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    Today is day 108.

    Got up earlier than usual, rode bike 1.75 miles to drop off sample at the vet's office before they closed, rode 1.75 miles back with pause to get iced coffee

    Punch Out! Day 8, 160 overhead punches.
    Power Up day 8.

    7.10 miles on the bike, pause to buy groceries/birdwatch, 3.10 miles home on bike.


      Today is day 109.

      Classic warm-up.
      power up day 9.
      Punch Out! Day 9, 200 punches at one go.
      was going to do epic arms, but then realized I will be going to a convention soon and won't have access to a weight room. I have a resistance band so I figured I'd try Band It. Seemed effective and left me sweating, though I'm not sure I got the form right with the triceps extensions. Only did level 1 as it was an unfamiliar routine with an unfamiliar tool; I would prefer not to overdo it day 1.

      ETA: took the bike out for a ride. Underestimated one leg of the route. I meant to do 13 miles. I did 18.4 miles, average speed 12.5 mph.


        Today is day 110.

        Classic warm-up.
        punch out! Day 10, 200 overhead punches.
        toal abs day 26 level 1. I hate up and down planks as much as I hate lunges, if not more. Also I hate active planks making my mat slide across the server room floor every time I move. Had to yell "FOOLS! I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!" to get through set 3. Was sweating into my eyes despite extra server room AC.
        Epic Arms. 22.5 lb dumbbells so that's EC.
        Power Up day 10.


          Today is day 111.

          Total abs day 27, level 3, 600 sitting flutter kicks, done between 11:04 and 11:40.
          punch Out! Day 11, 240 punches. may have done 10-20 more than that as I did it in one go and lost track somewhere around either 210 or 220, necessitating a resumed count from 210. Oh well.
          Most of Power Up day 11, but I could not proceed with the last two exercises w/o putting my arms down. In the middle of a set. I will try this again later and if it does notnhappen then I will try again tomorrow.


            Today is day 112.

            I got power up day 11 done, but I did it by bringing my arms down for a second or two in between each exercise. I am working towards better.
            Punch out! Day 12. Two sets because 240 nonstop overhead punches does unpleasant things to my neck.
            The Renegade. Screw extra credit, I rested. 20 sec btwn sets, 60 sec btwn exercises. Used 22.5 lbs per arm, fwiw. Reached failure around end of set 3 of alt bicep curls. Despite yelling FOOLS!! repeatedly, had to stop for about 10 sec after rep 14 of set 4 before finishing biceps stuff. Deadlifts went okay, though.
            Total abs day 28, level 3.

            Going for lunch and iced coffee now.


              Today is day 113.

              classic warm-up.
              punch out! Day 13, 260 punches
              Power Up day 12
              Captain workout, with EC. Level 2.
              total abs day 29, level 1. Definite fart noises from my back and the mat during reverse crunches. Took full 2 min rest btwn sets. (Mostly to placate my quads. They didn't like the leg lifts after Captain's knee strikes.) Shouted about FOOLS! a few times. Finished.

              One more day and Total Abs is over. One more day.


                Today is day 114. I worked through most of lunch, then ate, and got notified we could leave early. Hopefully I have digested enough that the workout will not be a problem.

                classic warm up.
                Total abs day 30, level 2. This program is complete.
                power up day 13.
                Punch Out! Day 14, 260 overhead punches. Did in 2 sets of 130 each.
                Renegade. I rested, screw EC. 20 sec between sets, 2 min between exercises. 22.5 lbs per arm. I think I lost track and did five sets of renegade rows instead of four. On the alt bicep curls arms refused to cooperate much past rep 8 of set 3, so I forced myself to rep 10, then put down the bigger weights and did 10 alt bicep curls with 10 pound weights instead. Rested 20, picked up 22 lbs again, had to stop at rep 10 and do remaining 10 with 10 lbs per arm. Biceps burned so much even during the 10 pound reps... Deadlifts not a problem, though.

                Sweating into my eyes. I think I'm done now.


                  Today is day 115.

                  Classic warm up.
                  Punch Out! day 15, 300 punches, one go.
                  Power Up day 14. Also day 15 so I could get caught back up to the calendar.
                  Hollow Hold thirty day challenge, day 1: 20 seconds.
                  Captain, level 2. (ETA: one minute rest, so that's EC.) Tendon at the back of my right knee felt odd so I figured I'd stop there but I think I can proceed to level 3 next time.


                    Today is day 116. I had to get up early for flight training today. 106 nm solo in an R22 is a little tiring.

                    Classic warm-up.
                    Punch Out! Day 16, 300 overhead punches
                    Started power up day 16, could not finish w/o multiple stops, will try day 16 again tomorrow
                    hollow hold challenge day 2, 20 sec superman hold
                    Band It level 1. I think I finally figured out how to hold my hands during the triceps work.




                        Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
                        Thank you!

                        Today is day 117, and I am not feeling great thanks to an unwelcome surprise start to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Normally I exercise at lunch, but I had to run some errands during that time, too. That being said, I did do the hollow hold challenge day 3, 25 seconds, and Punch Out! Day 17, 340 punches. So that is at least something.


                          Today is day 118. I do not want to be doing this. Nevertheless, I will. I have a lot of $^÷_^*#☆€\&ers to prove wrong.

                          classic warm-up.
                          punch out! Day 18, 340 overhead punches. Did at one go.
                          Power Up day 16. Have resumed using Hammer to Fall as a timer, at least on the 'hold 30/60 seconds' stuff.
                          hollow hold challenge day 4: 25 seconds of Superman.
                          epic arms, 22.5 lbs per barbell. It may be time to swap the 3 pound plate for a 5 pounder and do this at 2.5 instead. Will see next time I do Epic Arms, although I need to see how I do at Power 20 on my next weight day.


                            Today is day 119.

                            classic warm-up
                            hollow hold challenge day 5, 30 seconds
                            power up day 17; I used Under Pressure for timing as it is 4:04 long
                            punch out! Day 19. Tried to use Another One Bites The Dust for pacing but the lyrics made me lose count. Actually, so did using a song w/no lyrics (Pacific Rim) that just had the wrong beat. I will stick to my server room noises for this kind of thing.
                            captain workout, level 2. I think I am ready to do level 3, but I have run out of alcohol wipes, and since I exercise in the middle of the workday, I need to get more before I sweat that much.


                              Wow, I missed some stuff. Kick some back sides


                                Company had a DR test today. Could not work out at lunch.

                                Today is day 120.

                                Classic warm-up.
                                started on day 18 of power up, but could not do the full 60 sec side bridge hold. Will attempt again tomorrow.
                                hollow hold challenge day 6, 30 seconds of Superman. This, I could do.
                                punch out! Day 20. 380 overhead punches. Set 1, 30, set 2, 175, set 3, 175. Two things I learned:

                                1. The guy in the demo video is turning his hands so the fingers face forward and the back of the hand faces himas he punches upward. I had not been doing this before today. I have corrected that.
                                2. This is a really lousy exercise to do if you are wearing underwire anything. Hence stopping the first set after 30. I had to change.