps) twice, then went on to 8. Stuck with 10 lbs for lateral raises as when it comes to those I am still weak. Stepped down to 9 after first set. Did NOT lose count on those. As I have not done forward raises in a dog's age I stayed with 9 lbs for those.

        ten thousand punches, day 9: 300 punches. This is less than I did for the Gladiator challenge but that's okay. Split into 150, 60, 90.


          Had today off so workout was with I have at home.

          Classic warm up.

          ironborn day 10: back and biceps. Got a pair of 15 lb hex dumbbells yesterday, used them today. Still felt awfully easy for upright rows, deadlifts, shrugs. Can't be helped at home just now. I do more workouts at the office so that's where my adjustable set is. Nice bit of extra challenge on the renegade rows, though, I've only ever used 10 lbs for those. Hardest part was my body weight bearing down on the non-neoprene dumbbell handle. Also feet sliding on the kitchen floor.

          twn thousand punches, day 10: 320 punches. Split into 160, 160, as the kitchen floor is not an enjoyable place to do push-ups.

          Gladiator challenge day 17: one armed plank, 1 min 20 seconds in one go. First attempt reached 28 seconds. Changed to the living room, rolled out a rubber mat, found a part of mat the cat hadn't clawed to bits. Somehow made it to a full 1 minute 20 seconds on the second try. I have got to watch my angle, I wind up with my shoulder in the wrong place more often than not.

          wall sit day 17... I have not done this yet. I made it to 1 minute 45 seconds before the cat started requesting attention. I will manage the full 2 min 20 seconds by evening.


            Aaand I did 2 min 20 sec wall sit right before my nightly shower.

            Going to bed now.


              Classic warm-up today.

              2:30 wall sit, far as I could go without kneecaps protesting.

              Gladiator challenge day 18: 18 lunges, 4 sets.

              ironborn day 11: leg day. 15 lb weights. Goblet squats + menstrual cramps... vbleah. Also, I don't like lunges, weighted or otherwise.

              also also, I kept forgetting which side to hold the weight on. Hold one in each hand next time.

              Ten thousand punches day 11: 340 punches. By this point I was sweating from my chin, eyebrows, you name it. Split into: 80, 120, 140.


                Classic warm-up.
                ironborn day 12: abs. Did situps okay even though feet kept shifting. Got interrupted partway through seated twists. Once again, not a fun combo w/menstrual cramps.

                Took the opportunity to do 5 pushups and get my 100 punches forTen Thousand Punches day 12 out of the way.

                also gladiator challenge day 19: 100 punches, 3 sets.

                Went back to the seated twists and the rest of Ironborn at this point. Well, most of the rest. My cat decided to get into my lap as I was sitting and resting after the leg lifts. I will have to do the side jackknives and my wall sits later.


                  So far I've done a 1:40 wall sit and a 1:53 wall sit. First one I stopped due to burn, second one due to cat wanting attention.

                  i will get there.


                    Did 2:40 wall sit just now.

                    not sure if I'll be able to get the jackknives in before bed, but at least I did the 2:40 wall sit.


                      Classic warm-up.

                      opted to do the side jackknives I missed yesterday, then ironborn day 13. Used 10.5 lb dumbbells for the arnold presses. Cheated a little and snuck in my 20 sec wall sit between sets. Did not use barbells for height on the push-ups. Eight push-ups in last set. Ten pounds on thr lateral raises. 20.5 lbs on triceps extensions. Probably could have handled more weight on those, but the gladiator challebge for the day was...

                      day 20. One armed plank. 1 minute 40 seconds, right arm. Too bad my first attempt lasted 47 seconds. Took a minute to rest, then tried again. 49 seconds. Okay, so, move on to punches and come back to the plank later- or try the left arm. I went with trying the left arm. 45 seconds...

                      okay, rest a minute, then do punches, and if I can't last 1:40 after that, try it tonight instead.

                      did 240 punches in the first set. Didn't much want to stop, but I was losing count. 80 in set 2.... because I forgot that 240+80 is 320 and day 13 of the punches is 360 punches. *sigh* so, three sets, 40 punches in the last set. But I did all 360, so I'm good.

                      and I managed 1 minute 40 seconds of one armed plank using my poor benighted left arm and David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure".


                        I have some things I need to do at lunch today, so I'm splitting my workout up into smaller bits that I can get in where possible.

                        At the moment I have managed day 21 of the wall sit challenge, 2 minutes 50 seconds. I have to admit I was not at a full 90 degree angle but in my defense this was because if I went down any further, I felt a very distinct 'something is going to go badly wrong' pain from my knees- specifically from the point where the kneecap tendons attach. Given that I'm told the point of the full 90 degrees is to put the quads to the test as much as possible, I think I'm going far enough as is; the amount of lactic burn I'm feeling in those muscles and the amount of wobble I had in them when I came away from the wall seems to say I'm putting them through a respectable amount of isometric effort.


                          Rode bike 1.1ish miles. Store I meant to go to was closed. Rode bike back. Wanted a Dunkin Donuts coffee. Opted to climb the stairs instead starting @ floor 1. I work on floor 28.

                          at floor 23 or 24 I did 5 pushups and 80 punches.

                          at floor 28 I did 5 pushups and 120 pu ches.

                          in my server room I did 5 pushups, 80 punches, 5 pushups, 100 punches.

                          so that's day 14 of Ten Thousand Punches. Weights and lunges can be done later.


                            Did the gladiator challenge day 21: 20 lunges, 3 sets.

                            ironborn challenge will resume tomorrow.


                              Since I couldn't get the store thing dealt with at lunch yesterday and have an after-work appointment today, I don't have much extra time available at lunch. I did the gladiator challenge day 22- 100 punches, 4 sets total- before leaving the house this morning.

                              And instead of a morning coffee break I slipped into the server room, where I did 5 pushups, 200 punches, 5 pushups, 200 punches, for day 15 of Ten Thousand Punches.

                              Wall sit and ironborn will happen later. Lunchtime for Ironborn, wall sit whenever I can.


                                Wall sit 3 minutes. Freddie is repeating himself by that pount in HtF.

                                20.5 lbs on bicep curls. 17.5 lbs on upright rows. Also for deadlifts, shrugs, bent-over rows as I was short on time & didn't change plates. 10 lbs and full recovery time between sets for bent over flys. Had trouble lifting the weights to all the way parallel to the floor. Did them as far as I could manage.

                                ETA: almost forgot, there was 1.1 miles + 10 minute pause @ store + 0.9 miles bike riding at lunch.