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    And, Darebee...

    DD with EC: side leg raise hold.

    Epic 5: punches/bicep curls (I mixed them up, but did it all in one session).

    Ninja: 2 minutes meditation (added to the day's sit).

    Punches: 300

    Pushers Push Ups: 15 (45/56)

    So, an OK day.

    Moods up and down, though I'm fairly accepting of this at the moment.


    Healthy Internet: 8/23 (Tw 15/23)
    Move: 23/23
    Meditate 21/23 (9)

    Internet use is getting out of hand again. There's work to be done, as ever. I am meditating, but struggling to do it. It's not something I can say at the moment that I enjoy or look forward to: I'm forcing myself to "get it done" in a dutiful way and that's not so great.

    Honestly, though, I'm still very lucky and know that I am.

    Safe, healthy, and hopefully happy days to you all.



      That is a great space you have there Colin! Thank you for the photo.


        Re garden: How cool!
        Re meditation: I am struggling too. On most days, I do it 10 minutes and on the weekend only 3 minutes. I do it Headspace and sometimes I have a hard time staying awake.


          That garden looks really good. tnx 4 posting.


            Colin , are you doing square foot gardening ?
            Thanks for the pictures !


              wow - that is awesome and such a great picture of your garden we also have divided our powers - "the brain" and "the carrier" - great that this concept works everywhere such a lovely spot you have there, thanks for sharing!


                Thank you, Rainbow Dragon, CODawn, Amirsh, Louve Rose, and The Librarian!

                It's not square-foot gardening, Louve rose. In fact, I'd never heard of that until you posted your answer - I'll look into it some more as a result, thank you. It's a mix of usual traditional UK-style domestic gardening with aspects of:

                Permaculture - a system of gardening (and garden design, design, and organising soceities if you want to go that far) derived from natural environments. Permaculture gardens are sometimes called food forests, and the layering of growth and use of perennial plants are particular features.

                I find it very inspiring, and it's a massive subject, with zillions of words written about it online:


                And because of where we are, No Dig Gardening as practised by Charles Dowding, which is not disimilar to permaculture and his garden happens to be quite close to us so it's a good practical example.

                Japanese natural farming, the One Straw Revolution, Korean Natural Farming... there are lots of variations on the theme.


                  And Darebee:

                  DD with EC: Bridge taps (always nice to have something novel!)

                  Ninja Challenge: 2-minutes leg-raise hold (not completed in one go, probably managed 30 seconds on the trot)

                  Epic 5: 5 minutes burpess and planks. Done in one set. Hard!

                  Punches: 200

                  Pushers push ups: 15 (60/56)

                  7 mile cycle ride.

                  A good day, but:

                  Healthy Internet: 8/24 (Tw 15/24)
                  Move: 24/24
                  Meditate 22/24 (10)

                  A mixed picture there.


                  On we go.


                    Square foot gardening is no-dig gardening too because you can't dig in a 30/30 cm square. And, if it's done right, it's close to permaculture. No trees or shrubs, however, but the ground is always covered and if you let the seeds grow naturally, you should not water either. I gave up my vegetable garden for 2 years, I really want to start again this year, if that's the case I'll put pictures.


                      Thank you, Louve Rose, I hope you do get a chance to garden this year. Because of the Covid 19 panic buying here a lot of gardening businesses had to put limits on customers as everyone decided they needed to become self-sufficient overnight! I hope you don't have these problems!

                      I have cancelled yesterday.

                      So, apologies to other bees who achieved things, and to historians of the future, there is now no so-called Friday, April 17th, 2020.

                      Thank you for understanding.

                      I was just ill. Not the virus but something... I don't know, I know if I start Googling symptoms I'm going to end up convinced I'm dying... I think it's quite possible there's a stress-related or psychosomatic element to this. It was most like having sun stroke, which I do not have! I'm keeping an eye on it and thinking of what to do next.

                      As a result though I did nothing yesterday, and went to bed at about 8pm!

                      So, I've cancelled yesterday for accountability and Darebee tracking terms and hope to be back in some sort of action today.

                      Take care my lovelies - pleased to see so many doing so well!


                        googling for medical info can be, indeded...treacherous! Hope you feel better today. There are "off" days, sometimes...


                          The gardening shops were closed till yesterday and from today they are open but with only limited people in. Anyway, it's not the time to plant vegetables here, it's better to wait for the beginning of May (so I'll have time to put my veggie garden ok)

                          Take care, get well soon !


                            I would like to cancel yesterday too, I can finish that program again sometime. I would like to freeze time for everyone but myself for about 3 months. Can you do that?


                              Well, I am a druid, so...


                                Colin You had better NOT make me do the last days of ExpressTone again!! Leave yesterday and today alone on my side of the world.