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    Better today - so definitely upwards!

    DD with EC - squat hold punches

    AoP Chapter 6: Another nice little circuit, done x 7 for level III. Plus 2,280 high knees because I always bloody forget to check the travel stuff! OK. Well, I'm caught up now.

    I've decided to do the 100 reps for 100 days challenge with punches. I love punches, and it times nicely with the battle, which I'm playing.

    A 10-minute meditate.

    The thing that most pleased me today was in my AoP circuit there's a transition from Climbers to standing, and I was very sprightly in getting up, which hasn't been the case for a while.

    Thank you, Bees. . . On we go. . . Buzz, buzz, buzz. . .


      The weather here is lovely. Very cold - but no snow, good, I don't do well in the snow! - and clear with a hard frost this morning.

      An interesting AoP yesterday, Chapter 8 - some holds and stretches, with five minutes of punches for a tough finish!

      Also 500 punches in sets of 100 for my 100-a-day and the Battleground. DD with EC Squat Hold Punches.

      no meditation because I'm an idiot!

      EDIT: I should add, I had a cycle into town. I love cycling, having a bike has been enormously empowering and excellent for me. I would like to do it more!


        Originally posted by Colin View Post

        no meditation because time flew
        There, corrected it for you, my friend (though on the opposite side of the battleground). I don't let people call my friends the I word


          Ah, thank you, PSW, that's a good point, well made, and one I should learn from!

          Quiet day yesterday, just DD with EC of leg raises, anyone else find that very hard? It's good to work my hips though I suppose. And 500 punches for the Light Side.

          On we go.


            Quiet days are good days too And every punch for the Light is a good punch


              Thank you, Lyra, it's nice to see you back and doing so well!

              Another quiet one...

              DD with EC.

              500 punches.


                A nice circuit from Pandora last night. Push ups were the main feature (140, of which I managed 130 as full push-ups, which is very gratifying), with 800 high knees for my travel. I do enjoy the mix of things in Pandora. Some punches for the battle, and DD with EC.


                  The miserable weather - horizontal freezing rain - seems to have cheered me up!

                  DD with Ec - jump squats.
                  AoP, Chapter 10: 200 high knees and a leg circuit. I'm still really enjoying AoP. I like the 7 sets level and the exercises are easy enough for me to really go for it on most days.

                  3,200 punches or thereabouts for the battle ground - in vain, by the look of things - using sets of 100 in work breaks, and a couple of workouts from Precision Striking (a boxing YouTube channel) in the evening.

                  I had a brief go at a Shadow Yoga DVD we have. It is very demanding, but I would like to perservere with this. I did a couple of minutes, trying to memorise the first set of moves.

                  I finished off with a 10-minute meditation, and the Ekhart Yoga evening practice.

                  A nice day for me.


                    Great work, Colin! A good day indeed! (Miserable weather notwithstanding.)


                      Hey thank you, RD! Much appreciated. Lovely and sunny today.

                      For anyone interested, these are the links for those YouTube workout. I like both of these channels, and I've done a fair amount of stuff from both.


                        Not a good day yesterday. Just DD with EC - raised leg circles. And 200 high knees as I thought I'd start AoP, but then just gave up.


                        Onwards - and upwards!


                          Hey, everybody needs to rest when the body or mind need to rest. The strength comes from accepting it and not letting it affect your journey... which I'm quite sure you won't - cos you're pretty strong of mind and body


                            You still moved, so that's good in my book, Welsh Dragon


                              A fellow cold-weather cyclist! Do you cycle for transport, recreation, other, both?


                                Thank you, Lyra, and PSW, much appreciated!

                                Hi Caesg. I cycle just to get around - shopping is my most common cycling activity! I used to cycle a lot as a kid, but I got a bike last year. I'm not very confident, but when I do it I find it very empowering and enjoyable, so I am going to remember to do it more! I think our cold - in Cardiff, Wales - probably doesn't match your cold! Our city here is very flat, so it's easy to get around, but we don't have great cycle lanes sadly, so it's a mixed picture. It's nice to meet you!

                                A much better day today.

                                DD with EC: jumping ts

                                AoP Chapter 11:

                                700 high knees
                                Then an arms/strength circuit done at top level for five rounds that added up to 100 push-ups in total. It's pleasing to be able to complete that - that's right at the top of my capability it turns out, the last set was very close to a real to-failure set.

                                There's the threat of snow here tomorrow. I'm going to try to have a day totally off line. It's my birthday (my "official birthday" on Darebee is actually my sobriety date, a sort of birthday, and I was just starting to be more careful about internet security and had heard an expert on the radio saying that no-one really needs to know your real birthday unless they really are "official") and my partner wants to do "something" together. From that point of view, I hope it doesn't snow!

                                On we go!

                                Thank you, Bees.