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    Saturday 19th January

    Through the day:
    Mostly light physical work with some heavy lifting and carrying

    30DoC- D13 - PI - Cardio - LIII (40min) - Jog with 1Kg weight (6.1Km)
    30DoC - D13 - PII - Stretching - Done
    Footwork - Done
    Sore Neck - Done

    PWC - D19 - 2m March steps - Done
    DD - 50 Thigh Taps - Done w/ EC

    Preset Six Mealplan - Not quite done

    I did 30 Days of Change straight after work so I could be out in the last of the light - but it was a bit misty. I tried to do the whole 40 mins at steady jogging pace, with the 1kg (two water bottles) in a small backpack. The 1Kg didn't seem to make much difference. I chose a mostly flatter route, with a bit of down then up hill at the end. I got a bit of pain in my right foot about half way through, but it went away again, and my neck started to feel stiff towards the end. Stretching afterwards was fine. I added on some foot and neck mobilisation to make sure the problem spots were taken care of. I did a second min-workout later on in the evening when I realised I'd forgotten to do the Power Walk Challenge and Daily Dare.

    I did a bit of a variation to the mealplan, because my work today was organising a community activity with volunteers, and we shared soup and bread at lunchtime. This was after 1pm so was fine for meal timings. After work I decided to have a protein shake and piece of fruit as I was still hungry (and the soup wouldn't have had nearly as much protein as the eggs I was scheduled to eat in the mealplan). Then I had a couple of sugar-free sweets later on. So I didn't really do the 4 hours between meals, no snacking thing. Then I ate later than I'd planned (but still within the 8 hours), so I have to fast until 12 noon today. I also had a small glass of sherry (63 cals) with dinner (salmon, prawns, quinoa, and green salad). Today I'll have the eggs, bread, and veg, that is the Saturday meal 1, then dinner was going to be leftovers - beetroot soup and miso spread and bread - and I'll have 1 slice rather than 2 slices of bread to make up for the extra food at lunch yesterday. I'm still going to have a scoop of low-calorie "icecream" for dessert though to make it a bit of a cheat meal.


      Sunday 20th January

      Through the day:

      PWC - D20 - 7m 30s March steps - Done
      DD - 40 Plank Rotations - Done w/ EC
      30DoC - D14 - PI - Shadowboxing - Done
      30DoC - D14 - PII - Circuit Focus Legs - LIII/LIII (20 reps/5 sets)
      Hand Tendons - Done
      20 x 5s Triceps Stretches
      Sitting Fix - Done

      Preset Six Mealplan - I stuck to the 8 hours, and ate what I'd planned, but didn't manage 4 hours between meals/no snacking.

      I had a lazy, disorganised day and had to really force myself to workout in the evening, but I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it (as well as keeping my exercise streak). March steps are dull but I did it to some good house music which seemed to be the ideal tempo. I enjoy plank rotations - and like that I can do them quite fast now (for the first 30 anyway). My left shoulder/arm has been a little grumbly lately, and weirdly it was complaining when it was the raised arm not the supporting arm. Shadowboxing was fun, although at some points I ran out of ideas/imagination and it was more just punching practice. The legs circuit was fine - no jump squats this time! I had planned to do some upperbody tendon strength and stretching but I thought I wouldn't add any more load to my grumbly shoulder/arm so just some basic gentle stretches and some hand exercises.

      Food was also lazy and disorganized but I enjoyed my icecream!
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        Monday 21st January

        Through the day:
        32 punches for Battleground

        PWC - D21 - 2m March steps
        DD - 2m Squat Hold Punches - Done (with 321 punches for Battleground)
        Warmup walk
        30DoC - D15 - PI - Cardio - LIII - 20m Run (3.8Km)
        30DoC - D15 - PII - Circuit Focus Abs - LIII (24 reps)
        Cooldown walk
        300 mixed moves for Battleground (20 of each, then some more hooks and lots more punches)
        Full Body Stretch

        Total of 653 points for Battleground.

        Preset Six Mealplan - Done

        I didn't manage the whole 2 minutes for Squat hold Punches, but did 1m 30s then 30s. I enjoyed my run - I started it a bit too fast and had to get my breathing back on rhythm, and my legs took a while to warm up as it was very cold, and I did slow down a little bit near the end, but the middle part of the run felt like I was doing something right. Strava tells me my average pace is 5m14s/Km which is fast for me - particularly as I was in the park which slopes - I had 40m elevation gain. After that the abs was fine. My arm is still not feeling right, and I'll not be doing elbow strikes again for a while as they hurt, but punches are fine. The stretch was needed for my shoulder as much as for my legs after running. The whole workout was done more-or-less on empty (after 1 cup of tea with milk) and lunch tasted very good afterwards!

        I was back on schedule with following the mealplan. Lunch was yogurt with dried fruit, nuts, and a persimmon. Dinner was brown rice with egg, smoked tofu, and lots of green veg (broccoli, cabbage, spinach).


          Tuesday 22nd January

          Through the day:
          Walking with rucksack
          Medium to light gardening work

          PWC - D22 - 8m March steps - Done
          Ankle Recovery - Done
          Knee - LI
          DD - 2m Wall-Sit - Done w/ EC
          Battleground - 200 points - punches, backfists, palm strikes, knife hand strikes, hooks
          30DoC - D16 - Endurance - LIII
          20 x 5s Triceps Stretches

          Preset Six Mealplan - Done

          A cold day at work didn't do my left ankle, foot, or knee any good (I think its all transferred pain from my old ankle injury). So priority was some mobilisations and gently activating supporting muscles before I did the static holds - which did help a lot. Typical that it was a static hold for the daily dare too, but I found something good to listen to and got EC. Then a few punches for the dark side. Then static hold hell for 30 Days of Change! Except for the running, I think this is the workout in 30 Days of Change that has made me sweat most, despite the fact that it got me to move the least. It was seriously difficult. Superman Hold was the hardest - every time my legs were shaking and I was fighting both legs and arms from dropping too much towards the end. Side raised leg hold got easier in the later sets for some reason, the rest got harder. I finished off with some stretches for my shoulder/arm - which is actually much better.

          I followed the mealplan fine, though I was feeling hungry in the morning. I made a really nice quorn spaghetti bolognaise for tea.


            Smashing everything put in front of you there The cold is never easy to work in when it affects joint mobility


              Thanks Lyra_H_W ! Well I'm staying in the warm for a few hours this morning at least because there is a very hard frost and I have lots of office and prep work to get on with


                Oooh, staying in the warm is good! My office cools down so much between end of day to me arriving next day that it takes a while for the radiators to heat it up. So much hot tea gets consumed by me before 7am!!


                  Wednesday 23rd January

                  Through the day:
                  Battleground: 1000 points - Punches, Knife hand strikes, and Palm strikes

                  PWC- D23 - 2m March steps - done
                  Ankle circles, Foot clenches and Half squats
                  DD - 2m Sitting down leg raises
                  Rotator Cuff - done
                  30DoC - D17 - Upperbody Focus - LIII/LIII (5 Push-ups/7 sets) (Battleground: 630 Punches)
                  20 x External rotations
                  20 x Scapular squeezes
                  Neck & Shoulders - done

                  Battleground total: 1630 points

                  Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                  My warmup was march steps, then some mobilisations of my lower body, then before the main workout Rotator Cuff done very tentatively - only Full bow presented any difficulty this time. Daily dare burned but it wasn't as unbearable as it once would have been. 30 Days of Change was punches and push-ups with hidden burpees - I did the punches and transitons as fast as I could but tried to be slower and careful with the push-ups - though I did speed up in later sets. The last couple on the last set were reaching failure again. Afterwards, some exercises from the "How to Recover from a Shoulder Injury" article - External Rotations were hard on my left side. Then some gentle stretching. Then I ruined all this gentle care and tentativeness around my arms and shoulders because I was bored and needed to burn off some energy in the evening, so I put on some really stupid hardcore techno and did some very fast punches for Battleground - I did only do the moves that feel 100% comfortable though!

                  The mealplan worked fine, and I didn't have to cook dinner as I had a selection of homemade soups in the freezer - I chose spicy pumpkin and lentil.


                    Thursday 24th January

                    Through the day:
                    Battleground: 550 points (from punches, knife hand strikes, overhead punches, hooks, palm strikes, and backfists)

                    PWC - D24 - 8m 30s March steps - Done
                    Ankle circles and knee bends
                    DD - 40 Squat hold side bends - Done w/ EC
                    Battleground: 100 punches
                    30DoC - D18 - PI - Cardio - LIII (30m run - 5Km)
                    30DoC - D18 - PII - Stretching - Done

                    Total Battleground points: 650

                    Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                    March steps and mobilisations got me warmed up. Squat hold side bends were fun. I ran for the full 30 minutes, though not at the pace I ran 20 minutes a few days ago, as it was after dark and the underfoot conditions were wet and muddy and progressively getting more icy, so I couldn't pick up speed on most of the downhills and some of the flat sections. I chose an easy route home with a big downhill and luckily no ice and almost sprinted the last 300m to make the 5Km in just under the 30 minutes - Strava says I hit it in 29m 51s! This was my first 5Km under 30 minutes in almost a year, so I'm really happy . Average pace was 5m 58s/Km. After that stretching felt good.

                    I stuck to the mealplan without too many problems - except drinking too much black coffee in the morning . The next couple of days will be a challenge as I'm on a course for work with free buffet lunches and longish days, but I'll try to stick to something resembling the plan and not eat biscuits.


                      Friday 25th January

                      Through the day:
                      Battleground: 50 punches

                      PWC - D25 - 2m March steps - Done
                      DD - 2m Overhead Punches - Done w/ EC (Battleground: 248 points)
                      30DoC - D19 - Bodyweight Cardio - LIII (7 sets)
                      Iron Bar - Done
                      Battle ground: 500 points (40 each knife hand strikes, palm strikes, backfists, hooks - the rest punches)
                      20 x External rotations, 20 x Triceps stretch, 20 x Scapular squeezes
                      5 x Cat-Cows
                      Full Body Stretch - Done

                      Total Battleground points: 798

                      Preset Six Mealplan - Done except had sandwiches and fruit from buffet and a boiled sweet for lunch.

                      I was surprised how many overhead punches I managed in the time. Bodyweight cardio was hard - especially plank jump-ins, but I preferred the order the exercises were in this time. Iron bar was also hard. Battleground was fun, but my arms were fairly tired. Shoulder rehab stretches and some general stretching to finish.

                      I survived the first day of the course without eating too badly, though there was biscuits, cake, samosas etc that I had to ignore. I grabbed some egg mayo and egg salad and sweet chilli quorn salad sandwiches from the buffet - as near as I could get to egg and bread which is every other day's meal 1 (I didn't see the egg salad ones till I'd already picked up the other two), and some fruit on sticks, though I did eat a boiled sweet that someone gave me. I stuck to the fast and meal timings and the meal 2 though.

                      I'm not going to get weighed this weekend as I'm too busy (I don't have scales in the house, and like to go to the same place for consistency), but I'm down another 1cm on my waist.


                        Saturday 26th January

                        Through the day:
                        Battleground: 1500 points (mostly punches, with a few palm strikes and knife hand chops)

                        PWC - D26 - 9m March steps - Done
                        DD - 15 Jump squats - Done w/ EC
                        Battleground - 1000 punches
                        30DoC - D20 - PI - Cardio - Done (30m slow jog, 10m comfortable jog, 10m run at 80% - 6.9Km)
                        Cooldown walk
                        30DoC - D20 - PII - Sprints - LIII (4m)
                        Cooldown walk
                        Calves Rehab - Done
                        Footwork - Done
                        Post-run Stretching - Done

                        Battleground Day Total Points - 2500 points
                        Battleground Event Total Points - 6431 points

                        Preset Six Mealplan - IF stuck to, meals not, plus pre-exercise snack

                        Meals were a bit chaotic. It was a lunchtime buffet again, but this time the sandwiches were in bite-sized bread rolls and wraps so it was hard to work out how much was the same as two slices of bread, so I had an egg roll, an egg salad wrap, a cream cheese and cucumber roll, a mozarella and salad skewer, and some fruit skewers, and another boiled sweet. The journey home was a bit of a nightmare, so when I got home I was really hungry and tired and wet from the rain but knew I had to go outside again and it was going to be a long workout - so I wanted to raid the kitchen, but settled for a protein shake instead. Then by the time I'd finished the workout I was really hungry and it was almost the end of my eating window - and later than I like to eat anyway. I decided that it was going to take too long to cook fish and quinoa, so I just grabbed what I had to hand - some plain yogurt, a satsuma, and a slice of bread with peanut butter and salad leaves. I don't think the damage was too bad from either meal, and I'll eat the fish, quinoa, and salad tonight.

                        Things are getting serious with the Power Walk Challenge, I'm glad I'm nearly at the end. Pleased I can do 15 jump squats without stopping - and could have done more. A few very fast sets of punches until my arms were tired. Then the cardio. Luckily the heavy rain had turned to drizzle by the time I got out, so it wasn't as grim as it could have been, but it was still dark, cold, and wet - and on pavements with roads to cross instead of footpaths across parks and fields where I run usually. I found the slow jog really boring at first, but eventually got into it - I was pleased to pick up pace a bit. I managed to get myself to a set of roads that go round the outside of the local park and some fields in a pentagon shape, and that all have wide pavements, by the start of the run, so could run fairly fast without having to worry about traffic or other pedestrians. Strava shows the last Km was at 5:37 pace. I think I slowed down a little bit at one point but tried to push on, and I do think it was a fair 80% of effort/speed on legs that were already a bit tired. After that I walked to somewhere I could do sprints (I can't go to my usual places in the dark) - ended up in an empty carpark. I was determined to make the 4 minutes, and just about managed it - but I really don't think you could call it sprinting by the end of it. Then back home, and tried to take my shoes off, and got really bad cramp in my calves. So lots of stretching to finish.


                          Sunday 27th January

                          Through the day:

                          PWC - D27 - 2m March steps - Done
                          DD - 40 Raised leg circles - Done w/ EC
                          30DoC - D21 - Upperbody & Abs - LIII/LIII (22 reps/7sets)
                          Upperbody Tendon Strength - Done
                          20 x External rotations, 20 x Scapula squeezes, 20 x Triceps stretches - done
                          Hand Tendons - Done
                          Neck & Shoulders - Done

                          Preset Six Mealplan - Done although extended the fast by a couple of hours so eating window was later, and I had 3 gin and soda waters (about 180 calories).

                          Pleased that I could get EC from the daily dare without too much pain as leg circles have always been one of my nemesis exercises. 30 Days of Change was actually fairly easy for both upperbody and abs, so I added in some tendon strength work - which is definitely not easy (almost EC though except my arms were slightly dropping during the last hold but this really is the hardest workouts I do at the moment). Then some shoulder rehab work, hand tendon work, and some stretching.

                          The mealplan went fine, but I was busy so didn't break the fast until 1.30pm, then I went to an early gig and had 3 drinks, and then didn't eat until 9pm (much later then I like to do, but I was so hungry by that point).Yogurt/nuts/fruit for lunch and pollock, quinoa, green salad, and gherkins for dinner.


                            Monday 28th January

                            Through the day:

                            PWC - D28 - 9m 30s March steps - Done
                            DD - 2m Jumping Ts - Done w/ EC
                            30DoC - D22 - PI - Cardio - LIII (40m run - 6.7Km)
                            30DoC - D22 - PII - Stretching - Done

                            Preset Six Mealplan - Timings kept to, but I went out to dinner (which included dessert)

                            So between the PWC, the DD, and the run it was a cardiotastic workout. I did the march steps at a good pace to music. Its really interesting how different Jumping Ts feel to Jumping jacks - much harder on the legs, I guess because the arms aren't helping as much with momentum, or maybe that's just me. I mixed up my circuit for my run, going the way round that I don't like and expanding it a bit. Strava shows that I started at a reasonable pace (I'm actually surprised at this as I thought it had taken me a while to get into the run) but slowed down towards the end, and my average pace was 5m 54s/Km. I'm definitely losing fat because, while not quite at the point of wardrobe misfunction, I did note while on the run that I need to buy some new running leggings and underwear pretty soon! Stretching was good, though I got a bit of cramp in my feet at one point.

                            I had a normal lunch but went out for dinner. Dinner was at a vegan indian restaurant - I had planned to have some rice and whatever curry sounded healthiest, but got there late and there was a special offer on a thali that my friends had already ordered for everyone. I gave my poppadums and pickle and half my naan bread away, and tried to eat more of the chana daal than anything else, but I suspect it was more calories and less protein than I would have had at home. I did have a chocolate mint at the end too. Then I met some other friends at a Lebanese café for mint tea and randomly the café owner came over with a free dessert for our table to share - baklava (which I stayed well away from) and something that was a bit like egg custard with a mango sauce (which I did eat some of and which was very nice). I will eat a Monday dinner (rice/tofu/green veg/mushrooms) instead of Tuesday's curry or pasta, and try to eat a bit lighter for a couple of days, to make up for it.


                              Tuesday 29th January

                              Through the day:
                              30DoC - D23 - PII - Endurance (2m 20s plank & 3m wall-sit)
                              Light gardening

                              PWC - D29 - 2m March steps - Done
                              DD - 60s Calf Raises - Done w/ EC
                              30DoC - D23 - PI - Circuit - Done
                              30DoC - D23 - PII - Endurance (2m plank & 2m wall-sit)
                              20 Scapula Squeezes, 20 External Rotations, 20 Triceps Stretches
                              Sitting Fix - Done

                              Preset Six Mealplan - Done, but 1 less piece of bread with Meal 1 and a pre-workout protein shake (cancelling each other out in calories).

                              I had a "walking through treacle" kind of day where everything seemed incredibly hard both physically and mentally, and it got worse as the day went on. I think its to do with hormonal stuff, not enough sleep, the cold, and going off-plan with food, mealtimes and fasting times, alcohol, etc over the last few days. I felt such low energy that I had a pre-workout snack, which helped a little bit. Calf raises weren't too hard. I found the circuit difficult to get through, and was just not able to push myself with the planks and wallsits. The planks were frustrating because I was finding it harder on my arms than my abs/core (last time it was the other way round) and I find it much easier to push through sore abs than shaking and sore arms. Shoulder rehab and stretching to finish because its sensible. Afterwards I had dinner, then decided to go to bed very early so didn't do the last plank and wallsit.

                              Wednesday 30th January

                              Through the day:
                              30DoC - D23 - PII - Endurance (2m plank & 2m 20s wall-sit) - LII/LII (3 x 2m plank/3 x 2m wall-sit)
                              Power Walk Challenge - D30 - 10m March Steps - Done. Challenge completed in 30 days!
                              DD - 2m Raised Leg Elbow Plank - Done
                              30DoC - D24 - PI - Cardio - 20m Run (3.2Km)
                              30DoC - D24 - PI - Cardio - Sprints - Done
                              30DoC - D24 - PII - Circuit Focus Legs - LIII/LIII (22 reps/5 sets)
                              Part 2 - Done
                              30 consecutive days of at least 15 consecutive minutes of exercise - Completed

                              Preset Six Mealplan - Done, but with one less slice of bread with dinner.

                              I was feeling much better today, though still a little tired. I did the final plank and wall-sit for D23 of 30DoC first thing in the morning (before coffee even), so all the holds were done in 24 hours, though I know its cheating a bit. Evening workout started with 10 minutes of march steps to finish Power Walk Challenge. I'm glad I did it, as I've proved to myself I can stick to something for 30 days, but it was pretty boring. I chose to do it before I knew I was going to do 30 Days of Change with so much running, and maybe a different challenge would have fitted with the programme better, but at least its meant I haven't had to think much about warm ups for the last month. Raised Leg Elbow plank done in sets, partly because my left foot was slipping for the first minute, and partly because I was sick of static holds. The run was cold but I enjoyed it - 5m 48s/Km average pace, and quite steady over the 20 minutes. I didn't record the speed of my sprints, but I know from how far I got across the field compared to last time that they were much faster. The legs circuit was really difficult after that. I have to admit my jump squats weren't as fluid as they were last time, and I really struggled with all the exercises in the last set, but I was determined to make LIII again. I enjoyed the stretching afterwards. And that was the end of my 30th workout in 30 days!


                                Thursday 31st January

                                Through the day:

                                Classic warmup - Done
                                DD - 2m Leg raise Hold - Done w/ EC
                                Rotator Cuff - Done
                                30DoC - D25 - Upperbody Focus - LIII/LIII (6 push-ups/7 sets)
                                Shoulders Stretch - Done

                                Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                                Leg raise hold wasn't too hard. I really enjoyed the upperbody workout today - I did it to some very fast music and punched hard to blast away the stresses of the day. Afterwards my arms were sore, but shoulders stretch helped. Stuck to the mealplan well - for the second day in a row I was sitting in a room with a basket of posh biscuits (and doing a course for work on fairly heavy subject matter that personally affects me) and managed to resist them. I'm going out for dinner and drinks tonight, but I'll try to keep things fairly sensible.