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    Sporktastic goodness

    Hey all! I just found darebee by the enthusiastic recommendation of ncQ and am having so much fun checking it out. I'm looking forward to meeting folks and generally having a better idea what the heck is going on here. Plus the auto-selector told me I'm fighting for the dark!

    Here's my backstory:

    47 years old. Was active in my 20's (soccer, rugby, mountain biking) then fairly inactive (had a baby and a not-great marriage) from about age 26-36. Starting walking & hiking a lot more about 10 years ago, but really found my way back to my body about 6 years ago when I began doing yoga. Injured my shoulder after 2 years of regular ashtanga yoga practice and did PT to recover. That awakened me to many body issues that yoga was not helping me address: core, small muscle strength in my back and shoulders, persistant hip pain, and not-great cardio. I started doing Pilates and TRX classes.

    But the real gamechanger was saying yes to that first rock climbing class. I was terrified but I was one of those kids always up a tree or up a basketball hoop pole or a lightpost or a doorframe... And climbing made me feel like a kid again. That was fall of 2016 and I now teach beginning rock climbing, in private classes and for university PE. I couldn't mesh the TRX with the climbing, so dropped TRX and replaced Pilates with Barre. Then in 2018, added a couple of miles of running twice or so a week to keep my cardio up with zero injuries.

    My goals in 2019:

    Meditate 20 minutes a day 4x a week (currently doable - maintaining is the goal)
    Run (however far or long) 2x a week (currently doable - maintaining and non-injury is the goal)
    Do 3 reps of 10 pull ups at body weight 3x a week (currently I can do almost 3 sets of 10 at 40 pounds assist, 10 pounds less than last week!)
    Climb better (that's just always a goal - more skill, less flail)

    and now:
    I think I'm going to try Age of Pandora!


    Auto-selector put me in Light.
    You make rock climbing sounds super exciting. I hope you have fun with the Age of Pandora!


      compostablespork Welcome to the Hive! Also Welcome to the Darkside Awesome goals and start can't wait to see the rest of your journey


        Thanks to you both! I like the feel of this place so much. It's probably weird to say but it reminds me (in a good way) of a parenting support forum I was part of 18 years ago when I was expecting my daughter. Takes me back!

        OK here's my check in:

        yesterday after posting:

        meditation 20 minutes,
        Age of Pandora chapter 1 (with my partner, very fun to do together!)
        reverse pull-ups day 1
        daily dare + EC
        much snow shoveling

        meditation 2 minutes,
        Age of Pandora chapters 2 and 3 solo (still fun, but I hope to get my partner to join more often)
        reverse pull-ups day 2
        daily dare + EC
        additional punches and elbow strikes (those feel really good on my shoulders) to bring total to 500
        much snow shoveling

        Sadly I'm too snowed in to go to barre or the gym today, but it was fun to have some home exercise to do instead.

        I forgot to mention another goal is to be able to hold a forearm stand without the wall. I can really only practice that on days when I'm not fried from my pull-up practice. (Oh, also forgot to say I'm also doing assisted dips at the gym, same machine as the assisted pull-ups, no real goal for those but improvement. Maybe by the end of the year to be able to do a set unassisted? But it doesn't feel that burning for me).

        It's a day off work for me (well, I'm on furlough, but I've given myself the day off of the chores and home projects that have been keeping me busy.) So I might do another chapter of Pandora and some forearm practice later and more meditation for sure.


          OK, here's the first (Darebee) part of today:

          Age of Pandora chapters 4 & 5 solo level 2.
          Reverse Pull day 3
          1minute meditation day 3
          daily dare, no EC (1 min x2)

          I'm about to hike 2 miles up a steep snowy hill to meet my various work groups, then hit the gym for my assisted pull-up practice.

          No punches for the dark side yet, unless we're counting flailing about dancing to Chumbawumba as my transition run from one spot on the Pandora map to another...


            compostablespork If you are aiming to do a pull up I can help you with that if you like Click Here for the Challenge (Post 6)

            If you check it out a chair row is basically this, but the grip is the other way round:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 16.05.07.png Views:	1 Size:	37.5 KB ID:	540257


              Just read your check-in! Rock climbing is awesome! It's been so long since I have done it. You're gonna crush those goals.


                Congrats already; looks like you're going strong! It's really interesting reading such detailed logs for your goals. Also my husband just started visiting a rock wall near his work and I was already itching to go myself


                  Jelly & @lapayton thank you! Climbing is so fun! I hope you get a chance to go soon! Enjoy, enjoy! I would LOVE to hear about it, when you go!

                  10 min row for warm up
                  one set of chest presses at 30 (I was going to go for more but the pull up machine opened up and I hopped on it, then the chest press was busy later - so that will have to wait. The gym was packed today!)
                  assisted pullups: 8 reps at 40 pounds, then 7, then 5, then 7 at 50 pounds assist (so, not quite to the 3 sets at 40pounds but hopefully by the end of the week! maybe arms tired from shoveling?)
                  dips: 10 reps at 60 pounds x 2, then only 5 because my shoulder started feeling twingy

                  (then I did 2 reps at 30pounds assist for the pullup, just to see if I could! 2 was easy - getting there!)

                  stretching and foam rolling - things feel pretty good right now

                  Thank you BlackButler (btw also my daughter's favorite anime, she did BB cosplay for years!) I have a funky home pullup bar that can drop down for inverted rows - though the chair idea for sure is lower to the ground/more weight. That's a good reminder for when I'm stuck at home and can't get to the gym!


                    compostablespork You're going strong workout-wise! In what way is your pull-up bar funky? I'm all for funky equipment


                      Cjell it's this one https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Basic.../dp/B008DNAKQK so it's basically got two positions - up = normal, or you can swing it down for rows or inverted pull-ups (it doesn't stick out like it looks in the picture, unless you hold it that way, it can be all the way down, if that makes sense)

                      It's ok but I don't love love it. For one thing it was a pain to install because you have to get all the brackets drilled in and get it so the swinging motion doesn't hit anything in the door frame or rub against itself. And then really, I almost never use it in its inverted mode after all that. If I was going to do rows, I would just use my knock-off Aldi's TRX. But hey, it's better than no pull-up bar!


                        That's a curious pull-up bar, alright Though it doesn't beat mine in oddness, if that's a comfort to you.


                          Cjell ok, now I'm intrigued! What makes yours so odd?


                            compostablespork awesome job keep up the great work. Aww that's sweet mine too! The first ever manga I read was deathnote and it got me hooked in japanese media My favourite anime film is the boy and the beast, a real tear jerker lol


                              OK here's today:

                              DD + EC (raised leg thingee)
                              Age of Pandora Chapter 6 = 50 pushups (done in 3 sets), 200 half jacks (done in 2 sets), 400 side to side backfists (done in 4 sets) (didn't push myself to try to do the pushups in fewer sets, since I wanted my arms to be ok for climbing later, but I am curious how many pushups I can do in one go. 20 feels very doable now, so maybe 25? 30even?)
                              Neg pullups day 4 (this is really too easy yet but, it keeps me doing something on it daily)
                              1 minute meditation

                              Climbing: about an hour and a half-45 minutes of pretty solid climbing. I could definitely feel my triceps were tired, but generally felt strong. A few climbs I could have done better with more juice, but I climbed to real tiredness, which is great since I'm going away for the weekend and can't climb again until Monday at least. I didn't last with my pullup goal last year because it fatigued my arms and I was climbing less well, which I want to be cautious of this year. Better I push myself less hard on the pullups and harder at the wall, because the wall is just frankly far more fun. I feel stronger in my arms (while climbing) than before the holiday, so I think it is helping, but it's a tricky balance.

                              Not sure how this Darebee routine will go over the weekend - tomorrow I can probably get it in (minus the pullups, since no bar), Friday I'll be at the hospital with a friend all day, so probably not. Saturday maybe yes and then Sunday I'm skiing all day, so nope.