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    Aki tries to do things


    I'm Aki, and I'm here to start my journey!

    I'm super weak, and want to get rid of 31 kilos by August. I'm starting with Foundation. First 3 daily log at the end of this post under the line. Also image I drew.

    My story begins on 2018 November 21st. At this point in my life I was severely under-eating and under-caring for myself; I was in so bad shape I would be tired and sleepy all the time, sleep 16 hour a day, have difficulty working and focusing, run out of breath from walking. My hair started to fall out, my nails didn't grow anymore, and I was just lethargic and hated myself. I stopped looking into mirrors or buying new clothes for myself for over a year now, and felt ashamed going outside. But what really bothered me was my inability to work anymore, I found myself too weak and distracted all the time, falling asleep at my computer, or not being able to think clearly. So on one day in November I decided I have to change this, my main motivation being my career, and to also fix my looks too if I'm at it anyway.

    At the time I ate about 7-800 kcal a day, basically a single meal (if any) and just soda for the rest. At the same time, I was overweight. This is because I gained a lot of weight much earlier. In 2017 I was 126 kg (278 lbs) when I last measured. I started eating much less at one point, lost appetite due to stress and depression. Since then I lost 28 kg-s with absolutely no physical activity, or any effort to loose weight in the last year.

    My first challenge was to eat more, to regain my strength and be able to be more active. At the time still in November I tried an exercise someone suggested, which ultimately ended up in my blacking out for a moment and having a lot of difficulty standing up again for a while.

    Almost 2 months passed, I now have a diet of 1100kcal a day!! I'm also trying to eat a good ratio of carbs, fats and proteins, and no soda allowed. Still absolutely no appetite for anything though. Strangely though, I kept loosing weight despite eating so much more; it's also true though that I started being generally more active, walking to the store instead of taking the train and similar trivial things. I also feel a lot better generally, I'm no longer pained by doing the most basic of things in my life. My nails and hair are growing again too, and just overall feeling more healthy already.

    In the meanwhile I found Darebee when looking for good workout plans I could do, and decided I will stick with it, so here I am! And you are not getting rid of me for a while.

    ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛ sᴛᴀᴛs (ᴊᴀɴᴜᴀʀʏ)
    Weight 95.7kg | 211 lbs
    Daily KCal 1100Kcal
    Height 176.5cm | 5'9.5
    Age 26 years

    I want to get in good shape by a con in August; that is 7 months I have left then. It might be a stretch, but I want to try anyway.
    By then I would like to get to about 65kg (143.3 lbs), and develop just a bit of muscle definition on top of that if possible.
    What I mainly look forward getting out of this is to be energetic and be able to focus on my work, and have good performance again!

    Short term goals:
    In the next 30 days I will complete Foundation, by the end I want to surpass 1700 kcal a day in my diet.

    And we start!

    January 11th:
    I attempted the first workout from this site, which ended up being hero's journey. Yes I overshoot completely, but I managed to finish day one, at least almost. I was in counting down the last 10 reps when my limbs broke down into complete numbness, and I was unable to control them. After a few minutes I was able to walk again. I suffered no serious injury, but it was a lesson to stay in my lane. I weighed in at 95.7 kg-s, and had just below 1000 kcal on this day. I found that after exercise for many hours it's even more difficult to eat anything.

    January 12th | Foundation day 1
    With still sore and hurting legs, I did Foundation day 1 instead. I was very surprised to see it didn't even make me run out of breath, so I went for level 2 right away.

    January 13th | Foundation day 3
    Because Foundation day 2 is legs mostly, and my legs are still a bit sore from the 11th when I did 60 squats, I thought day 2 of foundation would be redundant with its 30 squats, so I skipped to day 3 instead. I added back the arm workouts later too from day 2 on top as well. I will continue on level 3 from tomorrow considering the pain in my legs is now almost gone, for which I'm now happy I skipped those squats today. Not caring of pain, but some people already told me I should go see a doctor about that numbness, so keeping it safe for now.

    This community already helped me a lot, will be back in a few days with new updates!

    Cue the DIY motivational poster:
    I joked about being a level 1 slime before in another thread, so I'm going with that:
    Click image for larger version

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    Welcome to the hive aki

    Dropping 30kg within 7 month is a very ambitious goal and regarding the fact that you are just recovering from severe malnourishment maybe not the best path...A healthy rate is usually considered around 2 to 3kg a month. With your data you currently have a base energy consumption (so without exercise, just lying around breathing and keeping all Body funtions going) of around 1650kcal if you are female and around 1850kcal if you are male, so no surprise your body basicaly shut you down and no wonder you are still losing weight. You should'nt stay under this base energy consuption level for prolonged times so upping your food intake to 1700kcal/day is definetly the wright step! As somebody suggested on your help desk question please see a doctor and let them check your blood. Also as Long as you are eating so little pay extra attention to quality! Sorry for this unrequested advice, I hope you're ok with it.

    I wish you much success on your fitness journey!


      aki A Massive Welcome to the Hive Awesome sketches and Avatar! Are you a comic artist?

      Well it sounds like a great start on your journey ( I first started on Heroes Journey and couldn't feel my legs the next day hehe) But you must remember that you may think you are not loosing weight but in fact you are losing fat and gaining muscle so it might feel like its going slow but in fact you are making great progress. I've got to a point where I just flux from 75 - 80 kg. Cardio workouts would be perfect for you, maybe get into skipping if you are not up to running for the time being to get your endurance up Good luck I'm rooting for you


        BusyBumbleBee thank you for the suggestion! With my plan I would be loosing 1 kilo a week, lot of people said that's still fine. but that's just an arbitrary hope of a goal, I will continue to diet for health and see where it takes me!

        BlackButler Thank you! I'm not yet a comic artist but hope to start my series this year, it means a lot you assumed I was one! I'm normally a commission artist with a more painterly style. And yes I did gain a bit of weight, but I didn't worry over it for the reason you explained And I was aiming to get into cardio! As for running, I was considering to get a treadmill in the future (because I like the idea of running, but I have sun allergy; while the closest gym is too far away); I still haven't really decided on this though.

        January 14th | Foundation day 4
        Did Foundation day 4, not on level 3 though yet as I hoped. Was kinda difficult, I was really exhausted by the time I got to it in the late night after a very busy active day, but I pushed through!
        I rewarded myself with a grapefruit, the most blissful treat of this world
        Today I reached over 1300 kcal as well, which is a big progress! Even if part of it was a guilty pastry my friend got me.
        So success day!


          Hey, good luck on your journey. You can do this! As to you 1kg per week plan, I am loosing 1kg per week at the moment by eating complete garbage and working out for 20 minutes a day tops, so it should be doable. But please do not copy my awful diet Trying to raise your calories is a good step and I hope you can stick with it.


            You're raising your calories fast. Stick to the grapefruits! Is there anything else you consider a treat?

            And you did a good job on the workout-side as well! Level two is a lot more than the required minimum.
            Oh, maybe it will motivate you to hear that, after finishing Foundation Light (admittedly with some harder modifications like full instead of half squats), I jumped straight into Hero's Journey today. While it was harder than expected, I did finish the first day on level 2. That means, you may be able to tackle Hero's Journey in a month as well. You just have to get through training camp before you can embark on your epic quest.


              aki you do what you think best of course. Take care!


                Foundation day 5 done! On level 3!!

                Also exceeded 1300 kcal today, although it was a bit more difficult, but i kept it down! I find this peanut butter stuff not very delicious, but it helps out with that last few bits of calories.

                My legs are now completely fine, the swelling went down! Weighed in at 94.2kg today :3

                Cjell Other than grapefruits? Hmm. Kiwis? Maybe Green apples. Sour fruits.
                And that is awesome, I'm happy for you! I cheer on you too!

                Legolo Haha, I won't eat garbage food, thank you for the heads up. Please take care of yourself too! ^^


                  Oy, garbage food is not that bad when it´s the only thing you can eat. Because poor student and stuff. Taking care of me is wasted time, ain´t not much left to take care of... Great that you could keep your calories up. And doing Foundation on Level 3? Awesome. Did day 5 yesterday and was only able to do Level 2, but modified it a little bit. You rock! Keep on going!


                    Thank you And yay for keeping your calories! And for reaching level 3! I'm of the firm opinion that you deserve a sour fruit treat every day.

                    Legolo I fear you may have triggered me … There is a lot of cheap, healthy food around! You just have to learn how to cook properly. Cooking your own food is a lot cheaper than the ready-made garbage food. Just have a look at Darebee's recipe section. Or ask me . (Just don't touch your stove and kitchen sink at the same time, please!)


                      Ah, been through the broke student life myself. Microwaved potatoes, instant ramens, or just sleep for dinners
                      But nutrition is important to study and to grow. Like really, really important.
                      I learnt to cook for myself back then, buying raw ingredients is way cheaper (and healthier). Even if you don't have access to a stove or oven, an egg or rice cooker and a microwave can take you a long way. If you live in a student hostel those usually have those around.
                      You are awesome and deserve niceness in your life, it's not wasted on you!!


                        Foundation Day 6: Done! Again at late night at total exhaustion, I really have to move this to the morning.
                        Also walked 5 km-s earlier today, which I did anyway since I worked out, but the thing that's worth reporting is that today I no longer felt tired and exhausted after! :3

                        Daily Kcal at a whopping 1500Kcal (and a bit)!! Largely due to my flatmate being hyper excited about the peanut butter bucket I got, and now wants to try making every peanut butter recipe in the universe. Today peanut curry; with peanut butter, chickpeas, tofu and rice (vegetarian version). He's a great cook too!

                        I think for the next 2 weeks I will keep hovering at 1400-1500Kcal and not push it further until I'm really used to it. I still have to figure out what kind of foods I can eat in such quantities that is sustainable; cooking has become a big time-sink nowadays.


                          And another bit of good news! I'm excited about your progress.


                            How is it going? Are you alright? Even if you would have strayed a bit off track we would still be interested to hear about it and cheer you up


                              Hey aki!
                              I just found your thread, and you have a nice and fun writing style!
                              Also, it's great to read about someone that motivated!

                              It's been a few days since your last post, how's it going now?