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    Hey hey!

    I'm doing fine, but sort of slipping a bit with regards to some online discipline, including keeping up my training log!

    I have exercised every day:

    I completed week 5 of the pushers and am in week 6.

    I'm up to date with week two of fighter plan, and also of GMB Elements.

    I'm a bit scatter-brained at the moment...

    Which is sorta OK and makes me very lucky in a lot of ways.


    Active rest days in both my programmes, so relatively light: stretches, oh, and I'm up to date with 1-minute cardio (climbers yesterday).

    Back in the swing today!

    Have fun lovelies. x


      Twitter: 1/12
      Move: 48/48
      Meditate 41/48 (1)

      Pushers: 30/112


        Twitter: 1/13
        Move: 49/49
        Meditate 42/49 (2)

        Pushers: 90/112

        I'm still a bit behind with my record keeping!


        DD with EC: 2-minutes sitting punches.

        1-minute Cardio: Skiers (always nice to try something a bit unfamiliar!)

        GMB FItness Elements: Week 2, Day 3. All goes smoothly. I'm happy to share more details of this if people are interested. It's a course I paid for - in the hope this would commit me to keeping active while locked down - and is sort of in the animal movements categories. I'm enjoying it and do feel it is having an effect in improving my general "style" of movement/flexibility.

        Fighter programme was a Combat workout.


        This was too much for me and I only did a Level 1 completion.

        I know I could actually have completed it but I'm really doing badly with my online stuff at the moment. A complete disaster area! (Though, I'm also very lucky in a lot of ways and have things very easy...!)

        I'm finding Level 3 combat and HIIT a little too easy, but level 4 is a big stretch. I'll find a way I'm sure.

        We had some sad news this morning. Barney, my little friend who comes round from time to time, is going to be put down. He's been disabled for a long time now - he basically broke his back - and struggling along often on two legs. He's had a relapse though and will just be in pain and very unlikely to recover. I'm more upset about this than I thought I would be.

        Here's a nice memory of him.

        Click image for larger version

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          So sorry to hear about Barney


            Sorry about Barney. Life is so unfair sometimes


              Colin So sorry to hear about Barney. That sort of thing just tears off a little bit of your heart.


                I'm so sorry to hear about Barney.




                      Colin, I'm so sorry about Barney. Dogs are so loyal and loving--so much better "people" than we are sometimes--it feels to me a great injustice that their lives are so short.
                      I am happy you were able to enjoy Barney's friendship.


                        Very sorry to hear about Barney. Looks like a sweet doggo, and yes, their lives are much too short...


                          I'm sorry about Barney


                            That's sad news indeed.


                              I'm sad for the loss of your friend Barney.


                                I'm sorry to hear about Barney, he looks like a lovely dog. It's always hard to lose pets, even the ones that aren't our own.