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    Super Strength is a hard workout. Have you done the Raid combat workout? It's Level III but so much fun!


      Thanks Dawn. Yes, I think I did Raid as part of Dragon Week - I should look at those workouts for some combat ones as I enjoyed that week.

      Not much to add from yesterday:

      Pushers push-ups: 10 (10/98)

      I'm counting these separately from any that come up in workouts for the moment, but as the numbers get higher I may be unable to do that. We'll see. Slightly on catch-up with that today.

      1-minute Cardio Challenge: half jacks.

      I started the GMB Fitness Elements programme. I loved it. It's quite a gentle beginning, but it was lovely to have some stretching routines.

      On we go. x

      Twitter: 1/4
      Move: 40/40
      Meditate 38/40 (26)


        I am planning Dragon Week this summer. It looks like fun.


          Looking good, Colin!


            Thank you, Dawn! Dragon is great - and from memory, quite demanding - I highly recommend it. In fact, I've really enjoyed all the Weeks I've done, it's a slightly different approach and a nice change. I find programmes can feel a bit like a slog at times.

            Thank you, Nancy! You are always so encouraging, and it's much appreciated!

            Yesterday was a "rest/casual training" day in the fighter programme, but I did:

            Short cycle ride.

            1-minute cardio challenge: t-jumps

            Push-ups for pushers: 35 (45/98)

            GMB Elements Day 2.

            Twitter: 1/5
            Move: 41/41
            Meditate 38/41 (0)

            I didn't meditate yesterday. I will today.

            Have fun lovely bees. Stay safe. x


              Hey buddy you are looking awesome! And how can you say that I don't need to not wade through your thread! You are my mate and I love to see what you are up too and by the looks of it very well in deed Yep keeping safe buddy hope you are too


                You seem to be a good mood. I hope this will continue. Solidarity


                  Thank you, Gandhalfit!

                  I had an OK day yesterday indeed!

                  Darebee was:

                  DD with EC: Heel click hops.

                  1-minute cardio: heel tap hops

                  Pushers push ups: 25

                  Combat workout for Fighter Plan:

                  Good fun, and it felt like a HIIT workout. It was nice to have some abs work. That is a level III difficulty workout. I look at level IV combat workouts and they tend to have push-ups beyond my capabilities (20 - 30 reps) so I've shied away from them. Perhaps I will take a look back at Dragon Week (thanks Dawn!) and look at those, which were challenging, but which I did.

                  I also did GMB Elements Day III.

                  And, I did a very short meditate. Really just a check-in and body scan, but it's something, and I will try to build on it today.

                  Twitter: 1/6
                  Move: 42/42
                  Meditate 39/42 (1)


                    Oh, and then I post and forget to say thank you to BlackButler!

                    I don't know how to gif, so I have to emoji!

                    Always lovely to see you!

                    Also, push-ups for pushers is now: (70/98)


                      DD with EC: 30 deadlifts.

                      GMB Day 4.

                      Push ups for pushers: 10 (80/98)

                      1 minute cardio: hop on the spot.

                      Twitter: 1/7
                      Move: 43/43
                      Meditate 39/43 (0)

                      I feel I need a bit of a reset. I'm trying to start again a bit as I'm anxious as hell and slightly depressed right now. I'm very aware of the causes (and that some of the cause is a good cause for completely rational anxiety), and what to do about them - so I just need to keep doing it. It's a real blessing that I have kept on exercising.

                      So, I'll do some more of that today.

                      Have fun Buzzing Bees!

                      x )


                        I still have ups and downs (kind of lost it yesterday) but I've noticed I have felt better after all since I have started working out again. Hang in there!


                          Completely rational anxiety and depression are still horrible to have, I hope that calms down for you soon




                              Keep on exercising, Colin , you are doing good!


                                CODawn Zastria oneironaut PetiteSheWolf

                                Thank you!

                                I feel a lot brighter today.

                                I completed the first week of the Fighter plan. I enjoyed that, and I'll keep going through the month and see where I am at the end of it.

                                I've also done my first week of GMB Elements and enjoyed it.


                                DD with EC: lunge twists

                                1-minute cardio: Squats.

                                Fighter plan was HIIT day (I transposed a rest day and a workout day by mistake, but not matter), so:

                                Saturday was fairly restful with some gardening. I also did a cycle at some point.

                                On we go.