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    Loon talks progress

    Hello all, I’m new to The Hive. I’ve been playing with workouts from Darebee for the past month just to keep me active and help round me out a bit since I stopped backpacking every day/all day. For some reason the illustrated workouts really appeal to me.

    I’ve started picking out three to four workout routines to try a week. That works better for me than doing a continuous program where I work out every day. So I’m thinking I just choose the work outs I want to complete at the start of the week and go from there.

    This week I’m trying out the Gladiator.

    Saturday, I did the defiant workout at level 2. My legs are feeling those lunges still.
    Today I completed the Pendragon at Level 1. I think that was more pushups than I’ve ever done in one workout ever. I had to complete it with knee push ups, because otherwise (right around the end) I was approaching muscle failure. Also, I learned how heavy and slow my own arms can feel.

    Not really sure about the balance of how long I should feel soreness after a workout. I feel like I should stretch more and drink more water.


    Hello Loon
    That's a great start! You may be sore for a couple of days, that's totally normal in the beginning. It'll get easier
    Welcome to the Hive


      Loon Welcome to the Hive! If you ever need any advice we are all here to help out, but it looks like you have everything under control so awesome! As for soreness its best to plough through it "fight fire with fire" so to speak


        Hello to neilarey and BlackButlerthanks for the encouragement!

        Progress update, nothing profound:
        Tuesday - Super Squat @ lvl 1
        Thursday - Wasp @ lvl 1 (Was on a time crunch, wanted to go for lvl 2, oh well)
        Sat 1/19 - Claymore workout at lvl 2

        This time around the work outs kind of left me feeling kind of like..."gee time for a rest...but maybe I should do more?"