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    Kavain has entered the game

    So I've never been one for exercise in the traditional sense - only thing that kept me fit through my late teens and early twenties was playing drums on a regular basis.

    I packed that in when I started a 9-5 office job, around the same time the wife became pregnant, and my physique has begun to decline. My son is now just over a year old and I'm hyper-aware of how quickly I tire when carrying him / playing with him / generally being active trying to keep up with the demands of a pre-toddler. As my 26th birthday dawned and I officially became closer to 50 than my birth (so long as my age was still '25' I could justify to myself that I was the right side of the line), I decided it was time for a change.

    Maybe starting with Age of Pandora wasn't the best choice I've ever made...

    It's been at the forefront of my mind any time the idea of exercise wormed it's way into my brain. Since it's release 3-4 years ago, the idea of melding fitness and a post-apocalyptic RPG appealed to the gamer in me. I knew if I was ever gonna get off my ass and start keeping in shape, that was how I'd start.

    Chapter 1 nearly killed me tonight! 5 reps for level 1?? Who's sadistic idea was that?!

    Don't get me wrong, I knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park getting off the ground regardless of the program I started with, but I think AoP is perhaps a smidge above my pay grade right now.

    Think I'll start on Foundation tomorrow and go from there...

    I enjoyed Age of Pandora myself though it can get rough at times. Foundation is always a great place to start or even restart in my case. Another that is kinda RPG ish is the Hero's Journey though that has less of a story line. Welcome and best of luck to you!