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    It was a great day today!

    Hero's Journey day 13
    I started with a 2 minute plank for the Magic Ring before breakfast. Later in the day I did this two times more and found the one before breakfast had been the easiest one.
    After breakfast I did my Back&Core day 23 - yoga day

    An hour later, together with elitw, I did:
    a 2 minute warm-up, followed by...
    Touch Your Toes day 16 - I touched my toes! the full 35 seconds and that in the morning (I noticed touching your toes is easier in the evening)

    Push-ups to failure again. In total I managed 44 (same as my age, so for the last two I really wanted to push myself). In sets: 13, 9, 7, 7, 8.

    As it was weapon practice day, next came...
    5 sets of 80 frons snap kicks (Ribbon), being at the same time the warm up for...
    5 sets of 1 minute running + 1 minute walking (Bow)
    Despite the fact it was litterally freezing outside, we still did a further cooling down at home as well. So 2 sets of light cardio and a little shoulder stretching.

    This evening I twice had a 20 minute walk through the snow. It was great!

    And now for the points, ratata...
    Push-ups and chops, 5 sets: + 100
    Bow: + 100
    Ribbon: + 50
    Magic Ring: + 200 (yes!)
    Total for the day: 450 points

    HJ points total: 2950


      Today's workouts... all done before 9:30 this morning.
      Now a busy fun day with travelling and appointments and tonight another dance class.

      My workouts today:
      One set of light Cardio as warm-up
      Day 17 of Touch Your Toes.... didn't touch them by far
      Hero's Journey day 14 - fight those bastards
      Back&Core day 24 - Core control

      HJ points total: 3050
      Last edited by EstherS; January 24th, 2019, 12:43 PM. Reason: Corrected my HJ points total. Apparently working out so much effects your ability to add up properly ;-)


        EstherS Don't worry you'll get there soon Nearly got your B&C Badge woohoo!


          Good to see you're still writing!
          Keep it up



            BlackButler Thanks for the support! I did touch my toes the day before... let’s see what today brings...
            Yes, almost my B&C badge ánd at the same time my 60-day badge!


              A quick check-in

              Today I did:
              Back&Core day 25 (balance)
              Touch Your Toes day 18
              DD with EC
              Hero’s Journey day 15 - fighting the dragon. I was very glad today to have my little dragon as sidekick, so I could take an extra minute of rest between sets. I managed 6 sets! One more than I normally do at level 1 and also one more than Eli did He has more points than I have, because he had one weapon more, so now I could get more points for once
              Today’s push-ups: 12, 7, 5, 3, 5, 3 (35)
              Points for 6 sets: 300

              HJ total: 3350


                Yesterday I had a very painful headache, so no HJ for me. After a short walk & talk in the afternoon, the headache was less for a while, so I did do my Back&Core and Touch Your Toes. For continuity, yes!

                Today I'm feeling better, though I can feel the headache still lurking in the corners of my head, but I did my complete program again:
                Touch Your Toes day 20
                Hero's Journey day 16: abs, abs and abs (I felt that)
                DD with EC: 15 jump squats - seems easy peasy after the 30 jump squats per set in HJ day 11
                Back&Core day 27: stabilization - planks, planks and planks

                For the coming days elitw and I decided to give our shoulders some rest before pushing through again with push-ups and punches (although Eli punches happily along on the battleground). Having looked at our full combined agenda's we our continuing our journey on wednessday.
                This means we also postpone our weapon's practice, so to still keep on running and to keep building up with that we are going to do a run today.

                HJ total: 3500


                  Running was tougher than I expected, but it felt good anyway and I'm glad I did it :-)
                  We ran 3 times 7 minutes with 5 minutes of walking in between.


                    Today a relatively quiet day:
                    Back&Core day 28: Recovery and pain relief
                    Touch Your Toes day 21: touched a bit now and then


                      Don't forget your warm-up, honey.
                      And don't forget to celebrate our victory


                        Thanks, love
                        I did forget to mention the 2 minute warm-up.
                        And I celebrated our victory with a double espresso and imaginary
                        Yeah, for everyone!


                          Today another relatively quiet day:
                          Back&Core day 29 - Core control - not the easiest excersises these
                          Touch Your Toes day 22

                          Tonight my dance class
                          The abs routine we’re doing this cycle is quite tough. I had to take a few little breaks during the routine. But I’m managing better and better to get the strength from my abs in stead of my back ( which of course doesn’t work anywat, but hurts more).

                          Tomorrow I celebrate:
                          Double badge day...
                          The last day of Back&Core and my 60th day of working out in a row


                            Double Badge Day!!!

                            1. Today I completed the Back&Core program
                            2. Today was my 60th consecutive day of exercise




                                Wehay! Double Badge Day! There is no better feeling hehe! Very well deserved! Awesome Job