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    Colin 2019

    Starting a new thread for 2019 on 13650 HJ points.

    Looking forward to following your 2019 adventures!


      Go go go, welsh bro!


        The new welsh dragon´s lair


          New thread, shiny!!! Happy new year, dear Welsh Dragon!


            Ah, thank you so much, Rainbow Dragon, Hell Yeah, Librarian and PSW, and welcome to my new home!

            I have some fitness targets for this year! Oooh!

            I'd like to do the Al Kavadlo Century workout:

            40 Squats, 30 press ups, 20 hanging knee lifts, and 10 pull ups.

            Lots of work to do there, which I'm starting with adding Al's 5 by 5 for beginners to my programme.

            I'd like to do more than one 10k run. I'm already signed up for the Cardiff one in September. So, I just need to find another one that's convenient.

            I'd also like to be doing a regular martial art class and have a regular yoga or tai chi (or both) practice set up - ideally in a class, as I would like more social activities, but if at home then fair enough.

            I'd also like to have an established meditation practice.

            Last night I polished off Day 53 of HJ with the free weights weapons training, which felt great!

            DD, 60-seconds elbow plank leg raise.

            Assassin's Challenge: 180 climbers, 180 high knees.

            I have quite serious issues with my hips. It's nothing that is stopping me walking around and so on, but I do have some discomfort and when I try to do anything seated or cross-legged in yoga I simply cannot do it. To that end I've been doing some stretches, mostly passive, which I did last night. I'm also trying to strengthen my right knee, where I have an issue, and I did those stretches too. My partner, who is very good at yoga and anatomy, set all those up for me and I'm very grateful for that.

            I did a 5-minute Zazen meditation as I'm doing a month-long challenge in that for the Meditation Room in the playground.


              A bit of a quiet day today and a low mood to be honest. . .

              Hey ho. It's nothing major. And I'm still making a lot of good progress.

              Quite busy today, but managed to squeeze in five sets of HJ's rather weird Day 54 - including 20-minutes standing completely still! - for:

              13,950 points.

              DD with EC too.



                You changed your user name, I didn't even notice it until now. Good luck with your new year's goals


                  Thank you, Gandhalfit ! My old name felt a bit out of date now.


                    Originally posted by Colin View Post
                    Thank you, Gandhalfit ! My old name felt a bit out of date now.
                    Glad it is.


                      Colin You got me ... i just ordered some Marmite ... need to check it out. They actually advertise it as "Love-it-or-hate-it" thing, so lets see.


                        Thank you, HellYeah I appreciate that very much - and I am pleased too.

                        Well, well, Nebulus you are brave indeed! It's so famously something that you love or hate that it's entered the language. People and things are called "marmite issues" quite regularly in the UK. So, now I have you eating Marmite and the Librarian ordering laver bread! I hope you do like it, of course, and I'll be interested to see what you think. I suggest having it on hot, buttered toast, and take it easy on the quantities to start with!

                        Yesterday was:

                        DD with EC - can't remember what it was!

                        And, HJ 100 reps of a standard set of exercises. 14,050 points.


                          Love the new thread! 2019 seems like it'll be a great year for everyone. Glad to hear you're doing well, and your fitness goals are really cool!


                            Thank you, Megs!

                            I see my programme badges have gone too! I'll have to check the thread I saw about this earlier.

                            Yesterday was quite quiet:

                            HJ Day 56: A yoga sequence (done with soem help from my partner) and a meditate.

                            14,200 points.

                            Also DD with no EC.

                            Might reset on my challenges in some way today. Having a think... Mmmm. . . .

                            Thank you everyone. . . See you shortly!


                              I had a better day yesterday.

                              HJ Day 57: 5 x 60 (jab, jab cross, squat, knee strike). Weights. 14,500.
                              Assassin's Challenge Day 1: 60 high knees, 60 climbers.
                              DD with EC. 20 jumping lunges.

                              That HJ was a great workout, and made me feel very powerful. I enjoy combat stuff, and I enjoy combos, and to do 300 squats is a big step up from where I started! I forgot to do the weights through the day so did the whole lot together and really got an exercise buzz!

                              I may look for another challenge today. I reset on Assassin's Challenge as I reached my limit on push-ups at four sets of 20. I'll have a browse.

                              Annoyingly, I think I have done at least one other programme and I can't remember what it was! I know I had six badges. Maybe even seven. Mmm. I'll have to go through my thread and see.

                              This is a good example of me not paying attention to the things that matter and being massively distracted by bad internet habits - primarilly obsessive social media use. Taking a lead from Rainbow Dragon here I'm going to start to log days on that challenge. My aim is not to look at Twitter - at all. YouTube is getting me in similar sorts of trouble, but for the moment I don't want to stop using it completely as it has useful stuff on it.

                              Have lovely days my friends. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.