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    1 feb 2019

    [GRAVITY] day 19
    [DD +EC] 80 climbers
    12 km walking


      2 feb 2019


      Liber8 workout
      [GRAVITY] day 20, level 2
      [DD +EC] 50 heel taps


        3 feb 2019

        50 push-ups a day challenge started

        [GRAVITY] day 21, lv 2
        [DD +EC] 40 W-Extensions
        biceps & triceps light workout


          4 feb 2019

          [GRAVITY] day 22
          [DD +EC] 15 matrix tilts
          [CHALLENGE] 50 push-ups


            5 feb 2019

            [GRAVITY] day 23
            [DD +EC] 40 knee to elbow crunches

            School has started again guys and in those first days the workouts per day decreased a lot, and not to lose the pace, I will increase one more themed week and this time it will be the hell week, I'm thinking of starting some hiit program but before I want to complete this week in parallel to 30 days of gravity


              8 feb 2019

              Hell Week started

              highway to hell workout, lv 2
              [GRAVITY] day 24, lv 2
              [DD +EC] 5 min arms raised hold


                7 feb 2019

                [GRAVITY] day 25, lv 2
                [DD +EC] 16 raised leg push-ups

                I again could not complete all the workouts of the day now it was because of the time and the exercises, day 25 was focused on the legs and the workout of hell week had jumping lunges and I after finishing day 25 was with my trembling and I was sure that I would not be able to take the hell-forged hiit and it was almost time to go to school (now I'm studying at night and going to sleep almost in the morning and with that I've only just woken up and lost my whole day, I believe in soon I will be able to adjust my biological clock), now it is to do the next day...


                  8 feb 2019

                  [GRAVITY] day 26
                  [hell week 2/7] hell-forged workout, lv 2
                  [DD +EC] 40 single-leg bridges
                  12 km walking

                  I did not imagine it would be so soon, but today I was able to do 52 push-ups in one go I'm very excited about it and I will strive to keep that active achievement.


                    9 feb 2019

                    [GRAVITY] day 27
                    [DD +EC] 2 min sitting punches

                    10 feb 2019

                    [GRAVITY] day 28
                    [hell week 3/7] Hades workout, lv 2
                    [DD +EC] 100 knife hand strikes

                    11 feb 2019

                    [GRAVITY] day 29
                    [hell week 4/7] Persephone workout, lv 2
                    [DD +EC] 40 high crunches


                      12 feb 2019

                      [hell week 5/7] hellbound workout, lv 1
                      [DD +EC] 20 basic burpees

                      I'm close to getting the badges


                        13 feb 2019

                        30 DAYS OF GRAVITY and HELL WEEK COMPLETED

                        [GRAVITY] day 30
                        [hell week 6/7] hellraiser workout, lv 2
                        [hell week 7/7] hell unleashed workout, lv 1
                        [DD +EC] 60 sec chest squeeze


                          It's me, Fabio!
                          Keep up the good work, and I see that your English is improving.


                            cristianossj4 I hope you are well also belated congrats on the badges very well deserved

                            Click image for larger version

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                              TheBrazilian77 Thanks! Gradually my English improves

                              ​​​​​​​Thanks BlackButler! I'm looking forward to the next badges