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    Thank you Dorothy!

    I have support from everywhere and I do love to see your lovely dog wherever you post!

    I'm doing OK.

    I'm still nott doing much more than trying to do some rehabby exercises for my shoulder and neck, though I cycled yesterday, walked today, and did a little bit of gardening.

    Mood is:

    So I try to keep going and I hope I'll be able to be more active early next week.

    On we go!

    thank you Bees. x


      Onwards and forwards, dear Welsh Dragon, wishing you the best.


        You are doing great!



            It is always lovely to see Madame Luna too!

            Thank you PSW, Whirly, and Nancy!

            I am doing OK. I no longer post on twitter, which is a step in the right direction, but I need now to stop looking at it! Ha! It's OK, I've been through this cycle before and I will get there.

            My neck and shoulder feel like they've improved enough to try something, so I've done a 3km run this morning and hope to complete Chapter 31 of Pandora later.

            Thank you again Bees, have beautiful days. x

            It is St David's Day here. Sort of the National Day of Wales, so:

            Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

            (You can hear how to pronounce this in this little video from the Wales rugby team, who beat England on Saturday, so have the Freedom of the Country for the moment.)


              Hope you're enjoying St. David's day Colin


                Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus, Colin !


                  Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus, Colin!
                  Our children gave my husband and i Ancestry DNA kits last year, and i found out that i am likely about 13% Welsh!
                  Perhaps we are related.


                    Thank you, Jason UKmanUK12 and PSW and MamaT - the more the merrier I think, so Welcome to Welshness!

                    I enjoyed Chapter 31 of Pandora on Level III - plank variants and climber variants.

                    No run this morning, so:

                    27/30km left to run, at the Mountain men.

                    On we go!


                      Nothing yesterday.

                      That was silly!

                      Back on it today with a 5km run and will do my Pandora session this evening.

                      Thank you, Bees. On we go.


                        Chapter 32 at Level 3 last night. I really enjoyed that, a short sharp circuit of plank jacks, high knees, and plank walkouts.

                        I'm doing neck and shoulder rehab stuff when I remember it, and Australian push-ups to try to build up some pulling strength.

                        At the moment, 8/30km run. At the mountain men.

                        I haven't factored in all the scrap collecting in Pandora, so may have to make some adjustments as I go along.

                        We had a weekend of spring here, and now the winter has returned!

                        Oh well.

                        I am very lucky. Stay safe everyone. x


                          Chapter 34 last night. Lovely circuit of chops and kicks and squats. Level 3.

                          No run this morning.

                          On we go. x


                            Hey Hey, doing Chapter 35 part 1 today...

                            5k run this morning and working my way through the 400 squats and hooks I need to do to buy my way out of doing some violence!



                            Well, on we go!

                            Part II tomorrow I think!


                              Rest day yesterday...
                              Well, we walked and cycled for a good three hours and I chopped up some wood .

                              Darebeeing again today I hope. I think I'm putting off a chapter that I know has too many pushups for me. . . Oh well, they won't do themselves!

                              On we go my lovelies!

                              Happy International Women's Day/Women's Strike Day.


                                Only 3 hours... Nice going lol