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    Getting fit and strong

    Hello everyone!

    I've seen some logs here on Hive and I think it's time to get mine. Okay, so let's go.

    I discovered Darebee through the legs of steel workout that I found on google by accident, and it was not long before I accessed the image site and came here. As soon I access I went straight to the challenges, I wanted something difficult, but I could not complete and that's when I went to look for the beginning. I then did the Foundation program, but after that I stopped with the "30 days", both challenges and programs, because I did not have as much time to do them.

    In the second week of December 2018, I entered the high school vacation period and decided to return with the Darebee programs because now I would be idle for a long time at home and would no longer have the walks to school. As soon as the holidays started I also started with Back & Core and completed it on Monday.

    My goal for exercise was to gain mass, because as long as I can remember I'm thin, and it was a problem being basketball one of the sports I usually practice, and my weight never helped much in body check, besides being exhausted with little time of game.
    That said, I decided to start with a program that focuses on strenghth and tone, and so I chose to do the 30 days of gravity and after it finishes with this initiate strentgh protocol.

    I think that was it ... as to the workouts today (01/16/2019) I did:

    Morning Stretch workout
    10 diamond push-ups (Daily Dare)
    30 Days of Gravity Day 3

    cristianossj4 Welcome to the Hive Buddy! Looking awesome keep up the great work look forward to seeing that gravity badge


      BlackButler Thanks! You'll see soon enough.



        [Daily Dare w/ EC] 2 Minutes Tricep Dip Hold
        Solid Base workout (but no with EC - yoga is not as simple as I thought but I always admired the practice and then I started with yoga week today)
        30 days of Gravity, day 4



          [Daily Dare w/ EC] 40 pulse-ups
          Expanse workout
          30 days of gravity, day 5
          10km of walking


            19 jan 2019

            [DD +EC] 50 thighs taps
            [yoga week] VCut workout
            Quick warmup
            [30 days of Gravity] Day 06

            I was feeling some pain between the biceps and the forearm (on the inside of the elbow) while doing the backfists of Day 06 and then I did the Upperbody Tendon Strength workout to help with this

            20 jan 2019

            [DD +EC] 40 plank rotations
            Quick warmup
            [yoga week] Rearward workout, level 2
            [30 days of Gravity] Day 07 level 2


              21 jan 2019

              [DD +EC] 2 min Squat Hold Punches
              [yoga week] Ground Control workout, level 2
              [30 days of gravity] Day 8, level 2


                You are rocking this!!!




                    22 jan 2019

                    [DD +EC] 2 min Wall-sit
                    Quick warmup
                    [yoga week] The Fold workout, level 2
                    [30 days of gravity] Day 9, level 2
                    Better Sleep yoga workout


                      Great work!!


                        23 jan 2019

                        Dynamic Plank workout, level 2 (YOGA WEEK COMPLETED the next themed week that I'll do is the flexibility week )

                        [DD +EC] 2 min Sitting leg raises
                        [30 days of gravity] Day 8, level 2


                          24 jan 2019

                          [30 days of Gravity] day 11
                          [DD +EC] 40 squat hold side bends
                          Upperbody Tendon Strength workout


                            I'm sorry for disappear all these days, I was using a notes app to make it easier for me to just copy and paste, but I ended up postponing too much and so far I haven't posted it. I'll be back with the daily logs today, posting the ones from the previous days and hopefully I can keep this.

                            25 jan 2019

                            [GRAVITY] day 12, level 2
                            [flexibility week 1/7] Unbound workout
                            [DD +EC] 2 min Overhead Punches
                            5,5km of walking

                            26 jan 2019

                            [GRAVITY] day 13, level 2
                            [DD +EC] 15 jump squats

                            the punches for the battleground left me exhausted, I could hardly complete the day 13 (I had to do in level 1), so I left the stronghold for after I wake up

                            27 jan 2019

                            [GRAVITY] day 14, level 2
                            [flexibility week 2/7] Stronghold workout
                            [DD +EC] 40 raised legs circle

                            I was going to do one more day of flexibility week, but when I got home I was so tired, so I better do it after I wake up.

                            28 jan 2019

                            Laziness consumed me today and I couldn't do much, but the daily dare is guaranteed

                            [DD +EC] 2 min Jumping Ts
                            Time Out workout

                            29 jan 2019

                            [GRAVITY] day 15 and day 16, level 2
                            [DD +EC] 60 sec calf raises
                            [flexibility week 3/7] Anchor'd workout

                            30 jan 2019

                            [flexibility week 4/7] Tug of War workout
                            [GRAVITY] day 17, level 2
                            [flexibility week 5/7] Far Point workout
                            [DD +EC] 2 min raised leg elbow plank


                              31 jan 2019

                              [flexibility week 6/7] Bowman workout
                              [DD +EC] 2 min leg raise hold

                              [GRAVITY] day 18, level 2