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    I don't think the whole COVID thing is helping. I've been struggling since this whole thing started to keep on track and keep focused. Hang in there Colin and just do what you can.


      Yes, it is a tough time, Colin , so know you are not alone, and you will rise out of it. Hugs!


        St. Pauli is doing well, too. So the world is getting better. step by step, u baby... oh wrong song. I ment "That's the way ahahah.. we like it"... better... work out, work out with hope in your hearts...sounds great,too, right?!


          Thank you so much, HellYeah, PSW, and Dawn - it really means a lot!

          Thank you for the song, HY. I do love to hear Liverpool and Celtic fans sing that on big nights:

          This is probably my favourite football-anthem-in-a-stadium moment:

          And this is just about my favourite Leeds song, because it's funny to sing it, and I love the song in any case!

          And, the support I get here is a big reason why I pulled myself together a bit yesterday.

          I decided to have a go at doing some individual workouts, so I'm going to follow the Fighter plan for a while and see where that gets me.

          Yesterday was: Combat Workout, and I'm going through the selection at level three, so did:

          And this morning I've gone for a 5k run, done a quick Push the Sky Away, and I'm about to go out for a long walk with a friend.

          I start to feel a bit better.

          Thank you Bees!


            Originally posted by Colin View Post

            I start to feel a bit better.
            On we go.



                I'm glad you are feeling better today!


                  Thank you Whirly, MamaT, and the Librarian!

                  On we go indeed!

                  I really enjoyed yesterday's physicality, though my legs were telling me yesterday that they went from doing not very much to a couple of very squatty/kicky workouts and a 5k run.

                  I also tried the daily dare yesterday: nowhere near getting to the floor and back on my triceps, but I will try to keep doing them from now on I think.

                  Today I am due a HIIT workout, so I'll see what I can find here or on YouTube.

                  It was great to walk with a friend yesterday. I made a point of taking a phone with a camera and then left it in my pocket all the way through! I think we walked for a good couple of hours and did between 5 and 6 miles.

                  Keeping this up and getting into a sustainable routine is what I would like most of all.

                  On we go!


                    YAY! Let's keep going with our routines!


                      here's to squaty kicky


                        Unfortunately I don't always have time to catch up on everyone's threads but I really like leaving yours with the freshest news from you being that you're doing well. Keep climbing out so nicely from every stupid ditch that life puts in your way!


                          Ha! Thank you so much Mianevem, GF (I hope you don't mind this abbreviation?!), and Dawn!

                          Yes, a good day the day before yesterday.

                          And yesterday...

                          Oh dear!

                          I won't go into it. It's nothing long-term or really serious, and somewhat self-inflicted, so we move beyond it!

                          I did do the DD and some punches and an attempt at one-round of HIIT before I slumped. And, I went for a walk and got a new tyre for the car.

                          So, perspective!

                          Take care lovelies. On we go!


                            I hope you have a better day today!


                              Keep on, Colin , hugs and cheers there


                                I don't mind