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    Did this this morning for HIIT day:

    Doable but tough for me. I like this guy's channel and I enjoy combat- and boxing-related exercise, I think for mental health-related reasons.

    My diet isn't what it might be. My partner is away at the moment, and until the end of next week. This is always a challenge for me. It's another reason why I've been going out, and I'm trying to do as much as I can to have some real-life social contacts. I've been bingeing on biscuits and crisps a little. I'm doing a lot of exercise so it's not really impacting me physically at the moment. In fact, sometimes I feel really full of energy, but I'm not sure I'm getting that energy in the best way.

    This was fun. A walk later. On we go.


      Yea those mini circuits are a fun way to get some move on, and also i really apperciate his technique videos, very instructive Also i think branding the workouts as boxing themed are a great way to get more people doing them and make them "cooler" and as such more appealing.


        Colin, just from reading your posts, it looks like you’re doing fantastic with your activity. I know it’s hard and anxiety is always an issue. But, finding new ways to pique your interest in actively moving (as in exercise) is a positive solution, and you seem driven to that. I enjoy reading your posts, as you are honest with how you’re feeling, and the steps you take to improve are really inspiring. Keep it up!


          Thank you Dorothy and thank you Gray Lynx!

          A similar pattern yesterday: a shortish cycle then a 21 mile walk. Lovely!

          This morning a short run (maybe just 2 or 3k) and then a swim of 250m. Very nice too!

          I am due a strength exercise which I couldn't manage last night today.

          Tomorrow I am going to Elland Road to watch Leeds United's first top-flight home game since 2004! Very exciting - and expensive and complicated, but that's the price we pay! - but I won't be able to do my combat workout so I'll need to do that on Sunday, along with a run, I hope.

          We'll see. I'm wary of burning out, but enjoying the walking very much.


            Hey there how are you doing?


              Wish you a great start into your weekend you great welsh dragon. Enjoy some autumn vibes.


                I hope you’re doing okay!