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    In an attempt to be a bit more positive, I've been thinking about things I like.

    I commented on Mianevem's food pictures that I thought that bulgur wheat might be the best thing in the world, and since then I've thought of some more foods that might be, and they are:

    Capers, carroway seeds, wild garlic leaves, Laoganma Crispy Chilli in Oil, mung bean curry, green tea, sprouted chick peas, sprouted lentils, short-grain Japanese brown rice, oranges, pineapple, ginger.

    So those are all nice.

    And I've been listening to this a lot this week and loved it.

    Not much exercising going on, but I did do a 10-minute meditate in the sun the other day. That was good.

    On we go!



        Hang in there


          Aw, Mamatigerj, Gandhalfit - thank you so much!

          Doing OK. Up and down. Not quite there. . .

          It's also gone freezing cold here - we had snow and hale yesterday - as it has in so many other places.

          Not much happening, but I did this:

          Which was very nice. I like this channel, he's very fun and upbeat.

          And today, a friend bought round a parsnip, lime, and coconut cake that I have to tell you is amazing!

          But, please mourn for our washing machine, which has passed away!

          Oh well.

          On we go. x


            Poor washing machine, after years of service (I hope not thankless! ) taking care of your clothes and linens, keeping you in clean shirts and trousers and other things a Lady may not mention.. I hope it gets a firt class burial!
            More seriously, hope you can replace it fast and smoothly ! (and affordably)


              just keep swimming (as the tune in finding Nemo), you'll get there!


                Parsnips in cake??? I'm glad you enjoyed it but that sounds like a very strange combination! Though saying that, I've made a gluten-free orange and lemon cake that contained mashed potato as an ingredient to counter the dryness that gluten-free cakes can sometimes have and that was delicious. Did the parsnip have a similar function or was it something you could taste? Hugs for the addiction stuff


                  Thank you PSW, MamaT, and Zastria!

                  The parsnip case was really great, and, yes, I think it's doing that sort of thing - though this cake wasn't gluten free as far as I know.

                  Parsnips are pretty sweet but also quite strongly flavoured and you could slightly taste them in this cake - I wonder if the lime and coconut recipe is used to make sure the cake has a good strong flavour to avoid it becoming a "parsnip" cake?

                  A local coffee shop does (or did before COVID, I hope they can open up again!) a lovely beetroot and chocolate cake, my mum made loads of carrot cakes, and I made a courgette/zucchini cake with a recipe from Rainbow Dragon a couple of years ago - I feel like they're all a bit more neutral than parsnip in flavour so can support less strongly flavoured cakes?

                  Nothing yesterday.

                  But we continue on!

                  Take care lovely bees!


                    I was thinking that parsnip cake cake was probably quite similar to carrot cake.


                      Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
                      I was thinking that parsnip cake cake was probably quite similar to carrot cake.
                      That’s what I though too; parsnips are SWEET!


                        Sorry about your washing machine. That cake sounds interesting.


                          Thank you, MamaT, Dorothy and Gandhalfit!

                          Perhaps I should have said that a washing machine repair man came round - with a mask on - and has sadly confirmed that the washing machine is beyond saving!

                          Fs in chat for the washing machine.

                          We are shopping online for one this evening!


                            Just an Eight Brocades last night. You could spend the rest of the year watching Eight Brocades on YouTube there must be thousands of them, and I guess some different styles. I did one from Chicago Tai Chi last night that felt like it was aimed at older people or people in recovery from some sort of illness - very gentle, lots of concern about balance - and enjoyed it. This one had no emphasis or instruction around breathing with the movements, though there was a brief meditation at the start and finish. I enjoyed it though and would like to learn the sequence off by heart.

                            So I will!

                            Otherwise still rather stuck.

                            We bought a washing machine online this morning. I've walked every day. The weather remains odd. The cricket season has just started. All good things!

                            Take care lovely bees. x


                              Interesting that you could taste the parsnip but not strongly. Lime is delicious in cake, though my favourite of chocolate and lime is probably (definitely) a lot less healthy.


                                Thank you, Zastria!

                                I think I need a reset. So I will have a think today, possibly about starting a new programme, maybe restarting pandora... or something... because it's not going so great at the moment. Getting hips issues from sitting too much and I just can't force myself out of bed and into my running shoes.

                                I still have a lot to be happy and grateful about - including this website - but remain a bit bored and puzzled about the Endless Cycle. (Perhaps this is just life?) Leeds are doing very well, and that's been a joy.

                                Anyway, a cheery tune for you all!