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    Happy Birthday!


      Congratulations on your 100 push-up strength circuit!

      Hope you have a great birthday!


        Happy birthday buddy hope you have a wonderful day


          Yeah, to a very happy unsnowy birthday!


            Happy birthday Colin


              Happy birthday to a great Welsh Dragon!


                Happy Birthday Colin


                  Happy Birthday my Dragon


                    Happy Bday!


                      Happy Birthday 🎂


                        Amrish, Joomu, TheLibrarian, neilarey, PSW, Matan, HellYeah, BlackButler, Rainbow Dragon, CODawn...

                        THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH.

                        (I'm never sure when to tag people in posts, as I know some people must be getting loads of notifications and I don't want to add to them! Anyway. I see it was Neila's birthday yesterday too so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELATEDLY TO YOU!

                        I had a lovely day. The weather was foul, but we went to a bird reserve not far away, had a walk in the rain, and then cooked a big vegetarian chilli for dinner. I'm also trying to make some steps with my internet use problems, and instituted a new rule - no internet before breakfast or after dinner. That was very useful!

                        I was a bit strapped for time at the end of the day though and just did:

                        AoP at level 1: 320 high knees, 5 x (10 high knees, 4 jumping lunges, 10 burpees)

                        And, yes, the burpees killed me!

                        Also DD with EC - jumping Ts.

                        And a very nice meditate.

                        Cheers everyone. On we.


                          Sucks about the weather, but glad you had a lovely day in spite of it


                            Glad you had a nice day in spite of the weather. Did you see many interesting birds?

                            Originally posted by Colin View Post
                            (I'm never sure when to tag people in posts, as I know some people must be getting loads of notifications and I don't want to add to them!
                            Hive members can control which (and therefore largely how many) notifications they receive by modifying their notification settings.
                            (I have notifications turned ON for people tagging or private messaging me, because I want to know when someone writes directly/specifically to me.)


                              Ah, thank you for that, RD, that's useful to know. And thank you, BB! One of the upshots of the horrible weather was that my partner bought me some waterproof trousers as a birthday present, so it had its uses.

                              I'm not a great bird expert, so I see birds, enjoy seeing them but don't always know what they are!

                              We did see a bird of prey that might have been a mash harrier. Lots of ducks - maybe some eider ducks. An egret. Sand pipers, and - best of all - huge flocks of sanderlings! Lots of what are called "small brown birds" by British (and maybe world wide) birdwatchers I believe.

                              This is where we were, RD: it's a lovely place, and almost never busy: and they have lovely soup in their cafe!


                                That looks like a great place to visit, Colin! Wetlands are such important habitats! Unfortunately they are under attack worldwide due to human activity, so it's always wonderful to see countries stepping up to protect them.

                                I'm not seeing too much in the way of waterfowl these days, since Rondeau Bay is now frozen over. We have Canada geese in the area still, and I saw a flock of (I'm guessing tundra) swans flying overhead recently, but the ducks and herons will largely be absent for a month or two. We still have plenty of "small brown birds" however (or "little brown birds" as I've heard them called over here). Our most common LBB here in town where I live is actually a European import, the house sparrow. Out in Rondeau I more commonly see native sparrows, the most abundant species of which appears to be white-throated sparrows at present.