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    A picture would help, but fan stickers are sometimes a mystery in itself...


      I'll snap it if we pass it again, HellYeah. (Obviously if it is insulting to St Pauli I'll deface and destroy it in some way.)

      A pretty good day yesterday.

      Punches: 100 jab/cross, 100 4-way combo, 100 weighted, 100 squat.

      I do love punches!

      Epic 5: Bridges and related.

      Ninja: 2 minute balance.

      Push-ups for Pushers: 10

      And I think that's it.

      We had our walk, which was nice. We're very calm here. My union had an online meeting in the evening, which I attended, and it was nice to talk with some real voices, albeit online (we used a thing called Jitsi, that worked well if people are checking out online meeting tools), and we may have some sort of movie watchalong in future if it can be arranged.

      All is OK.

      Have good days lovely bees. x


        Thanks about "Jitisi", I'm in search of something like "Zoom" but free, it seems that "Jitsi" is what I need.


          Louve rose A tip from a sysadmin bee: Jitsi works best in the Google Chrome browser, and not at all in Safari.


            I hope it works for you, Louve Rose! Our group is now trying to work out a way to do a watchalong with free tools...

            Accountability updated for yesterday:

            Healthy Internet Use: 7/10 (Tw 10/10)
            Move: 10/10
            Meditate 9/10 (5)

            I'm not staying away from online distractions very well, though I am staying off twitter, which was the immediate, and most damaging issue I had. I've also quit YouTube. That's been quite tough, as it was a major part of my online life and I had a routine based around some live shows. I'm better off without for now, and maybe for good. I'm pleased with how the rest is going.


              Colin , I just tried Jitsi to talk with my daughter and granddaughter, it worked fine ! Thank you !!! ( sleep_twitch , I was in Chrome, so no problem. Thanks for the tip)


                Excellent, Louve Rose! I used it for a union meeting but I should see if I can get my family onto it!

                An OK day yesterday:

                DD with EC: thigh taps.

                Epic 5: Plank variants.

                Ninja: 2 minutes climbers (about 1 minute before the first rest. Tough!)

                Destress: 200 punches.

                And that's it!

                It's going OK here. Staying away from YouTube has been a big positive for me. Ninja is fun, and I may well cycle through it until I can do a full 2 minutes of everything.

                I hope everyone is OK. Take care of yourselves and keep safe.



                  The man who always forgets his accountability!

                  Healthy Internet Use: 7/11 (Tw 11/11)
                  Move: 11/11
                  Meditate 10/11 (6)


                    Colin I recently did Ninja. I like that every day is something different. Though, unlike you, I didn't go Brutal!


                      Good going, Colin!


                        Thank you, TopNotch! Brutal is my aim, I'm nowhere near completing 2-minutes of every challenge but I keep doing something - even resting between efforts - until the buzzer goes!

                        Thanks, RD!

                        An almost completely internet free day yesterday. We went to our allotment. Hopefully these will remain open, it's possible to be physically distant from people and we're allowed to exercise outside. Already there are notices up with more restrictions, most of them just common-sense distancing stuff (don't share tools, etc). And I've completed my move into another room at home. I have a nice space to work in now.


                        DD with EC: side leg raises

                        Ninja: hollow body hold (not a complete two minutes, of course!)

                        Epic 5: Lying side leg raises (again, not completed in a continuous full set.)

                        Punches: 100 jab cross, 100 combo, 100 weighted.

                        Pushers push ups: 12, 15. (37/42)


                        DD with EC: Single leg deadlifts.

                        Ninja: PUNCHES!

                        Punches: PUNCHES!

                        Epic 5: High Knees and lunges.

                        Pushers Push Ups: 10 (47/42)


                        Healthy Internet: 8/13 (Tw 13/13)
                        Move: 13/13
                        Meditate 12/13 (8)

                        It's all pretty pleasing. We are so lucky. I wish you all good, safe, peaceful days, Bees. Love and solidarity to all. x


                          Sounds like you're doing brilliantly Colin! I would think they'll keep allotments open, if people can be getting fruit and veg from allotments it saves on the amount they're needing to shop for. And it's very good exercise!


                            Thank you, Zastria! I am very lucky and have a lot of things going for me in my set-up - partner, home, I already work from home, where we live (near a park and shops...)... I hope they stay open too. I don't think people are doing "bad things", but some people haven't been taking the distancing seriously enough, not maliciously, but carelessly, and that may become an issue. Fingers crossed!

                            I'm a sucker for things like sleep_twitch's 7 Songs in 7 Days (she is now getting tagged by 500 locked in people - the price of having a good idea!), so I am going to start:

                            I have a very odd, conflicted, and extremely emotional relationship with my Welsh identity, such as it is. I have two Welsh grandparents, and my mother is a first-language Welsh speaker, and extremely culturally Welsh in a lot of ways. But I was born, raised, and educated in England. I speak a few words of Welsh, though my pronounciation is good and I can read it and understand a little more. Of course, I live in Wales now, but have always been haunted by being told, "you're not even Welsh", or "but you're English", when we were raised being told we were Welsh. (It's a powerful thing identity, which is not a profound or original insight, I know, but it is this conflict in my own life that has been my own personal experience on how affecting ideas of identity can be.)
                            This is one of the first songs I remember, because our mother used to sing to us in Welsh when we were little, so I know the song phoenetically without ever having a clue what the words mean. I can still sing it now, and have looked up the words, which are extremely surreal (it's oddly similar to a song we were taught at school (I have no idea why!) about a Kookaburra, watching and laughing. So, while I might have added all those layers of meaning subsequently, originally, and always to me this song is a pleasant collection of friendly sounds my mother used to make to me when I was small!


                              Ha ha. Thanks Colin that was too cute


                                I love the Welsh song! Now I'll have to add a song in Low German / Plattdeutsch to my week I learned those songs from my grandmother, and she grew up in Lithuania, so maybe what I remember is some strange mix between Low German and Lithuanian