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    You'e got this, step by steps. Hugs regarding your relative.


      Take good care, welcome back


        Aw, thank you Dorothy. Thank you PSW. Gandhalfit and Dawn. x

        I'm very well. Getting used to quite a different life. Loving it in the main. Having some challenges.

        I've been thinking about my fitness a bit.

        I wanted to work out what I actually want from "exercise" very broadly speaking. And to try to actually get that.

        I'm not quite there, but the bare bones of it are:

        I want,

        1 - to be fit enough to play football to a decent level and regularity without getting injured,
        2 - to be active, generally, and to be able to garden, do things around the house and so on easily,
        3 - to get the benefits to my mental health (dealing with compulsions/addictions and anxiety/depression challenges) of being outside and active
        4 - to be able to use walking, running, and cycling as my main means of transport
        5 - to feel physically capable and strong
        6 - to achieve things that make me feel proud of myself
        7 - to follow some sort of discipline, probably a martial art, that also improves my self-confidence, sense of self.

        And I have some ideas for this - and I'm glad to hear any!

        And I also need to think about HOW I do it. Whether I need a programme or lists of things, which I have sort of struggled with in the past at times, or targets, or just try to adapt a more holistic "active life".

        Again, any ideas are gratefully received.

        I've got a few little targets, but I'm still working on them.

        EDIT: I have some diet stuff in the works too. This is immediately - DRINK MORE WATER!

        Much love Bees. I'll see you soon. x


          Wow...those sound great. I am interested to see what kind of ideas you get too!


            It sounds great! I think you have to find a way that fits you and your life, what keeps you motivated? Find the fun


              Thank you Nancy and Dawn!

              I'm still bobbing along OK.

              I run at work once a week (normally 3 to 4 miles).

              I'm doing tai chi relatively regularly - generally at least one class a week.

              I'm walking a lot. And cycling a bit.

              I've got quite interested in this lady's approach to yoga (which, with it's fascial emphasis is somewhat related to tai chi):

              I haven't done a single class of hers, but I have been doing squats - deep squats/primitive squats they are sometimes called quite a lot.

              We're still settling in and trying to get into new routines.

              I still need to find a better place with anxiety/online behaviours, etc. . .

              This might include working out if I really work well with programmes/setting goals/challenges and so on.

              All is pretty good.

              I'm lucky.

              I like Darebee and will hang around in some form I'm sure.

              You are my friends!

              There will follow some photos! No there won't as I can'tt work out uploads at the moment!

              Oh well.

              On we go. x


                Always happy to see you! On you go!


                  Good to hear from you, Colin! Onwards we go


                    Thanks Nancy and Whirly!

                    I've done a couple of runs this week.

                    Last night I had a nei gong class.

                    And I restarted GMB Elements. It's the only formal exercise class I ever paid for, but I abandoned it... So, try again... I like the mobility/flexibility focus.

                    Still taking things in a fairly freeform and undisciplined style.

                    On we go.

                    Love to all Bees!


                      Happy Birthday. A wall of text in the "Today´s Birthdays" section can´t stop me from finding you. Have a nice day Colin.


                        Happy Birthday


                          Happy birthday, or birth-month, Colin !



                              Happy birthday


                                🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ​🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿​​​​​​