Crossthebreeze gets fit and fabulous for 40

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    Crossthebreeze gets fit and fabulous for 40

    I am 40 in 6 weeks time.
    In 2017 I found Darebee, lost lots of weight (more than 23kg / 3st 8lb), healed some longstanding injuries, started running, and greatly improved all aspects of my fitness. Its all detailed here.
    2018 was very stressful because I got made redundant - I put on weight, though only about 2kg, and I did exercise semi-regularly, but I didn't hit any of my fitness goals
    I have the idea that I want to be as fit (and with as small a waist size) as possible for my 40th birthday so I can really say I'm fitter and feeling more fabulous than I was when I was 20!

    January 1st-6th I did the Workout of the Day mostly at Level 1 (except for on the 4th when I did one set of the workout and then went for a run). I also started the Power Walk challenge and have done the Daily Dare and some stretching every day. I was also staying with my sister so was still in Christmas mode with food though.

    Yesterday (January 7th) I started the Preset Six Mealplan and 30 Days of Change. I chose 30 Days of Change because I wanted to get back into running while also keeping my strength up, and because it seems to offer fast results. This is the quiet time of year for work so I can spend more time exercising than I was managing before Christmas. I chose Preset 6 because I wanted to see if IF helped me lose fat, and it seems fairly easy to follow.

    Monday January 7th

    Power Walk Challenge D7 - 2 mins March steps - Done
    DD - 15 Plank Walkouts - Done w EC
    30 Days of Change - D1 - P1 - Cardio - LII - 30 mins jogging
    30DoC - D1 - P2 - Circuit Focus Legs - LIII/LIII - 12 reps/7sets
    Post Run Stretching - Done
    Sore Feet - Done

    Preset Six Mealplan - Done

    Power Walk Challenge is my warmup at the moment. Plank Walkouts weren't too much problem. I did level II for the cardio as I've not been out on a run or jog of reasonable length for a long time - It was actually a really nice afternoon jog round the park, and not as hard as I thought it would be. The legs circuit wasn't too hard, and if anything was a bit dull. Stretching and foot stuff because its the sensible thing to do.

    Food was ok, though I decided to have a late lunch and then wanted to go out for the run while it was light and the rain had stopped, so was then really rushed to make and eat lunch to keep in the 8 hour food window. I was a little hungry in the evening, and very tired (though this was probably due to travelling, a late-ish night and some alcohol the evening before). I'm not hungry at all this morning.

    crossthebreeze Welcome back! Can't wait for your 2019 journey


      Thanks BlackButler !


        Tuesday January 8th

        Through the day:
        30DoC - D2 - PII - Endurance - 1. Plank - LII (2m x 3)
        30DoC - D2 - PII - Endurance - 2. Wallsit - LII (2m x 3)

        PowerWalk Challenge - D8 - 4m 30s March steps - Done
        DD - 20 Shrimp Squats - Done in one go as modified exercise (knee not quite reaching floor) with balance support
        30DoC - D2 - PI - Circuit - Done
        Sitting Fix - Done

        Preset Six Mealplan - Done

        Those planks and wallsits were hell. For the second two I could have maybe lasted another few seconds of plank (but not the extra minute needed for level III), but 2 mins wallsit is right at my limits and involved a lot of swearing. Shrimp squats are not something I can do properly - I can get my knee down to the floor but can't get up again even with support. I did the cardio circuit to some fast techno and got into a bit of a sweat on. Sitting Fix because I really like that corner stretch at the moment.

        Food was fine, though I did get hungry between the meals (I had a late lunch again) and have to admit I had a little snack of the ingredients for lunch as I was cooking it. I also wanted food in the evening, but that was probably because I was trying to finish some studying and wanting chocolate because I was stressed. I've been doing IF in a very casual way over Christmas without a problem - mostly only eating 2 meals or 1 meal and a snack per day - so it shouldn't really be an issue.


          Wednesday January 9th

          Through the day:
          30DoC D3 P1 - Cardio - 60minutes (plus quite a bit more) walking

          Power Walk Challenge D9 - 2m March steps - done
          DD - 20 Raised Leg Crunches - Done w EC
          30DoC D3 P2 - Circuit Focus Abs - LIII (20 reps)
          Full Body Stretch - Done

          Preset Six Mealplan - 2 drinks (just) over 50 cals during fasting, otherwise done

          I had lots of places to go, so walking everywhere got my cardio done. The abs circuit wasn't too hard, though I did feel it on the last couple of sets.

          Food worked well, and I made a portion of soup to put in the freezer too, but I went out to an event I was a bit nervous about in the evening, and ended up having 2 drinks of gin and soda - about 60 cals each.


            Thursday January 10th

            Through the day:
            Walking, light gardening

            30DoC D4 P1 - Cardio - done (3.4km walk/run intervals)
            30DoC D4 P2 - Circuit Focus Legs - LIII/LIII (16 reps/5 sets)

            PWC - D10 - 5 mins March steps
            DD - 40 Prone Fly Extensions - done w EC
            Iron Bar - done
            Post Run Stretching - done

            Preset Six Mealplan - Done, though had a satsuma snack during the eating window (more than 4 hours after the first meal though), and extended the eating window by 30 mins. I'm making sure I don't break the fast until 16 hours are up though.

            Workout was split into two because I had to eat and go somewhere, so 30 Days of Change was done in the late afternoon, and the second workout late on in the evening. The walk/run intervals were interesting - its hard to see off Strava especially as my route is not on the flat, but I think I was fairly fast (for me) during the first interval (1 min) and for the final two intervals (3 min and 4 min) I started fast but slowed up half way through - it was all running rather than jogging though. I did get a stitch during the last few seconds of the last running interval, but kept going. The leg exercises weren't too hard - weirdly it was only the side-to-side lunges that I found hard on the last set. Prone Fly Extensions weren't too hard. Iron Bar was pretty hard. Stretching was fine even with the extra side-to-side lunges.

            The food was all fine, but I'm still trying to work out meal timings around work and working out. I got really hungry at my normal lunch time but hadn't bought lunch with me, and there was free fruit, so I had a satsuma to keep me from losing concentration - still 4 hours between breakfast and eating the fruit, but obviously its extra food. Then work went on slightly later than I planned, and I had some problems with setting up an interval timer before my run, so lunch was much later than planned, taking it just over the 8 hours. I might try eating lunch and dinner rather than breakfast and lunch next week to see if the timings work better, but that'll only work if I can cope without my habitual tea with milk in the morning (black tea/coffee is just not the same!).


              Friday 11th January

              Through the day:

              PWC - D11 (2m March steps) - done
              DD - 80 Flutter Kicks - Done w EC
              Rotator Cuff - done
              30DoC D5 - Upperbody Focus - LIII/LIII (4 push-ups/7 sets)
              Wrist Pain - done
              Shoulders Stretch - done

              Preset Six Mealplan - Done but 9 hour eating window (though making sure I don't eat for 16 hours)

              Flutter kicks were easier than I thought they'd be. I really enjoyed 30 Days of Change today, even the hidden burpees. I've found that I don't always get my hands placed right/body tensed quite right when I jump back, but that'll come with practice. I got my heartrate up each set, and my muscles started to feel it about half way through (and I can feel it this morning). The last two push ups of the last set were difficult. The rest of the workout was all stretching and rehab/prehab stuff that I find useful.

              Food was good, though this time I forgot all about lunch, and so failed to exercise, cook, and eat within the time. I'm going to try eating 11am-7pm - so tea with milk (!) at 11, aim for meal 1 sometime between 12 and 2, and aim for meal 2 sometime between 5 and 6.30 - so I can start my workout sometime between 10 and 1 on days I'm not working or working from home, or sometime between 3.30 and 5 once I'm home from working outside (this will only work for the winter months, but I'm only planning on using this mealplan in the short term anyway). The lack of a proper cuppa is annoying me this morning though (the lack of food isn't so much).


                I forgot to put, I got weighed yesterday (I don't keep scales in the house and always go to the same place). I hadn't managed to do it before I started on the mealplan and program. I weigh 1.1kg less and am 2cm smaller on the waist than before Christmas, which I'm very happy with . I am still very slightly overweight in terms of BMI, but this puts me in the healthy category by waist size and waist-height ratio (and keeps me in the healthy range of waist-hip ratio). A good start to the year!


                  Saturday 12th January

                  PWC - D12 - 5m 30s March steps
                  DD - 40 Lunge Step-ups - done with EC
                  30DoC - D6 - P1 - Cardio - LIII - 20m run (3.2km cross-country)
                  30DoC - D6 - P2 - Stretching - Done

                  Preset six Mealplan - Done

                  March steps were a good warm-up. The lunge step-ups were ok, but I was occasionally a bit wobbly. I really enjoyed the run - I took the opportunity of it being so dry to do a bit of cross country - so it was across rough, sloping ground (39m elevation gain) so my speed wasn't massively fast, but I put in running effort all the way through - and Strava tells me my fastest Km was in 5m 34s and average pace was 6m 17s/Km. I looked like a sweaty beetroot at the end though. Stretching was interesting in that I after the first 30s of toe touches I was able to put my hand flat on the ground without any effort, which I haven't been able to do for quite some time (if anyone wonders why I like the rehab workouts so much its because I'm a bit hypermobile which does create some joint problems (I don't have it as bad as many people though) but also means I can do cool things sometimes). Also the rest between the 3rd and 4th set was longer than 2 mins because, erm .

                  Food was fine. Having a cup of tea at 11, running/working out essentially on empty, then eating my first meal at 1pm and second meal at 6pm seemed to work very well for me. I'll have to see what its like today when my schedule is a bit different and next week when I'm working though. My second meal was a piece of salmon - I've recently started eating fish again after about 30 years (I was vegetarian and basically decided I should eat fish for health reasons or go vegan for environmental reasons but yogurt and eggs are such convenient, cheap protein so I'm trying being pescatarian) but have mostly tried shellfish up until now. I found it a bit weird to eat on its own but it was nice mashed into the quinoa and veg.


                    Sunday 13th January:

                    Through the day:

                    Hike - 12.4km, 150m elevation gain, 2h 31m 33s moving time

                    PWC - D13 - 2m March steps - Done
                    DD - 100 Side leg raises - Done w EC
                    30DoC - D7 - Upperbody & Abs - LII/LIII (10 reps/7sets)
                    Upperbody Tendon Strength - Done
                    Hand Tendons - Done
                    Sitting Fix - Done

                    Preset Six Mealplan - Done (though had roast pumpkin and cheese as pre-workout snack).

                    Spent late morning/early afternoon on a hike in the countryside with a friend. It was incredibly windy, especially at the top of the hills. I had a cup of tea just before starting, then ate my first meal about 2/3 of the way round. I had coffee with my friend when we were back from the hike and she offered my a (relatively healthy) snack, I decided to eat it as I knew I needed to go home and work out straight after and I was feeling hungry and tired. This was slightly within the 4 hours after meal 1. I also made meal 2 a bit of a cheat meal and so had a handful of sweets leftover from Christmas as dessert.

                    Side leg raises weren't too much of a problem, though I could feel it by the end. I did the first set of the Upperbody & Abs workout with 20 reps for the abs exercises, but realised I wouldn't last many sets doing that. Leg raises and raised leg circles are my least favourite exercises, but I'm finding leg raises slightly easier and less nails-down-a-blackboard feeling than I used to. I found the upperbody exercises quite easy, so decided to add in some extra work. Upperbody Tendon Strength hurt quite a bit but I'm sure its doing some good. Hand tendons felt good, as did Sitting Fix.


                      Monday 14th January

                      30DoC - D8 - PI - Cardio - Done (6.0KM)
                      30DoC - D8 - P2 - Sprints - LII
                      Cooldown walk

                      PWC - D14 - 6m March steps - Done
                      DD - 2m Single Leg Hops on the Spot - Done w/ EC
                      Ankle Recovery - Done
                      Yoga For Runners - Done

                      Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                      30DoC was done nearly on empty (after breaking fast but before meal). I don't have anything that measures heart rate so I assumed "run at your 80%" to mean 80% of effort sustainable for the time. Possibly because of the hike the day before, or because I was training before eating, I had one of those days when I just didn't feel like I had power in my legs so 80% effort wasn't necessarily that fast - Strava said my fastest KM was 5m 40. The sprints were really hard. I had one try straight after the run, which was supposed to be at LI, but I had a problem with the timer so wasn't sure if I'd done a full minute. So I waited until I'd caught my breath and cooled down a bit and had another go, this time lasting 2 minutes. I was exhausted by the end (and my sprints at the end were more jogging pace even though I was putting the effort in).

                      I did the second workout before dinner. Single leg hops were hard for the last 20s on each leg. Ankle recovery gave my ankles a good mobilisation and stretch after that. I was generally feeling a little bit sore, and Yoga For Runners helped sort that out.

                      Food was all fine and on target. I'm getting used to the timings.


                        Tuesday 15th January

                        Through the day:
                        Walking (with rucksack)
                        Light gardening

                        PWC - D15 - 2m March steps - Done
                        Wrist Pain - Done
                        DD - 15 Up & Down Planks - Done w/ EC
                        Rotator Cuff - Done
                        30DoC - D9 - Upperbody Focus - LIII/LIII (4 Push-ups/7 sets)
                        Upperbody Stretch - Done
                        15 consecutive days of at least 15 minutes of exercise!

                        Preset Six Mealplan - Done though I had a protein shake after my workout as dinner was going to take a while to cook.

                        I had a bit of a low energy day yesterday - I have a bit of a cold, stomach pains, was generally achey, and hadn't had a good night's sleep. I was also distracted and unmotivated which meant I didn't get much work done (not good seeing as I'm self employed). I felt a bit better after eating lunch, but still not great.

                        I did everything I needed to in my workout at the highest level but at the same time everything felt a little bit uncoordinated and slow - especially comparing to how it felt doing 30DoC D5 (the same workout with the same number of reps and sets). Anyway, I remember how hard Up & Down planks were when I first did them compared to how they are now, and I did enjoy the upperbody workout. I did wrist pain as a warm-up and it seemed to do my wrist good - though it did seem like I was warming up then cooling down again straight away. I got a bit of discomfort in my Left ("good") shoulder during Rotator Cuff - especially Full Bow - running from the top of my shoulder blade to a point on my elbow. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

                        Preset Six was ok, though I do wonder if some if the low energy was due to the fast. I was hungry - or at least wanting food - between meals, and a chocolate (all natural, low fat, sugar free) protein shake helped restore energy and stop cravings after my workout as dinner - chana masala and rice - needed time to prepare. The extra protein is probably a good idea too.


                          Wednesday 16th January

                          Through the day:

                          PWC - D16 - 6m 30s March steps - Done
                          DD - 10 Diamond Push-Ups - Done w/EC
                          30DoC - D10 - PI - Cardio (20m walk/jog/run then sprints) - done (3.6KM)
                          30DoC - D10 - PII - Circuit Focus Legs - LIII/LIII (20 reps/5 sets)
                          Sore Feet - Done
                          Part 2 - Done

                          Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                          Feeling much better than Tuesday!

                          March steps were dull but a good warmup. I enjoyed the diamond push-ups: I like push-up variations and could feel these on more on my chest than my shoulders - which meant I could so them quite fast. For the walk/jog/run I did a few minutes jogging and walking at the beginning (I started the timer off from leaving home so there were some busy pavements to negotiate and roads to cross and steps to climb before I got to the park) then tried to run - though not at top speed - for a full 15 minutes (Strava says average pace over the 20 mins was 5m 51s/Km, the fastest Km was 5m18s - and again this is not on the flat). Sprints were hard - but with the rests so much more pleasant than the sprints from day 8! Leg day afterwards, however: Jump squats! Really not what legs tired from sprints want to do. Not fun! Then again, I was super impressed with myself that I managed to do 20 in a row - it wasn't long ago that I couldn't even do 5. There's quite a few exercises that I've improved on, so maybe last year wasn't such a waste. I have to admit the last 2 sets I did 10-15 and then had to take a couple of seconds before I did some more and in the last set the last one was absolutely to failure - I kind of fell forwards on my knees and sat on the floor drinking my water for a bit before I could get up and do the stretching. After that, Sore Feet and Part 2 was just what I needed - I really like Part 2 as an end to a workout, with the last few stretches on the floor.

                          Food and timings were fine - I exercised on empty then ate a very needed lunch. I tried the beetroot soup recipe from here for dinner which was very nice - but I added a some smoked tofu for extra protein.


                            Thursday 17th January

                            Through the day:
                            Light gardening

                            30DoC - D11 - PI - Cardio (60m through day) - 60+m walking, 25m swimming

                            PWC - D17 - 2m March steps - Done
                            DD - 2m Tricep Dip Hold - Done
                            30DoC - D11 - PII - Abs & Core - LIII
                            Lower Back - Done

                            Preset six Mealplan - Done (though had a tiny bit of savoury oat bar to break the fast and a bit of fruit as a snack before workout)

                            Most of the walking was done on snow and ice as it snowed this morning (not heavy enough to require shovelling unfortunately). Swimming was in the evening well after workout and dinner as that's the time the local pool has public swimming (actually it was women only last night). I'm not a strong swimmer, and the pool was busy, but I did a few lengths, then messed around a bit, then another couple of lengths, then did a few lengths with a pool noodle while trying different things out, then did another length - which was about as much as my arms would do.

                            The tricep dip hold was hard, and my left shoulder was complaining, so I thought I'd better not push it, so I did it in two sets of 1m. The planks in 30DoC PII weren't by any means easy, but they weren't too challenging either. I saw Lower Back was workout of the day, and so did it as it always feels good.

                            Food was ok. Someone at work was pretty insistent that I try their healthy baking during my morning teabreak, so I had a tiny piece. Then I think I had too much caffeine then wasn't active enough during the afternoon, because by the time I got home I was in a strange mood and feeling a bit shaky, so I ate a persimmon before my workout, which did help steady things (it was more than 4 hours after lunch). I made a batch of the miso spread - which was nice - as I had all the ingredients in and I'm bored of hummus. I felt hungry after swimming and am a bit hungry this morning.


                              Friday 18th January

                              Through the day:

                              PWC - D18 - 7m March steps - Done
                              DD - 40 Pulse ups - Done w/ EC
                              30DoC - D12 - Bodyweight Cardio - LIII
                              Iron Bar - Done
                              Full Body Stretch - Done

                              Preset Six Mealplan - Done

                              I didn't feel like I had enough energy to do a workout in the morning, so I left it for the early evening. Then a few annoying work-related things happened, and I ended up working out - and then eating - late. I really wasn't in the mood for working out, and it was a proper struggle with myself to get through it. March steps were dull but a warm up. Pulse ups I think I did right but wasn't 100% sure. The bodyweight cardio was pretty full on, I didn't enjoy it much because I didn't like the rhythm of it and I do wonder what my downstairs neighbour thinks when I do workouts like that! Iron bar was slightly less agony than last week. Stretching was good.

                              The mealplan was fine. I actually didn't break my fast until after 1pm (so had done 18 hours fasting), so I was within the 8 hours when I finally got dinner just before 9pm. I had a big dinner because I was really hungry - a tofu burger, "no porkies" soya sausages, new potatoes, peas, and lots of broccoli. I don't like eating that late though. The meal timings are fine for today as I'm working late morning and won't have a break until 1pm. I'll just have to make the eating window smaller today so I can start the fast from 7pm and get back to normal for tomorrow.

                              Also good news - I lost 0.7Kg this week - and 1cm off my waist and 1.5cm off my hips! My BMI is now (only just) in the healthy range!