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    I had a decent day yesterday.

    Epic 5: leg raises. I couldn't do the 2:30/2:30 thing but did 5 minutes in one go by swapping legs more often.

    DD with EC: 50 thigh taps. Planks for that, Darebee!

    Kick Master: 80 turning kicks.

    Full Circuit: lying leg raises.

    I've had a slight misfortune in the past couple of days in that Full Circuit has alligned or clashed with Epic 5. I hope they will drift out of synch now, or if they don't I might switch.

    Meditation: Day 3. Including a little yoga.

    I hope you all have great days.


      A slightly challenging day yesterday for various reasons.


      Epic Five - high knees

      DD with EC: Reverse crucnhes.


      Just pleased to have got something done.

      On we go. x


        A late in the day Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus to you Colin!


          diolch yn fawr, Zastria!

          We had a nice day, and saw some daffodils, though that's as far as our Welsh-cultural activities went!

          It has stopped raining!


          An OK day yesterday:

          DD with EC: 100 jumping jacks

          Epic 5: Squats, calf raises, plus holds.

          Kick Master: 160 side kicks.

          Meditation Challenge: Day 6

          And that's it!

          We went to the allotment and ran around doing some shopping and house stuff.

          I've been watching some videos and I'm determined to work harded on my form. My push-up form has now changed substantially as a result.

          I hope you have sunny days too!


            I think your rain has travelled across the sea, because it's raining cats and dogs here today


              Sorry, NancyTree! We soaked up quite a lot of it though - that's a nice English expression there, "cats and dogs".

              An OK day yesterday. I got caught up with the internet, but I did the DD (with EC) and my meditation. I was exhausted in the evening and don't really know why. . . My partner is ill, and everyone's being jumpy about viruses....

              The meditation feels the most important thing for me at the moment because I really want it to become a regular practice.

              On we go. Hoping for better today, including some:



                I am hoping your partner feels better soon!


                  Ah, thank you, Dawn! She's coughing... nothing serious, it's just dragging on and getting her down. I will pass on your best wishes!

                  A better day for me. Well, a better evening, after a slightly meh day... but there you go... not MayDay, that's, what...? Either distress or communist... or distressing communism, or distressed communists (that's probably me...), well, yeah, you know.


                  DD with EC: lunge twists.

                  Epic 5: crunches, hollow body holds. (I have written to the United Nation Commissioner on Unpleasant Abs Pain regarding hollow body holds - expect them to be outlawed shortly.)

                  Full Circuit: lunges, press ups, planks, shoulder taps, and




                  Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgg gggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

                  I also meditated, but haven't yet done no KIX!

                  And I wanna do some KIX!


                  16 balance kicks. . .

                  I go round telling people that "energy comes from energy" because it's something I was told, and it's something I believe.

                  I think I need to restart myself a little on some of my internet limits: no web before breakfast or after dinner, properly blocking social media and news sites.... Here I am ostensibly writing up my day's exercise and I have 10 tabs open on my browser. Who can live like this?

                  Here's a song!


                    I struggle with continuous partial attention, so I listen to the radio in the morning instead of reading the news on my computer. We also get a good old-fashioned newspaper every day (this sentence took forever to write, some days my English is a mess).

                    Thank you for your initiative against hollow holds! I love the Sesame Street song!


                      That's very kind, Twitchy! First of all, your English is excellent - as is the English of all Bees: you put us to shame!

                      What you recommend is good, and I should try it. I think I would give the newspaper a miss though - the UK press is particularly poor.

                      Hollow Holds are on The List with Burpees and some Plank variants!). It's a bit of an internet time waster, but songs on Sesame Street is always a nice way to spend time on YouTube: Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and this one - from serious old REM - are probably my favourites, and a huge number of big stars have been on the show - not yet, Napalm Death, sadly!

                      Have a lovely day!


                        I have a lot of suggestions but I'm at work, writing in my phone, taking advantage of the fact that we have a different type of training today and are away from the main building...
                        I don't even turn the computer on in the morning so no news can get to me
                        And in the afternoon-night I have to take care of the cat first and only then I can go back to damaging myself with screens. You should get a cat or a dog.


                          Thank you, Amirsh, all advice is taken on board...! Sadly, I'm a cat-allergic household... We have talked about a dog, and I do enjoy them, and enjoy looking after a couple of them for friends from time to time, but it's not going to happen for the forseeable future.

                          Just the DD yesterday. And meditation.

                          I will do more today.

                          I promise!


                            I'm sure you'll figure something out


                              Thank you, @Amirsh!

                              I have taken some minor positive steps today. We shall see. Amazingly, I am snowed under with work. I am weighing up (calmly and rationally, of course), whether to:

                              A) Say, "whew, that's nice, I must be doing something OK." Or,


                              Sorry. That's sort of a joke - and sort of a genuine representation of my thought patterns (apart from the "calm and rational" pre-amble). I'm fine. I'm slightly anxious about it all, but I do cope relatively well these days, and perhaps joking is a part of my coping mechanism.... (And in part because I can't bring myself to care about work all that much. It seems so unimportant.) I don't make light of anyone's problems with anxiety: it is tough, and you have my solidarity and empathy.

                              Today (this helps I'm sure), I completed: Day 10 of the meditation challenge, did the DD with EC (heel hop clicks are great fun), and did Epic 5's 5 minutes of jumping jacks (in two sets).

                              I haven't been able to manage a full circuit, and I'm going away tomorrow. I hope to do something while I'm away, and meditation is a must.

                              I may not be able to post much till Monday, so enjoy the peace and quiet and have lovely weekends!


                                Joking is definitly a coping mechanism, for me. Hugs!