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    Day 1 Complete

    After a long day of work I finally squeezed in time to finish day one of my ab and core challenge.

    4 sets x 20 reps each of crunches

    considering the fact it’s been a minute since I’ve worked on abs, I can feel the difference already. The goal is to keep grinding and look into the next day. I can’t wait till tomorrow!

    2019 Log | Day 5

    Sorry, I've been inactive for the past 2 days. My internet went out, but I stayed on the grind. I completed the two days of the 30-day ab challenge:

    4 sets x 20 reps of high crunches and flutter kicks

    With a HIIT workout with a total of 300 punches in 9 minutes.

    Still, room to improve.


      2019 Log | Day 5 continued

      Just finished day 5 of 30 day workout.

      4 sets x 20 reps of scissors

      Also tomorrow I start my first diet plan! Really striving to make this year the best for me. Hopefully I can stay consistent!


        2019 Log | Day 6

        just finished day 6 of 30 day workout

        4 sets x 20 reps of leg raises


          Nice work
          I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your diet plan helps you and works out for you too