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    Still just the beginning~

    Hi everyone! I thought I would make a thread here, because why not? Haha!
    I've been overweight since childhood, and always told myself that I should lose weight. I told myself so many times I actually would, but the motivation never lasted for very long, usually only half a day. On August 25th, 2018, I decided I am ready to commit myself to a better lifestyle. Since then, as of the time of this thread, February 13th, 2019, I've lost 48 pounds.

    I only discovered DAREBEE about 11 days ago. I had mostly just been focusing on taking in less calories, and occasionally going on walks, but with DAREBEE, I can confidently say I'll be working on the exercise aspect much more often!

    I decided to do the Light version of the Foundation Program, instead of the regular, just due to how much...well...mass I have. I have to say, I am surprised by how much the program actually does work my muscles. I can feel the progress that's already being made. I just finished Day 10. It was great!

    Also, I recently came across the "touch your toes" challenge. So now I am doing that in the morning, and the Light Foundation Program at night.

    Thank you for reading, I hope it wasn't too boring. I will continue to update as my progress continues! And hopefully I will succeed in touching my toes sooner rather than later.


    Congratulations on the amazing weight loss you've achieved in so little time

    Looking forward to read about your progress. Enjoy!


      Hi, EmChey! Thank you for your support!


        Welcome and keep going. You are on the right way.


          You're right on track! Congratulations of making the first big change: being committed for almost 6 months. You already have a beautiful price in weight loss, hopefully it motivates you to hold on for the next 6 months!


            I didn't stick with Darebee. There were days when I had work and didn't feel like adding exercise to my day. Then it turned into me saying I'd make up later, until eventually I wasn't doing it at all.

            I've lost 60 pounds now. Eating less is not much of a struggle for me, but I find that exercising is. It's not that exercising itself is difficult, but actually making myself do it is what I need help with. I hope I can find a way to stick with it. If anyone is reading this and has advice, I'm all ears!


              It's difficult to give any advise to someone you don't really know, so I'll just stick with telling you what works for me.

              I look at excercise as a part of my fundamental priorities to keep on living. It's up there with nutrition and a good night sleep. Of course, I will not die if I stop working out, which sureley would happen if I stopped eating and drinking, but chances are that it will keep me alive longer and better.

              I've had my days with lack of motivation, sure... but when I changed the word "motivation" into "discipline", things started to happen. If I have the discipline to eat well and healthy, discipline to go to bed when I have to in order to get my minimum of 7 hours of sleep, than I must have the discipline to workout. Because I made workout a fundamental priority in my life.

              I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but to me it does the trick

              And don't forget to bare in mind that it takes time to form a habit or to change one. So put your workout clothes on and just do a nice and gentle warming up. After that your body will want to take things further into a real workout, you'll see!

              Sending you good vibes