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    Congratulations on your job. I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly! Great to see you're back!


      Congratulations on everything! That all sounds wonderfully positive.


        Sounds like you are working really hard on everything. Glad to hear you have some positives in your life, your exercise sounds great! 30 miles?! And is it the American football or soccer? I always get confused.
        I hope the moving will be finished soon, that is a real stress thing. Good luck with your new job!
        (ok.. this sounds mostly like a pile of one liners, but you have so much going on 😅 and I want to react on everything)
        And I'm so happy to see you around again


          Wow, lots happened! Moving is a hassle... sending you encouraging hugs. And great that they wanna keep you in the good job, I will be praying for wisdom for you to know if it is a good place. Belated happy Christmas, and lots of good things for 2022!


            Happy New Year!

            and congrats on the new home and the new job!


              Welcome back! Congrats on your new job and best of luck with the rest of the moving!


                Congrats on the new job and positive changes - you're doing awesome!


                  Thank you again everyone!

                  I play soccer, Nancy! Like Johan Cruyff - well not quite like him!

                  I am going to start doing something!

                  I injured my calf playing football at the end of last year and ended up having to take quite a long break from everything exceptt taiji and walking. I had some physio in the end.

                  I wanted to go back and do the 90-Day Challenge from Montrait Muay Thai (which I really recommend), but I think that's too much for me at the moment.

                  So, I'm going to try to do Fireheart. And possibly Ironborn at the same time. We'll see.

                  I went for a lovely walk yesterday. I hope to run this week.

                  Let's see where we get to!

                  Thank you lovely Bees.


                    I hope your calf is in a good enough condition for you to work and strengthen.


                      It's always great to hear from you!


                        Good luck with your new programs!


                          Colin Is there a schedule for that Challenge or donI just do it twice week and then switch to a new video each month?


                            Good luck


                              Thank you, Nancy, Dawn, Mianevem, and Gandhalfit!

                              My calf is much better. I would say fully restored now. A big issue for me is drinking enough water and I'm working on that.

                              For the challenge Dawn:

                              "How you complete the 90 day challenge is you complete part 1 two times a week for 4 weeks, part 2 two times a week for 4 weeks and part 3 for two times a week for 4 weeks."

                              Here are all the videos:

                              I was doing it during one of the lockdowns here but unfortunately they never got the third part up for some reason. It's really at the top end of my capabilities and it's pretty tough! I'm planning to try it in around a month after I've done Fireheart, so if you want a Challenge Buddy, let me know! Their channel has a few good workouts, all pretty tough - I'd say Darebee 4 at least.

                              Yesterday I did:

                              Fireheart Day 1 - Squats, kicks, punches. Level III.

                              Ironborn Day 1 - Chest and shoulders.

                              An hour of football.

                              And today I feel it! It might be that Ironborn isn't the right thing to do, I just fancied some strength stuff. Fireheart is my main goal.

                              Thank you for all the support, this remains the best site on the Internet and I'll try to get around and return some support today.



                                Hey welsh dragon, nice to hear you are "almost" good...

                                I have (had) calf problems myself and it helps me a lot to shower em in an alternating way of icy cold / really hot for a few times after training. Since I do it I did not have problems anymore... maybe it gives you some relief...

                                Stay on...​​​​