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    Hey hey.

    A bit of a struggle again. For. All. The. Same. Old. Reasons. *sigh.

    I kept moving though, with 15 minutes up until Thursday, when I just forgot! Bah!

    So my streak ended at 250 days!

    A very good run.

    I think I'll take that as a signal to try not counting days for the moment.

    It did make me rather angry in a good way, and motivated me to get started again, which I did last night, with, er, the first four days of Fireheart at Level III. That was exciting! Ha!

    I just want to keep going.

    My partner is away until next Friday, so I am quite alone. I went out with a friend yesterday for a walk, but I'm still being very Covid careful.

    Thank you:
    CODawn Mianevem NancyTree PetiteSheWolf sleep_twitch Nebulus HellYeah TheLibrarian Gandhalfit (new name, nice!) for your concern and support. It's lovely to be back.

    I'll try to catch up with myself and with you all over the coming week.

    So, I'm going out of a bit of a mental health hole. I've also got a real issue now with my hips. It really is just symptom of sitting for very long periods of time - hours and hours - that I just have to hope isn't irreversible. I believe I now have sciatica, so I'm trying to do some exercises related to that. I also meditated yesterday. That's a good start.


      Good to have you back!


        Everyone inevitably falls at some point, so being able to get up and start again for the 250th time is more important than a 250-day streak. (A nice long streak in any case, congrats! )


          I hope it will turn out to be a trifle, the situation with your hips. Correct exercise should help anyway. And thank you


            Good luck with all the struggles, you can find your way out! Sounds like you're doing great, keep it up


              Great to have you back!


                Thank you everyone, you are very generous and it's lovely to be back posting again.

                Last night I did days: 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of Fireheart on Level III. It's a great programme for me as that amount of workout is just about perfect for me at the moment.

                Also DD with EC: squat side bends.

                And, a restorative yoga:

                Very nice, and I went into meditation with the final pose.


                  Sounds like good exercise and mind exercise, Colin , glad to read you


                    250 days is an impressive streak to have got to! Even more impressive to continue after the streak ended. I hope the problem with your hips is something you can recover from.


                      You may not have kept up your exercise streak (I don't do this, so I admittedly don't know how it feels), but you're back to working out again!

                      Fireheart + Yoga looks like a good, holistic combination.

                      You have my best wishes with your mental health, too.


                        Thank you, PSW, thank you, Zastria, and thank you, Gentle Ox (it's nice to meet you!).

                        I did days 10, 11, 12, and 13 from Fireheart last night, while watching The Last Jedi. A good challenging workout. I stopped running when my hips really became an issue recently. I would like to start again, but the weather is not very much fun for running at the moment, especially as I don't like to be seen, so will only go out in the very early morning.

                        A good workout though, and I'll keep going on.

                        I also meditated, and did a bit of exercise ball stretching.

                        Thank you everyone, have lovely days.


                          Hey hey everyone!

                          I know I don't have to apologise really, but I am sorry I haven't really posted here these past couple of months.

                          The good news is that I am fine in most ways, and very lucky to be so in these very difficult times!

                          I'm on Day 25 of Fire Heart and really enjoying it!

                          I'm hoping now to take a holiday from the internet until after Christmas so I will say now:

                          NADOLIG LLAWEN!

                          HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

                          And any other festive greetings (I love to hear other language versions!) to everyone who celebrates, and a safe and healthy mid-winter (and mid-winter festivities) to those who don't or who hold different-faith celebrations.

                          I will see you all very soon and miss you all very much!


                          On we go!


                            Buon Natale e Felice anno Nuovo!


                              NADOLIG LLAWEN Colin


                                Have a good Christmas, dear Welsh Dragon!