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    Ah, look at you get back on to smashing it! You had an awesome day today!
    Hope you have a fab fun day with your partner tomorrow and may you stay nice and warm and not too bothered by snow


      A little late to a (birthday) party, but pen-blwydd hapus, Colin! (please forgive me if I insulted your mother by any chance, blame Google Translator )


        Thank you, Rainbow Dragon. Yes, we are very lucky to have that reserve near us. Sparrows are quite rare over here now! I have definitely seen changes in birdlife as I've grown up. Thrushes, which used to be commonplace, are now a rare treat to see. Moorhens too seem much rarer. Blackbirds and magpies seem to be relatively thriving though. This is all completely anecdotal, of course, but there are many reports of the catastrophic decline in wildlife happening everywhere. I'm supporting Extinction Rebellion at the moment, and you might find them interesting.

        Thank you, Lyra! No snow yet. We rarely get it here, which suits me! Keep warm down in the south east!

        Cheers, KYRO, that's very kind. You and Google translate have put in a hyphen that isn't needed, but otherwise perfect - diolch yn fawr! (I only speak a few words of Welsh. It's on my to-do list.)

        Another OK day yesterday.

        DD with EC. Two minutes raised-leg elbow plank. Did anyone else find this incredibly hard? This killed me!

        AoP: Chapter 13. Middle level, of five sets of bounces and related stuff.

        A 10-minute meditate. x


          Happy belated birthday ! Sorry I missed the day.


            No problem, Louve Rose, and thank you very much - I'm very happy to see my birthday continue well on into February!

            I enjoyed yesterday, doing:

            DD with EC: 2-minute leg-raise hold.

            100 punches (I'm doing the 100-a-day for this), and 150 palm strikes because I realised I missed them out from my Age of Pandora the other day!

            Age of Pandora: Chapter 13: 4 x (10 push ups, 20 arm scissors, 20 count arm hold, 10 push ups, 20 arm raises, 20 count arm hold).

            Again, at the top level of my ability for push ups, but my form on those last night was really good - proper push ups!

            I also went to the doctors and rechecked my allergy test results and was advised that I should be OK to eat nuts, with the exception of hazel nuts. That's good news! I'm also getting on top of my eczema with some non-medical stuff I'm going - including a diet that's all-but sugar free, so I'm joining a number of other bees in challenging my sugar intake.

            Snow overnight, but not very much, and hopefully it won't interfere with my weekend plans, which involve driving to Leeds for football.

            On we go!

            Take care everyone. I hope the weather is safe where you are. x


              Way to go Colin!


                Great work, Colin -- especially on those push-ups!
                Wishing for you safe and fun travels this weekend.


                  Hey, thank you, BravoLima and Rainbow!

                  I'm trying to stay offline at weekends if I can. I also drove to Leeds, watched what must have been the worst performance of the season in the second half as we were beaten 3 - 1 by our main title rivals. Ooh dear!

                  I did manage to work out - of a sort - though on both Friday and Saturday, and doubled up AoP chapters on Sunday - a session of punches, then an arm/strength circuit, more than 1,000 high knees on Friday!

                  Now on to Chapter 18.



                    DD with EC: Matrix tilts. A nice interesting change.
                    100 punches. I'm just doing punches as and when I feel like it. Have I ever mentioned that I love punches? I love punches!

                    AoP Chapter 18: 10 minutes mixed combat moves. Great fun!

                    On we go. Generally, I feel very positive at the moment. Long may it continue!

                    A 5-minute meditate too. No doubt that helps.

                    Thank you, bees. x


                      Colin You know what, you have to try punches, I think you will love' em.


                        Well, taking HellYeah's inspirational idea, I thought I'd try some of these punches I've been hearing so damn much about. And, guess what? I did 200 and loved them!

                        Also the DD with EC, knee to elbow crunches. I'm pleased to have these, as I feel AoP is not so great on abs.

                        AoP Chapter 19, fighting the mountain men, with 7 sets of combat moves. My squats were good, and I enjoyed this. 900 high knees. My knees felt the whole thing I little.

                        On we go. Maybe some punches today? Whatdyerreckon?


                          I think you went too long without any punches, so that's a great idea, Colin


                            Well. with KYRO suggesting it too I thought I might try some punches yesterday! I did 200.

                            Also DD with EC. 5-minute arm hold. Tough!

                            AoP Chapter 19: 15 rounds of a short cardio circuit after 740 high knees. Tiring! Nice though.

                            I did 5 Australian pull ups too. I've been following Louve Rose, and I realised reading her thread that I'm not really doing the right things if I want to hit one of my challenges for the year, which is to complete an Al Kavadlo Century (40 squats, 30 push-ups, 20 hanging knee raises, and 10 pull-ups). I've done about two pull-ups in my life and not for a while. So I'll try to start putting at least some pulling stuff in.

                            An OK day!


                              I had a good day yesterday.

                              DD with EC - 16 one-legged push ups. Very much at my limits, so I'm very pleased to have done that.

                              AoP Chapter 21 (I'm not skipping, I've been getting my numbers wrong!). 100 slow climbers and 200 front kicks. A nice, relatively quick workout.

                              100 punches!

                              My partner and I went for a walk and ended up doing 5 miles - according to my old running routes calculations. We saw several thrushes (once common, now noteworthy, and very lovely birds) and, joy of joys!, a kingfisher, doing its classic kingfisher thing along a brook in our local park!

                              I saw a sign for a 5k run and I am considering doing that. The weather is starting to improve and I would like to start to run in some form again. Nerves are what stops me. A "race" might be just the thing to get me training again.

                              I went to a meeting of my union last night. It's good for me to do something social and to get out in the evening.

                              All topped off with a 10-minute meditation.

                              Really a good day.

                              I haven't been that great with my diet lately - some chocolate (albeit vegan and very high cocoa with relatively little sugar), and eating out yesterday with some cheese - and that's impacted on my health a little.

                              Otherwise, all great!

                              Thank you, Bees, and on we go!



                                Lovely for the thrushes and kingfisher - that nearly smells of spring, tell me...
                                And I can only encourage you for the 5K... With some coworkers, we are starting to discuss what to run in Paris this year!