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    Originally posted by Marceline View Post
    Your consistency is amazing!!!
    I'd love to be(e) where you are someday
    Thank you! It helps to pick one or two workouts or challenges that only take a small amount of time so that there is always something you can do even on a really bad or tired day. I've had days where that's been all I could manage.

    That said, today is day 134.

    classic warm up.
    Power up day 23.
    had some trouble with the hollow hold. Will attempt again tomorrow.
    4 sets each of 30 situp punches (15 situps, 30 punches), 30 sitting punches, and 30 knee-ins & twists.


      Today is day 135.

      Hollow hold challenge day 19, 1 minute 10 seconds. I think I am cheating on this a bit; I keep my shoulders off the floor and as much of my torso as I can manage, but only my left arm is straight. I hold the phone with the other one. I can't get myself through this without being able to see how much time is left.
      Renegade, but since I worked from home today, I only had 15 pound weights.
      24 sit-up punches, at which point the cat interrupted repeatedly.
      gave up on floor exercises. Did fifty punches standing up. Debating starting either the 50/day or 100/day challenge.


        Tip to set timer - Add 5 or 10 seconds extra to the time required so you can keep the phone on a surface and then get into position for the exercise.


          Originally posted by DrogonTheDragon View Post
          Tip to set timer - Add 5 or 10 seconds extra to the time required so you can keep the phone on a surface and then get into position for the exercise.
          I may try using my interval timer app for this. Interval Timer for Android gives a few seconds of countdown time before starting your workout timer. Thank you.

          Today is day 136.

          Classic warm-up.
          100 reps a day for 100 days challenge day 1. Punches, for this.
          first half of power up OK on both sides but the bridges part doesn't work well on the kitchen floor w/o a mat. Will attempt tomorrow or Monday.
          Hollow hold challenge day 20: 70 seconds of Superman.
          4 sets each of 30 situp punches, 30 sitting punches, 30 kee-ins and twists, 30 flutter kicks (HAAAATE), and 30 scissor kicks (DISLIIIIIIIKE).

          Sweating like a racehorse. Temp outside 92F, humidity makes it feel like 105 F. Love my ac but it can only do so much.


            Today is day 137. I did not have time for much due to flight school, but I did manage 100 punches for day 2 of that challenge. Better than nothing.


              Today is day 138.

              100 punches a day, day 3.
              Hollow hold challenge day 121, 1 min 20 seconds.
              4 sets of 30 situp punches followed by 30 sitting punches each.

              will do more tomorrow.


                Today is day 139. I had to run out at the start of my lunch break to get to the market, so it's a little abbreviated today.

                Power up day 24
                hollow hold day 22, 1 min 20 sec of Superman, this is up to TIL ONE DAY THEY CALL YOUR NAME in Hammer to Fall
                100 reps a day (punches) day 4
                epic arms, using 24.5 lbs per arm


                  Today is day 140.

                  classic warm-up
                  100 reps a day (punches) day 5/100
                  hollow hold day 23, 1 min 30 sec, it's almost as hard to hold my head up that long as to make my abs get involved in holding my shoulderblades off the ground
                  5 sets of 30 situp punches then 30 sitting punches; no rest between sets

                  Bike ride at lunch, 1 mile out, 1 mile back


                    Today is day 141.

                    My right knee is twinging along the top of the kneecap, more sharply than at times in the past. It had not been doing this for some time. I believe it is linked to the micro-lunges in yesterday's Power-Up and will treat lunge work with great caution in future.

                    100 reps/day punches: day 6 of 100
                    opted to try power 25 with 24.5 lb weights for most stuff and 10 lb for the straight arm exercises. Managed w/exception of shoulder presses. Did those w 10 lbs per arm. Will try for at least 14.5 next time.
                    Hollow hold day 24, 1:30 of Superman. This is getting harder, though not as hard as the hollow hold proper.
                    5 sets of 30 sitting punches. 15 seconds rest between sets.


                      Today is day 142.

                      2 miles on a bike at lunch.
                      100 reps a day for 100 days: day 7, punches.


                        Today is day 143.

                        100 reps a day for 100 days: day 8, punches.
                        power up day 25
                        Big Back workout. Used 15 lbs except for lat raises, where I used 2 pounders because the alternative was 10.


                          Today is day 144.

                          100 reps a day for 100 days: day 9, punches.
                          Classic warm-up somewhat later.
                          captain workout, 5 sets, with ec- 1 min rest or less between sets.
                          100 overhead punches, the kind from Punch Out! rather than the boxing websites


                            Today is day 145.

                            classic warm-up
                            power up day 26.
                            100 reps a day for 100 days: day 10, punches
                            100 overhead punches
                            Power 20 using 24.5 except for 10 lbs on deltoid raises. Achieved failure around end of set of upright rows. Had to take set 3 super slowly. Paused for 5-7 seconds after rep 5. Not thrilled w my form but I think that has to do with how I have to cant my forearms to accommodate the 10 lb plates. I may need to give up and buy four more five pounders to avoid injury.


                              Today is day 146.

                              100 reps/day. 100 days: day 11, punches
                              100 overhead punches


                                Today is day 147. I had to go out at lunch for a run to the grocery store, so did not have time for much in the way of serious weights, but at least the run to the grocery store involved a mile of bike riding out followed by a mile of bike riding back.

                                Other than that, I managed to get in:

                                100 reps/day, 100 days: day 12, punches
                                100 overhead punches - this is so not an exercise compatible with underwire bras
                                Epic Arms, but because I was short for time I used my ten pound weights, which at this point are almost tokens when I do bicep curls. Almost.