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    Happy badge Day, hero buddy!!!


      A Hero is someone who walked the path to the end, and got the badge


        Congratulations Colin - You are a true Hero - Happy Badge Day.


          Woot,bravo, Hero Welsh Dragon !


            Happy Badge Day!


              Happy badge day!! You've done well


                Hey, thank you so much everyone - megs17, CODawn, PetiteSheWolf, TheLibrarian, Gandhalfit, Nebulus, Matan, Louve rose, HellYeah, Rainbow Dragon! I couldn't have done it without the support of your good selves and lots of others here. This is a lovely place - we are all heroes!

                On we go then.

                I wasn't sure where to go next and have ended up, slightly by accident, and maybe just for the moment, doing Age of Pandora (a programme I have started and got quite a way through before, before abandoning - not for any good reason I must hasten to add).

                I may change this. I'm keen to be strong. I want to do more combat things. Lots of wants.... I just need a way to work out what works. I liked the look of the two new programmes too, because they're so light on time commitment.


                DD with EC: 100 Leg raises.

                AoP: Chapter 1: 40 palm strikes, 40 knee strikes, 40 elbow strikes (general strike, then!), and 10 x (20 1/2 jacks, 20 1/2 jack squats, 4 side lunges).

                A nice workout!

                Cheers all.


                  Nice job on chapter 1 of AoP


                    Woohoo! Well done buddy welcome to the Super Squad


                      thank you, Megs, and thank you, BB - all support gratefully taken!

                      Day 2 of AoP, which I'll stick to for now, was completed at 15 x for top marks for the first part (a little cardio leg set, I guess you'd call it), with a 2-minute wall sit for second level in part II.

                      Also a 10 minute meditate. And the surprisingly hard DD with EC!

                      Onwards! And thank you.


                        Onwards and upwards, as they say!


                          Thank you, megs! Are you studying colloquial British English? "Onwards and upwards," "can't be arsed!" these are classic UKisms!

                          Really enjoying AoP at the moment. Another lively cardio-ish session of:

                          7 x 20 (j jacks, hop taps, side leg raises, straight leg bounds, butt kicks, split jacks).

                          DD with EC. Up and down planks. Not so lively - I find these hard!

                          Thank you, Bees. Bee great. . . If you can be arsed. . .


                            Another nice, lively circuit at the start of AoP, done at the top level and with almost no rest to be honest.

                            DD with EC too.

                            Thinking about maybe adding some extras, but not sure.

                            Also 10-minute meditation.



                              You know, I'm actually not studying British colloquialisms, but I love the phrasing of the British. I didn't realize "onwards and upwards" was such a Britishism!


                                A few days of struggle to be honest.

                                Back on the horse today. . .

                                I'm now on Pandora, Chapter 6, and I've just realised I've missed out about 2,000 high knees for travelling! D'oh!

                                Oh well.. I did meditate and do the task for pandora tho...

                                I may well be completely wrong on "onwards and upwards", megs - it's certainly a very common saying here (often with a semi-ironic tinge of "well, at least we're still plodding on...), but could have come from anywhere, maybe American first... One can tend to put one's own experience too much in focus, I think, and I may well have done that here (I've never been to the States...).

                                Onwards and downwards then!